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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2022

We understand your concern regarding the safety of your personal information. The primary objective of the below privacy document is to disclose our efficient and advanced practices on protecting your data. The write-up includes the consent related to the protection and management of your provided information with us.  It describes who we are, how we protect your information and why we use your data, and for what purposes. According to this policy, the statement document is rounded up to make you notified of all the data we collect from you. 

The privacy notice is a component of the online taxes professional Tax prepare user agreement and online taxes user agreement. Consequently, you need to click on the I agree option to give confirmation that you read, understand, and agree to the information we are collecting. 

We may vary the privacy policy with respect to the modification that arises with the development of the technologies, services, new products, or other enhanced strategies if amended. We reserve the right to perform the changes at any time. Therefore it’s your responsibility to update yourself related to the new modification in the privacy policy. It is suggested to review it periodically. Meanwhile, you will get notification regarding the amended terms through the means of email or via a notice on the home page before the changes start becoming effective.

In actuality, is a third-party service provider; we assure you it’s our prime responsibility to keep your information protected.  However, each source of the data usage is described in the privacy policy. We consider our customer data privacy as one of the essential and priority factors that need to be accomplished in a serious manner. Hence we are committed to research discovering the efficient and acceptable procedures to maintain your data security. We make sure that your information is in safe hands. We never disclose it to any third party unless any serious circumstances occur. These scenarios include enforcing our essential terms and conditions, in case of protecting our rights and property or any other legal process. 

We might connect information you have given us while updating data or during registration purposes. It is common to enter the address, name, or credit card. The significance of such actions is to use the details for the objective to boost the accuracy measure. It directly or indirectly assists in enhancing our communication. We use your data to provide you the specification of your interest and usage. It is only for administrative purposes or data analytics.

If you have chosen us and trustfully provided the personal details we committed to keeping your data more secure.  We usually use it to serve you with your recommended services. while performing payments and other tasks if any case you are asked to write the financial details. That is only for verification objectives and ease of collecting your payments for the paid products, orders, registration, and purchases.

Walkthrough the below-written content in the privacy statements to get awareness regarding how we collect your data, retention, safety measures we apply to keep your information safe, and how we use the gathered information for your welfare. Users are liable to take a withdrawal from your consent in the privacy statement at any time. This notice is beneficial for all users such as customers or other users who are not daily visitors and never used our products. 

Information on Children is a general audience website to provide accounting services. We understand the significance of the protection of children’s privacy in an online environment. We never collect information from children below the age of 13 as needed by US law. Therefore the kids under thirteen are restricted to provide information like name, address, email address, or phone number. If found that we unknowingly collected any personal data without the permission of their parents we immediately take action and delete it from the database.

What information do we collect?

 We get together your personal information for the indent of providing better services, software, and applications. We use these details to permit you to prepare and file tax returns. We use several sources for information gathering. Let’s delve into details:

Tax information: Taxes-related data is collected when you complete a claim for any tax return via the Software and the services. This data comprises name, social security number, dependents, income, address, and other financial details. This category of information we generally use to reach you for the purpose of service usage. Additionally, if you create a claim for any refund according to the limited warranty or any other issue in the Agreement, we will acquire the collected information for a claim evaluation.  It is upon your request we perform the data collection. Also, you can modify the information at any time as per the state taxing authority. You are not permitted to change the personal data in the tax returns after the IRS accepts the tax return.

The information we hold till your account is active or according to the requirement of providing services. In case you need to cancel the account or request you can easily do it. After cancellation, the information we use is according to the necessity or via legal obligations, enforcing the agreements or rectifying disputes.

If you agree to provide the data then only we collect your personal information. It included the address, email address that you use to reach the mailboxes or while registering for any specific services on our website. We collect the information with your permission or through the privacy settings you have applied with the social media provider or browser. Hence you need to carefully configure the privacy settings and read our privacy notice to know thoroughly what method we use to collect information and how we use it.

Take care of your privacy:

When you register yourself in or submit any personal consent to us through chat, or email address. We use your information as described in below privacy policy below. We persuade that the data is completely safe with us and not using it for any other purposes without your permission or until any law demands. The primary purpose of using the details to provide you with recognized services and applications.

