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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=1304?

QuickBooks Error Code C=1304 is a problematic error that occurs when you attempt to download or install the program, hides the reason for the occurrence, and becomes very tough for the user to detect the problem. You become frustrated and try unknown things to resolve the problem and unfortunately, it puts you in a more problematic situation. To know the crux of the matter read out the article that provides hidden reasons as well as directs you the right way to solve the QuickBooks Error Code C=1304.

What are the reasons that cause QuickBooks Error Code C=1304?

There are numerous reasons that occur: QuickBooks Error Code C=1304. Let’s study the reasons that are listed below to get to the solution point:

  • Infected or damaged QuickBooks installation CD
  • There is something wrong with the CD Drive that affects its functioning
  • Corrupted or infected MS components
  • Damaged or deteriorated MS.Net component

What are effective methods to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code C=1304?

After reading the above reasons you may know where you lack to find out the problem but after calibrating the issue and reading the solutions illustrated below definitely help you to come out from this error trap:

Method 1: Utilise QuickBooks Installation CD

Before performing this method make sure your CD drive is in proper functioning without any damage because while performing the very first step is to utilize the installation CD.

  1. Withdraw the CD drive from the system and put it inside the QuickBooks Installation CD
  2. If you notice that the installer runs without your consent, then stop the install process and exit
  3. Go to the Windows icon and select the Explorer
  4. Create a fresh folder with QBInstall name on the desktop
  5. Now, pick up the installation files from the CD drive and paste them into the fresh folder that you have created on the Desktop i.e., QBInstall
  6. Now, utilize the QBInstall folder one more time to install the QuickBooks
  7. Now, it’s your responsibility to follow the on-screen instructions that display on your system
  8. Now, what you have to do is click on the option whether it is Yes or OK.
  9. After this, you have to wait until the QuickBooks Installation process completed
  10. Start the QuickBooks one more time to confirm whether the problem is solved or not.

In case, you are enabled to solve the QuickBooks Error Code C=1304 then, follow the next method.

Method 2: With the help of copied folder install QuickBooks

In this method, you can install QuickBooks with the help of a copied folder. Follow the instructions carefully below-mentioned:

  1. First, you have to open the QuickBooks that carry copied files
  2. Then, proceed with the installation process
  3. After that, double click on the “setup.exe” file
  4. And the process ends when you complete the on-screen instructions that display on your screen.

Method 3: Enforce Manual Restoration

You have to change and enforce the manual restoration if you can’t rectify your issue by following the above methods. Perform the following steps in a proper sequence:

  1. First, you need to shut down the system and then start again as an Administrator
  2. Now, you have to press the Windows key
  3. Then, quest and choose the option All Programs
  4. Then, go to the Accessories and in the continuation select the System Tools icon and then choose the System Restore icon
  5. After this, select the option Restore my Computer to an earlier time icon
  6. Choose the correct date and time when you require restoring the computer.
  7. Then, pursue with Next option tab
  8. Now, adhere to all the guidelines that display on your screen
  9. At the end of this process, shut down the system and start again after the restoration is done.


In this article, you come to know that how QuickBooks Error Code C=1304 is difficult to resolve if you don’t know the exact reason and solution for it. This article guides you with factual data. In case you are not able to resolve the problem by performing all the methods mentioned above due to a hard drive issue or something else. Then, don’t let yourself down because there is one more way to get the solution by our QuickBooks experts that is available to listen to your problem every time. You can leave your query in the live chat as well.

Check: QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool


How To Use The Re-Image Tool?
  • First, you need to download and install the recent version of the Reimage Repair Tool from the official site of Intuit
  • To start the installation process you need to press on the Setup File from the downloaded folder
  • When the installation process is done, resume the scanning process
  • Once the scanning process is done, a context box display on your screen along with the errors and technical problems that may waste your time and put you in the trouble
  • To rectify these errors, press on the ‘Start Repair’
  • You have to wait until the repair process is done, after completion of the process you have to start the system again.

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