How to Void a Payroll Check in QuickBooks?


If you need to make some changes in the paycheck like creating a duplicate paycheck, void a Payroll Check, correcting wrong information, correcting gross or net pay, or correcting incorrect work locations. You have two options to make changes:

  • Deleting the paycheck
  • Void the paycheck

When should you delete and when should you void the paycheck?

  • Deleting the Paycheck: If the paycheck hasn’t been processed yet, then you can delete the paycheck, it will remove the transaction from payroll.
  • Voiding the Paycheck: This option on the other hand would not stop direct deposit from processing, and it will not refund the funds to you as well. It will update your paycheck records and update the amount to zero.

Process steps to void the payroll check in QuickBooks

  1. Go ahead and select the Employees menu > choose Edit/Void paychecks.
  2. Now change the show paycheck to/from date to find out the paychecks you wish to void. Once you get the checks on your screen, press ‘tab’ to proceed.
  3. Now click on the check-in question and choose Void, enter Yes in the popup box, and choose Void again.
  4. Now click on the tick-mark box to agree with the terms and conditions for voiding the paychecks. The process will need to be repeated for all the checks you wish to void.

Now when we are well versed with the process steps to void the paycheck, we can move ahead to the frequently asked questions by the users, so that we can have further clarity on remaining doubts or questions in mind.


You need to go to the Employees menu > select send Payroll data > click on send. Now enter the payroll pin and click on OK.
Since you already have sent the paycheck to the payroll, so, your employee will receive the money in their account on the due date. But you can collect the money back from your employee after you void the paycheck. Also, if this is not possible, you can request a direct deposit reversal.
Yes, you can revert or undone the voided check to the original transactions, all the information related to checks will be deleted once you delete the paycheck.
Click on Employees center> choose employee’s name > payroll info > in the addition, deduction, and company contribution, enter the correct rate and limit and click on OK.
You need to go to Employees > employees centre > click on the name of the employee to whom you wish to send the replacement check > click on Quick Reports > change the date range to include the lost paycheck > double click on the paycheck that employee lost and click on print.

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