In case we recognize you as the same user at the time of your login in the other third-party applications we use that cache details to provide you the same preference products. Sometimes the user may send their curriculum vitae or resume for acquiring the job opportunities with us. The details described in it we may use to give you suitable options or permissions. Moreover, if you register for the objective of any specific services may hold your name, address on a temporary basis till we get the confirmation of the genuinely of the filled information and subscription you entered through an email

Voluntary Registration:

We gather some sort of information like name, email, social security number, credit card information, telephone number, date of birth when you perform voluntary registration on , however, some extra data may be collected while you subsequently use our services or when we communicate via email, telephone or other means. It might include tax return-related information, income, bank account, credit scores, linked IRS fillings, or any credit history. It also includes collecting usernames with passwords to access the account and other associated details.

Contests or Survey:

There are many contents or surveys that take place on our websites. If you participate in any of them we may request some personally identified data like contact information, shipping address, zip code, etc. Also, you have choices to select whether to disclose the information or not.

Where do we get this information?

According to the law, we collect your information and other information entered by you from different sources. It includes resources like social media interactions, registration on the particular services, online forms, blog post comments, publications, a message board for feedback, or when using interactive activity on the website or while using within services, at the time when you reach or place an order. It may include business name, payment details, and contact information. Moreover, we gather data when you connect us over telephone, email, or fax. Some data from the device you are using like website login details, browser history, page views, referral URLs, or IP address.

How do we use your information?

Here are primary purposes for which we use your information according to the acceptable law:

  • To offer the products and services you request while interacting with us
  • Internet market categorization and analysis
  • To enhance the product and services
  • To customize the website suitable to your interests
  • For marketing
  • Offering you better and specified-based services we use the information to deliver you services as per your requirement and request
  • For performing comparison of the data and also helps in verification with the third-party applications and accuracy boost.
  • Protecting services, application, maintenance, and improvement when you requested data from the page
  • Service management, protecting the application and products you are looking for, and also creating a great relationship with our customers like help desk and other services. It in turn helps to improve user experience
  • Carrying out the internal verifications of the services, website, applications, and system to boost the security, provision, and performance
  • Providing you the relevant services you are seeking and also help to agree with our legal obligations.
  • It helps in discovering or analyzing the crime or investigating the outlaw or any illegal practices.
  • Some information we use to monitor what you require through the product feedback or for other research activities.
  • Authenticate, accomplish benchmarks, and perform statistical analysis.
  • Consign deliberate advertising and marketing strategies. It includes in-product messaging or other additional data beneficial to you in terms of using services and other applications
  • Dispatch you with the location-based programs and services like advertising and tailor-made content from the collected geo-graphical data; it involves confirming the specific information from the connected device and system relevance to the application and service usage. It helps to record the information to fix the entire website or service issues.
  • Collecting the statistical data regarding the Operating system and other location-related services while using the product and services. It helps in noting the activities of the website including services, applications, or other features.

We may monitor or record all the communications we carried through the live chat, over the telephone, or via emails. The objective is only for the training, providing applications, or services you have ordered from us. Also, you can easily modify the browser privacy settings or the software according to your custom requirements. 

Your California Privacy Rights: is the accounting service provider that acquires the information entered by you by observing the California Financial information privacy Act & the federal Gramm-leach-Bliley Act. These two laws are applicable in California. According to the CCPA disclosure (California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosure) comprehends the method we implement and how we use your information. With respect to CCPA, all the residents across California having the right to access and liable to have complete control over the specific category of personal information. While describing the California Consumer privacy act in this policy statement you referred to California residents or ‘’we’’ for us payroll.accountingerrors.comm. We follow the guidelines of the Fair credit reporting act and other state and federal privacy laws while collecting information related to financial products, applications, or services. 

Other Sites and Social media:

Our website might contain some external links integrated for giving you a better experience. It is not our responsibility to take care of the privacy policies of that link; it may vary with our privacy statements. Therefore we suggest you read out thoroughly the privacy statement of the associated link before disclosing your information. We are not liable for the data handling practices of any third-party link provided on our website.

We may let you share the information via social media websites or use these social media platforms to create your account or to link the social media account.  This platform automatically offers us access to specific personal details. Also, you can manage the privacy settings within the third-party applications to manage your personal information. It helps us to access your chosen account. While accessing our website if you try to locate another website without log out means that you are agreeing with the website you are visiting according to their privacy agreement.

