How to Use QuickBooks Backup Company File?


It is important to make frequent use of your backup company QuickBooks file because it makes sure that a recent copy of the most crucial and critical accounting records is available to you, in case of a data loss.

QuickBooks makes it convenient with options that include setting specific reminder frequency for backups, authenticating data integrity, formatting every floppy disk while taking the backup, and scheduling the backups at specifically set intervals.

Why use QuickBooks Backup Company File?

As per experts, it is highly recommended to backup data files on a regular basis. After the end of every month, a backup should be made and kept off-site. Also, the monthly backups should be saved till the end of the present year.

In QuickBooks, saving online backups of your accounting data is considered one of the most secure ways to preserve your data. Backups can save everything in your chart of accounts. It depends on you whether you wish to schedule automatic backups or opt for one-time manual backups, and save the copies in Google Drive or DropBox.

How to use QuickBook backup company files?

Here is how to save your company QuickBooks data and use the backup files to make some game-changing business decisions.

There are two ways to do it:

Manual back up

  1. In order to manually backup the files, please follow the below-mentioned steps:
  2. From the QuickBooks file menu, select Back Up
  3. Select the specific Back Up Company File tab
  4. Choose the Browse button to edit the file name and point out the particular backup location.
  5. Choose Save
  6. Choose other related items in the specific Back-Up Options area.
  7. Choose OK

Automatic Backing up of Files

There are two automatic methods of backing up files. One is automatic backing where a backup is created every time you close the specific file. You need to fix the frequency of how many times QuickBooks will create the backup, and it saved in the hard drive under the name- Auto Backup.

  1. From the specific File menu, select Back Up.
  2. Select the Schedule a Backup tab
  3. Select the specific Automatically back up while closing the data file box
  4. Add the specific backup frequency
  5. Make necessary selections in the specific QuickBooks Backup windows
  6. Select OK.

The other method enables you to schedule a specific unattended backup. The backup file can only be saved in a local drive. Please note that the company file is closed while scheduling a backup.

  • From the file menu, select Back Up and press the Schedule backup tab
  • Press the New button and make the necessary selections in the specific Schedule backup window
  • Select OK


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