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Video: How to Fix Login Problems of QuickBooks Online on Chrome

Source: YouTube

Resolving Login Problems in Quickbooks Online
on Chrome might appear simple if you know

the process thoroughly.

In this video, we will tell you how you can
resolve Login problems in QuickBooks Online

while using Chrome Browser Effectively.

So, let’s get started!

What Type of Errors User Faces when trying
to login to QuickBooks Online on Chrome?

When A User Tries to login to QuickBooks Online
on Chrome, can face the following problems:

You get the loading message on your screen
but nothing actually loads.

You may also receive a message of services
not available

The chrome gets confused sometimes, and takes
you on a tour moving from sign-in screen,

to choosing a company and then back to sign-in

What triggers the QuickBooks Online Login
issue on chrome?

There can be plenty of factors that might
lead to QuickBooks login issues on Chrome.

A few of the most common factors responsible
for login error are listed below:

In case the user forgets to sign out appropriately
from the previous QuickBooks online session,

then this kind of issue is most probable to

If someone logged into the QuickBooks online
on chrome on any other system using the same


The issue can also be seen if the firewall
or antivirus program blocks the access of

the software.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Online (QBO) Login
Problems for Chrome

You need to follow the given steps in order
to resolve your Chrome Login problems.

Step 1: Make use of any other web browser

There are chances that the user is facing
a login problem only with Google Chrome, whereas

the other browsers do not show any error in
logging in.

Thus, in that case, the user can also use
Internet Explorer to export your data to QuickBooks


Step 2: Use Chrome Browser in the Incognito

Another option for the users can be to try
logging in to the website using the incognito

mode of Google Chrome.

As it does not record the browsing history
and has no cookies saved, the user will be

able to log in to the website.

Follow the exact steps mentioned below:
For this, the user needs to open the Chrome

browser :
First of all, the user will have to click

the customize and control icon in the upper

And then, choose the New incognito window
(Use shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+N).

Once done with that, the user will see a separate
window in “incognito mode” You can note

the icon in the upper left corner.

Step 3: Clear Cache or history of your browser

Old history and cache can be responsible for
the slow performance of the Google Chrome

browser you are using.

Just clean the cache or delete the history!

In this method, the user will have to click
on the ‘Customize and control icon’ to

the right side and select the ‘Settings’

After that, the user will have to click on
the history tab and then, click on the Clear

Browsing data button.

Step 4: Create an Additional Chrome User

Since you have to work on QuickBooks Online,
you can create another/ additional Chrome

user in order to work with QuickBooks Online.

This will help you lessen your working hours.

You can create an additional chrome user in
the following ways:

In this method, the user will first have to
open Chrome Browser and select Settings tab

on the left
And then, the user will find a users section

near the bottom section of the page
After that click on the ‘Add New user’

Followed by selecting the icon, entering name,

and clicking the Create button.

Now, you will see that a new user icon appears
on the top left corner of your browser which

means that you can now switch between two

Advanced troubleshooting ways to fix QuickBooks
login issues with Chrome

Step 1: Check the SSL settings on your web

Internet Explorer is the primary web browser,
which fully supports QuickBooks.

Besides, some users also prefer using it with
Mozilla Firefox.

If you are using Internet Explorer
Click on Start button and open Run window

or Press Windows + R.
Type “inetcpl.cpl” on the open box and

press ok.

After the Internet Properties opens on your
screen, click on the “Advanced” tab.

Check the checkboxes before “SSL 2.0 and
SSL3.0” and press OK.

Open your browser and the QuickBooks Online.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox
Click on the Mozilla Firefox icon on your

desktop and then open the Tools menu.

Open the Advanced tab.

Check the checkboxes before “SSL 2.0 and
SSL3.0” and press OK.

Open your browser and the QuickBooks Online.

Step 2: Make changes to your Privacy settings

Set your privacy settings to lower or at least
medium because high settings tend to block

a lot of links and websites.

Manually type and access
and enable cookies.

Close all the web pages and windows and sign
in again at

Security Settings for Internet Explorer
Open Run window (Windows + R keys) and then

type “inetcpl.cpl”
Select OK.

Go to the Advanced Tab and then scroll down
to the Security option.

Uncheck Do not Save encrypted pages box.

Hope You have resolved your QuickBooks Online
Login Issue on Chrome.

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