We’re Not Affiliated with SAGE, QuickBooks: works as a third-party service provider that offers the required accounts-related and bookkeeping services. We assure you that we don’t depend upon the affiliation with QuickBooks and Sage. Some information we acquire from your side for the purpose of better communication purposes. It contains information such as IP address or system location. Moreover implement the automatic modes to collect data like web beacons, cookies, and other service management. 

Withdrawal of Consent by You:

Consent related to the privacy notice can be withdrawn at any time. You are permitted to withdraw and restrict the sharing of your information, It might affect future usage. Hence once you completed the process of consent withdrawal the information gets applied according to the categorization of the particular data where the consent has been accessed. It has not affected licitness. Once you withdraw your concern we only hold or save the bare information regarding you according to the legitimate interest. For instance contact address or name. 

Live Chat:

The Live chat feature appears on the website; it helps us ( to gather names, and email addresses regarding the website. This information helps users to store the records of our customers and to handle queries in a better way. The chat options are beneficial to perform hosting of the services and for feedback purposes. You need to agree to the feature for recommendations, advice, or feedback for better advertisement, service modifications, and marketing products. We assure you that your information is safe with us we are not using it for promotional practices.

Automatically Collected Information: uses cookies, Web beacons, IP addresses, Google Analytics, and several other advanced options to automatically collect the particular information with every online visit. These collected data we use to allow you to customize the online user experience, boost the usability, effectiveness, and performance of the digital presence. And also helps to determine the outcomes of the marketing activities.

IP addresses:

An IP address is the unique number allotted to the system while accessing World Wide Web. It is responsible to permit servers and systems to boost communication and recognition. We ( are liable to gather the IP address of the users for the purpose of IT security and various other diagnostic activities.  Moreover, the collected IP address we use for the performance analysis and for managing website trends.


Be aware that our website uses cookies to boost the services related to user preferences. This is used by use to let users opt for certain types of choices with users, modeling, personalization of the services, remember the information about the browser and its preferences, identify the individual users, settings to perform different activities while accessing certain sections of the website.

Cookies are small text files with identifiers that are usually placed on the system connected with the internet. It is sent by the server to a web browser and stored by the browser installed on the system. It is then sent back to the server on every page request. The main reason for using cookies is to identify the returning users of the website. It is also collected in several forms such as a notification banner to allow you to manage all the consent based on collecting cookies. Below is the list of the category of cookies:

Performance cookies:

Through this type of cookies, we gather the data to enhance website performance. In these, there are many parameters for consent management such as cookie banners, and updates of the browser settings like preference option and button to decline cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies:

This lets users move through the website and helps to utilize the features like accessing a secure portion of the website. You have to turn on these types of cookies.

Functionality cookies: 

This type of cookies plays a primary role in the memorization of then customer selection that modifies the appearance of the website. You have to repeat specific selections on every visit. You can easily manage the consent related to functionality cookies via cookie banner, or by updating the browser settings to deny accepting cookies.

Advertising cookies:

These cookies are referred to as the targeting cookies that let you provide us your preferences. It is helpful in interest diagnostics by limiting the visits to monitor specific marketing terms. Moreover, it helps in determining the marketing items’ effectiveness. In case you disallow the advertising cookies to provide consent that it stops tracking your current activities. You need to choose whether to accept the cookies through browser settings or via consent browser to repeal the selection while clearing the browser cookies. 

Google Analytics: uses Google Analytics to monitor the activities of the websites such as conversion rate, session duration, pages per session, bounce rate, etc. This tool lets us get the real-time insights of the users like how much time a specific user spent on the particular part of the webpage. We generally use the information of the visitor to provide the preferences, the add-on, etc. 

Location-oriented programs:

We are using the location-based utility to locate the geographical location of the computer or any other internet-enabled system. It assists us to enhance location-related applications and services. Accordingly serve you better.

Modification to this California Consumer Privacy Act disclosure or other content of privacy statement:

We may update the CCPA disclosure for the future. You need to get notified accordingly. Hence it is suggested to visit frequently to know about the amended terms and updated methods or procedures to maintain privacy protocols. Meanwhile, you will get notified about the changes via a phone number or any other registered resource of connection.

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