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These Some Tips When You Migrating QuickBooks

These Tips When You Migrating QuickBooks

The expansion of any business or an organization is a natural phenomenon. When your business is small, the database has limited data stored in it. On the other hand, with the gradual expansion, the data storage requires more space for the customer, vendor, and other stakeholder details. This is where migrating QuickBooks comes in.

By ensuring proper migration, a businessman or accountant can ensure that the QuickBooks is ready to work in accordance with the expansion of the organization without leading to any kind of loss of data that have previously been stored. For more details and assistance, you can contact Bigxperts, the experts from where will make you understand the whole process of QuickBooks migration.

Tips to be followed while Migrating QuickBooks

With the expansion of a business, the data structure gets complex. Hence, keeping data organized and accurate is a huge responsibility. The QuickBooks migration process, therefore, should be minutely conducted. Here are a few tips that you can follow to make sure migrating QuickBooks is easy and accurate.

Know the reasons

Prior to opting for migrating QuickBooks, you must be convinced that you really need it. Thus, knowing the reason behind the need of the same is a primary factor to consider. Different organizations have to deal with a different volume of data. Hence, the data structure and the level of complexity differ with the requirement of organizations. Migrating QuickBooks becomes important when you realize your software needs to have an improved capability to handle the complex data structures.

Take a backup

Make sure you have a backup of the data files before migrating QuickBooks. The software-related functions may lead to sudden technical issues in between the migration process. Hence, you must not forget to take a backup.

Migrating Transactions

The companies normally deal with two kinds of transactions – Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Accounts Payable (A/P). QuickBooks migration will not be allowed if you have:

  • Two A/R accounts
  • Two A/P accounts, and
  • One A/R and one A/P account

The A/R and A/P accounts enhance the level of complexity by including linked transactions, matching sales codes, etc. Hence, the transactions should be migrated keeping in mind the restrictions.

Edit Chart of Accounts

When you think of migrating QuickBooks, ensure editing Charts of Accounts. The COA is different for the old and new systems. Thus, editing the contents accordingly is important. In QuickBooks, you can modify the Chart of Accounts details. You are not only allowed to change account name or account type but also eligible to remove duplicate accounts and merge accounts for the new set of COA details.

Best time to migrate

It is recommended to go for migrating QuickBooks at the end of each financial year or the end of the year. The slower time of the year should be selected to start afresh.

Deal with GL issues

Make sure to create the vendor reconciliation account as well as the Special General Ledger account. In order to do this, you may have to import historical data into current assets and liability accounts.

Following the above tips will surely simplify the process of Migrating QuickBooks based on the data structure your organization needs to handle. In case you have any difficulty in following the steps, you can contact Bigxperts individuals for further assistance. The experts are available for help on QuickBooks help desk number +1-800-816-6849.

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