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What’s New in QuickBooks 2018 Desktop? – Chart of Accounts Search

QuickBooks 2018 Desktop is a fresh edition of QuickBooks and it is brimming with some of the most innovative and useful accounting features like the Chart of Accounts Search. It is much more advanced in the new QuickBooks, and can be accessed in The QuickBooks Premium, Pro, Enterprise 18.0 and Accountant 2018 as well.

Chart of Accounts Search – What’s New in QuickBooks 2018 Desktop?

It is located inside the software and, can be accessed easily from the search window which is there on the Chart of Accounts section. There, from the menu bar, you would have to select Lists and the Chart of Accounts will show up.

What is Chart of Accounts?

It basically contains the complete list of each and every account and balance of the business. The user can easily find out what amount the business owns, what amount the company it owes, what amount of money is returning in etc. using this feature.

Hence,you can easily check out everything related to the money of your business using the Chart of Accounts. Also, the new QuickBooks 2018 Desktop version automatically makes the chart of accounts which is as per the trade and type of business you select once you created the company file.

What makes Chart of Accounts beneficial for the users?

For all the people who use QuickBooks including the bookkeepers, accountants, Pro Advisers, the Chart of Accounts is certainly one of the most significant elements of the QuickBooks accounting solution. Normally it becomes significant to either add “account numbers” or changing the language for the accounts from the users.

Top features of the new Chart of Accounts Search

New search box which is present on the chart of accounts section makes it extremely smooth for the users to look for and choose either a chart of account or a sub-account just by entering the account number, account title or even just the partial words of a particular account name. Isn’t that much convenient?

Searching has been made a lot more comfortable, and lot more convenient by including this new feature in the QuickBooks 2018 Desktop edition. At the same time, it saves plenty of time to as the user doesn’t have to scroll through a gigantic chart of accounts list in order to find things.

To use this newly added function you would have to:
  • Get to the Lists, and there you would have to select Chart of Accounts
  • Now, find out what you need with the help of Search box which is present at the left top side of Chart of Accounts list
  • There, you would have to type in a part of any account name or even the number
  • Afterwards, hit the blue Search button
  • That’s it, you are done!

How to Set up Chart Accounts in QuickBooks

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