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Tips for QuickBooks Integration for Your Small Business

QuickBooks Integration for Small Business

The QuickBooks accounting software has been relied upon by many small and medium businesses across the globe to manage their finances. QuickBooks comes packed with numerous features that come handy during many important parts of a business wheel such as managing inventory, generating invoices, managing payroll, customer relations, taxation, etc. The availability of QuickBooks in many versions makes it suitable for almost all businesses irrespective of their sizes.

The task of accounting is not a standalone part of any business. The functioning of accounting department is closely associated with many other departments of a business. Therefore, it is very important to integrate QuickBooks with other software that plays an important role in conducting various business-related tasks other than accounting. With QuickBooks integration, a business functions in a smooth and collaborated manner resulting in saving of quality time and important resources.

Key considerations for QuickBooks Integration for your business

For better integration of QuickBooks accounting software with other business related software, you need to keep in mind certain key considerations. If you would not consider these point while integration of QuickBooks, you might end up not utilizing all the features of QuickBooks for the benefits of your business.

Here are the points that you need to keep in mind for QuickBooks integration with other important software of your business:

  • Knowing the correct version of software for your business
  • Streamlining the design of your business website
  • Selecting the right CRM service for your business

QuickBooks: Convert QBXML to QBW

Knowing the correct version of software for your business

Before QuickBooks Integration, you should be aware of the version of QuickBooks accounting software that you are using currently to manage your finances. Each and every software keep on getting regular updates from its manufacturer. Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks accounting software, too has been releasing regular updates to equip QuickBooks with the latest features.

Therefore, it would be better if you are using the latest version of QuickBooks accounting software during the process of integration. The first and original version of QuickBooks is the desktop version that comes packed with many important features for the proper management of reports and inventories. The latest version of QuickBooks is the online version. So it would be easier to integrate this version of QuickBooks with the software that are web-based.

Also, it is very easy and simple to transfer data files and folders from desktop version to the cloud version. The best thing about online version of QuickBooks is that it is customizable. It easily integrates with third party software and the support offered by third party service providers. Therefore, it is recommended to migrate from desktop version to online version before QuickBooks Integration.

Streamlining the design of your business website

If you are an owner of e-commerce business, you must have felt the importance of the design of your web portal. It is the web portal only that is your showroom, inventory manager, customer support provider, etc. So, it is very important to give your e-commerce platform a classy and professional look.

However, a good website design comes at a price. Same goes with the security that you should offer to your customers’ payment modes to prevent theft of their identity and credit card details. Therefore, it is important to streamline the design of your e-commerce web portal as this will enable easy integration of QuickBooks.

You can save a considerable amount required for giving a professional look to your website design if you host your e-commerce portal on the cloud utilizing the services of third party service providers. By taking the help of third party e-commerce service providers, you get access to many professional e-commerce website templates, with features such as management of inventory, generation of invoice, taking orders, maintaining the security of customers’ data, etc.

Also, the providers of such e-commerce services have kept easy integration in mind while designing the services they offer.

Selecting the right CRM service for your business

After finalizing the accounting software and e-commerce design template, you need to think about and choose a suitable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program for your e-commerce business to fill the gap between all the software involved in the proper and smooth functioning of your e-commerce business.

The CRMs available for e-commerce business are many ranging from free open-source software to advanced and premium class e-commerce templates. Be careful before opting for the right CRM service for your business. You should not be tempted by freeware as they are generally designed with bad intentions to gather information of their users.

It is a good practice to get familiar with the salient features of the CRM program that you have finalized. You should consider the key features such as the option to customize the integration and automated synching of data such as price of products sold online, profit and lost, and other taxation related information. You should also consider the customer support offered by third-party service providers during the process of integration while selecting the right CRM program to keep your e-commerce business growing.

Need Professional Help?

If you are facing any technical issue while QuickBooks Integration, the professional QuickBooks experts at AccountingErrors can help you easily integrate the QuickBooks accounting software with the other software your business needs. If you have any query or doubt related to QuickBooks Integration for your small or medium business, you can contact our QuickBooks Support Team at Our professionals are proficient in assisting you meet all the basic requirements needed for QuickBooks Integration. For expert help, Call 📞

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