Troubleshoot PDF Printing Issues


The portable Document Format (PDF) is launched to share the files; documents consist of text,
images, or graphics. But as it becomes a basic need in the education industry and has been used
by a huge audience it is gradually prone to errors. Many software offers to convert their files
into PDF format. But, while printing it generate multiple errors that change the whole meaning
of the document. To know the different errors and looking for solutions then read out this
whole article it contains all the detail regarding PDF printing issues.

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What are PDF Printing Issues?

PDF printing issues are occurring due to many reasons that change that whole pattern of your document. Sometimes, your PDF file has no issue and opened correctly but when you proceed to print it on sheets then it comes out as a faulty document. The reason behind this is a defect in Adobe Reader or the printer driver and keeps this in your memory that infected, expired, or lost printer drive never print your PDF files appropriately.

Types of Errors

  • Absence of bleed- Bleed area is a must in PDF files while printing the page. If the bleed is missing then images and content that were consider to be printed at the edge of the page might show an irrelevant white line. 
  • Add the wrong or unnecessary color space- Most of the printers asked for the CMYK files but if any PDF document consists of RGB or Lab data is wrong. On the other hand, modern work mode patterns and Raster Image Processing Systems (RIPs) are much capable to do processing having such color spaces.
  • Transparency issue in PDF file- Transparent object that includes in PDF have gone under the process known a flattering but sometimes it fades the visibility of the objects 
  • The image resolution is too low- While Preview can decrease the PDF and drop the quality of the image that makes the image or content foggy in the PDF 
  • Unwanted ICC profiles are used- These profiles are vital to hold on to the color management and elaborate the external intent in the PDF. If it is damaged it will lead to the incorrect color printed result.
  • Ink coverage is too much- It may create problems in the printing press.
  • An issue with fonts in the PDF- When the inappropriate font is used in the document then, arises a problem in the PDF format. The sentences overlap each other and interrupt the proper spacing.
  • There is a problem in the measurement of the sides of the PDF- In the PDF format; a proper size and bleed are used. Page boxes maintain this format in the PDF. But sometimes Page boxes are unable to do so and change the ratio of the dimensions of the PDF file 
  • An erroneous number of spot shades in the PDF file- Few printers requested CMYK files for PDF files with spot shades in them. When the shades are required, the same color display many times and every time display with a different name
  • Overprint issue- when you improperly overprint the PDF document then it creates a problem for you. Because there is a difference of moon to earth in the Adobe Acrobat preview and the result we get after print. This may remove the page elements or change the color. Hence, not capable to properly define. Some people also face the issue with damaged fonts, infected PDF files, lost objects, inappropriate use of layers, and RIPs errors. 

How to Filter the Errors in the PDF and Printing Files?

To filter the errors from the PDF and printer to deduce the correct PDF file you need to know the correct solutions. This article provides you some solutions that are mentioned below:

Solution 1: Select the different preference from PDF to printing as an image 

Most of the users find the other alternative and change the preference. There are most of the problems with the printing process and for PDF files in the default application. Here are the steps for printing the file as in jpg form.     

  • First, you need to hold the Windows + S keys 
  • Then, type the Settings in the box 
  • Now, go to the application 
  • Then, you need to go to the settings and locate the Apps and then the Default application
  • In the Default application, tap on the Choose default application by file type option.
  • Now, you need to sure about the selection of file type it should be .pdf, Adobe. Save the changes that you have made and close the program
  • Then, you need to reboot your system 
  • After rebooting, open the PDF document in Adobe and tap on the option File and then click on the Print 
  • After that, you need to go to the Advanced and verify the box Print as image 
  • In the last step, ensure that you are selected the right printer, and then proceed by clicking on the Ok option for printing.

Solution 2: Using a Portal to print 

If the above solution is not helpful to you then try printing the file using a different portal. 

  • First, search for the file 
  • Then, you need to right-click on it to open the option box
  • Now, select the option Open with and pick up your browser 
  • Then, go to the Settings and tap on the Print 
  • Choose the right print options from the window 
  • Then, print your file.

Solution 3: Install the Adobe Acrobat again

If the above solutions won’t use to you then, you need to install Adobe Acrobat again on your system. The most obvious reason is that it carries damage in the present installed program to repair all the damage we need to install them again.

  • First, you need to download the Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool in your system. it works as a filter and remove the software from your system and remove all the previous settings and files
  • In the next step, you need to search for the Acrobat site and start the download and install the software again. 
  • After the completion of the installation process, try to print the documents.


We are glad to resolve your issues. Hope this article provides you enough knowledge for your PDF printing issues. This becomes a common issue nowadays everyone used PDF files for different purposes. If you need any additional help to filter the printer and get the proper PDF files then you need to contact the QuickBooks expert team. You can interact with them through you write your query in the live chat. Be relaxed while asking about your issue Bigxperts experts always listens to your problem patiently and treat customers well.


How to Recreate the PDF file?

Make sure you have the original document to recreate the PDF. You need to go to the program where the original document is saved, open the document. Then, you need to select the File and then Print option. Now, choose the option to save as a PDF.

How to Check my new Updates for Reader or Acrobat?

First, you need to go to the Reader or Acrobat application and select the Help. Now, click on the Check for Updates. If there are any new update shows, it installs itself. After install reboot your system.

How to Change the Document Settings for PDF files?

Open the file in Adobe Acrobat and go to the View option and select Preferences. Click on the Documents and set the PDF/A View Mode then go to the Security and uncheck the option Enable Protected Mode at startup. Click yes and restart the system

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