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Why Won’t My Adobe Files Open in QuickBooks?

It is evident that every business application needs a few components and applications in order to print a document on a computer. Now let’s discuss why won’t my Adobe Files Open in QuickBooks?

That is when you experience an error when you try to print payroll tax forms or statements. In tune with this, QuickBooks is unable to find out the PDF error is one of the most common printing errors.

This particular error displays a certain error message, “Unable to Locate PDF Viewer”,”QuickBooks Won’t Open Adobe Files” and resolving this error in QuickBooks requires expertise in Adobe.

Why Won’t My Adobe Files Open in QuickBooks?

What is the reason behind the inability to find out PDF viewer errors in QuickBooks?

In most cases with QuickBooks, such kind of errors usually occur when the print components are backdated or spoiled. Any kind of error in the configuration of QuickBooks software is often the reason why QuickBooks cannot find the PDF viewer and then shows the error message, Unable to locate PDF viewer.

Here are more additional and common reasons what causes this PDF viewer error in QuickBooks.

  • Windows is having a backdated version of Adobe Reader
  • QuickBooks Desktop lacks all the latest updates
  • In the QuickBooks Desktop, Adobe Reader is not the default and set PDF Viewer
  • Qbprint.qbp file is either spoiled or absent from the installation directory.

How to fix the QuickBooks when it cannot open Adobe files?

When the user is acquainted with all the possible reasons and causes, consider shifting to the solution to such issues effectively.

Here is a quick look at a few of the suitable solutions for this error.

Uninstall, Again Install and Upgrade the Adobe Acrobat

  1. Uninstalling Adobe Acrobat is the first step.
  2. Install the Adobe with a CD
  3. Upgrade the Adobe Acrobat and go to QuickBooks again
  4. Once it is done without a glitch, test if the PDF documents can be seen without a problem or not.

Set up Adobe Reader as the Default Viewer for PDFs

  1. Click the start button and locate the Settings
  2. Choose the Settings option
  3. Click Default Apps
  4. Choose the default apps by typing the file type and select .PDF right from the specific list.
  5. Click on the option that says ‘Select Default and Select Adobe Reader’

Alter the name of the QBprint.qbp File

  1. In the windows, File Manager option, select the organize section and select the Folder option
  2. Find the ‘Option’. Unmark option which shows hidden files, drives, folders, etc.
  3. Go to your QuickBooks account and find out the Program Data folder found in C Drive
  4. Look for Qbprint.qbp file and then click on it two times.
  5. Select the ‘Rename’ option and save the particular file name

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