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iCloud Sync for Sharing Your QuickBooks for MAC 2019 File

iCloud Sync for Sharing Your QuickBooks for Mac 2019 File

Those of you who have been using QuickBooks Desktop for Mac would be delighted to learn that the new ICloud Document Sharing and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. iCloud helps you to store data and files in the cloud, and enable collaborative and backup features online.

If you have any doubts regarding ICloud Document Sharing and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, do not forget to call our Bigxperts helpdesk 24/7.

How does this help ICloud Document Sharing and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?

This means, all your QuickBooks documents will be synced to all the other iOS and MAC OS devices you have allowed access to. This can have profound effects to the way you conduct your business. In this article, let us take a look at what iCloud Document Sharing is, and how QuickBooks for MAC 2019 helps you sync all your files.

What is ICloud Document Sharing and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac who can use it?

iCloud is a cloud storage system that allows you to sync all your files instantly across devices you have given permission to. iCloud is available not only on iOS and MAC OS devices, but also for Windows devices and on your browser.

You can access all your files that are synced real-time from any browser. The service is provided by Apple, and after a small free storage facility, you can purchase more terabytes of storage.

With ICloud Document Sharing and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, you can

  • Easily share documents with people who have the permission
  • Collaborate, edit, and make changes to documents in real time. Changes will be reflected across devices instantly.
  • Track changes made to files and documents, and understand who made those changes
  • Give permissions to only those who are authorized
  • Available on all MacOS and iOS devices, plus also on Windows devices and desktop browsers.

What QuickBooks for Mac 2019 does with regard to iCloud Syncing

When you upgrade to QuickBooks for MAC 2019, you will gain access to document syncing feature between QuickBooks and iCloud. All your files and data will be instantly synced across devices you own and give permission to.

You will no longer have to copy invoices, QuickBooks data, and other financial information from one computer to another. You can easily collaborate with people, and share invoices and bills with both your vendors and customers.

  • You can easily move QuickBooks files between two Macs locally or even between various iPhones or iPads.
  • PDF files, photos, documents, invoices, etc can be shared with your vendors, customers, and other businesses.
  • You can make regular backup of your files.
  • However, do not forget to make regular backups of your own elsewhere too, because that is equally important.

When you see error messages

You may see an error message saying “The Company File Has Been Modified By Another User“. This happens when multiple users are working on a file at the same time in the cloud. iCloud shouldn’t be used for the same file by more  than one person.

The changes made by two or more parties will render the document confusing. This may also happen when you open a file that has been edited by another user but hasn’t been saved still.

Another reason why this error occurs is, QuickBooks is open on another computer and you are trying to open it on another device. If you use the local version, it will replace the file in iCloud. Try to make a copy before making changes if you are not sure.

If you still need help, call us up

As you can see, using ICloud Document Sharing and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac or files across MAC and iOS devices is easy and instantaneous. You don’t have to do anything yourself. However, if you have any questions regarding iCloud, file syncing, or QuickBooks for MAC 2019, give us a call on +1-800-816-6849 . Our Bigxperts  will be ready to help you round the clock.

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