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How to Send Mass Text Messages to my Customers Phones from QuickBooks

There is indeed something special about text messages, which is why it instantly gains our attention.

From the time your phone rings, you become curious to know who has texted you and this is the selling point behind every successful mobile marketing campaign.

Sending a text message is a powerful approach to connecting and staying in touch with customers. With the help of its simple and user-friendly interface of text service in QuickBooks, you can connect and reply to your customers about their products or services.

What are the direct benefits of sending text messages to Customers from QuickBooks?

Any company that follows up with its potential leads promptly, without imposing anything, the possibility of showing a demo increases, and this steps up their chances to purchase the products.

Here is the list of benefits of sending bulk text messages to clients from QuickBooks:

  • Rope in new customers and boost customer loyalty
  • Connect with customers using one of the quickest marketing methods
  • Track campaign metrics and connect with all the customers
  • Automatic replying to all kinds of customer feedback and questions related to location, timings, etc.

How to send text messages in bulk in QuickBooks?

To boost company sales and spread awareness about company products or services, it is imperative to send messages in bulk to potential and prospective clients.

Here is how you set it up:

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks online account
  2. Click the Gear icon located to the left of the company name
  3. Select Account and Settings
  4. Click on the Sales tab and scroll down to the Messages section
  5. Edit the information by clicking on the pencil icon
  6. Add Customer name from the Full Name drop-down tab
  7. Choose the type of Sales Form you desire from the drop-down
  8. Type in your personalized subject in the Subject box
  9. Type in your personalized message in the Message box
  10. Click Done

Final thoughts

Typically, people spend 3-4 hours on average on their smartphones. Out of these, 20% use and spend more than four hours on average on their smartphones. To top it off, an average human picks up their smartphone a minimum of 30-50 times a day, testifying to the fact that this is an integral part of their life.

This is why communication is the most brilliant strategy for most businesses and more than 39 percent of the performing businesses believe in and invest in it.

Bottom line- text messaging is a brilliant method of communicating and can be highly effective since the messages are crisp and precise. Additionally, the ROI is also high since people read text messages and find them interesting.

If you wish to send bulk messages to your customers’ phones via QuickBooks but are not sure how to do it, hire the services of a professional or follow the above-mentioned steps.

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How to set up messages in quickbooks?

To setup messages in quickbooks, you need to;

  1. Open QuickBooks and click on the “Lists” menu.
  2. Select “Customer & Vendor Profile Lists” and click on “Messages.”
  3. Click on the “New” button to create a new message.
  4. Select the type of message you want to create (customer, vendor, or employee) and enter a subject and message.
  5. Customize the message by adding a salutation, signature, and any other relevant information.
  6. Save the message and repeat the process for any additional messages you want to create.
  7. Assign messages to customers, vendors, or employees by going to their profile and selecting the appropriate message.

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