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Discontinued QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2015

Discontinued QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2015

Discontinued QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2015

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2015 is a desktop accounting software that released by Intuit for the small industries. This edition is a product of QuickBooks 2015 along with Premier, Enterprise and Accountants.  Here are some interesting and improvised features in QuickBooks 2015 that will be useful and beneficiary for your business. The services will be Discontinued from the May 31st, 2018.


  • Pinned Notes: With this exceptional feature, you can easily “pin” a note or remark for your vendor or customer. This important note will be pinned in the center of the list and will be mentioned in a report as well.
  • Income Tracker: A new featured has been added in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2015. Now, you can easily add Time & Expenses for your transactions in to the money bar. Along with that, you can also have an option to exclude estimates, time expenses and sales orders from the unbilled sector of the money bar.
  • Restoration of the Reminders Window: The Reminders window has gone a complete visual change that makes it look good and clearer.
  • Dashboard: A new dashboard is added to the homepage with a new feature known as Insights. It makes the homepage more attractive and sophisticated. It also has various tools that are integrated in it that will help with analyzing.
  • Time & Cost: You can now flag your invoice by adding time and cost. This way you can see the records and it will help you in managing them properly.
  • Multi-user Admin: With this exceptional feature, you can now manage another user’s QuickBooks as you have Admin right.
  • Sending the Portable Company File: You can now import and Export QuickBooks files seamlessly.



QuickBooks desktop Pro 2015 has many exceptional features that are mentioned above. They will improve your work-flow but Intuit has recently held a press conference and confirmed that the QuickBooks 2015 will be discontinued along with the older versions prior to it. The services will be discontinued from the May 31st, 2018. So, the users that are using QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2015 will not be able to enjoy the extra add-on services like Live support, Online Backup, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Services, Online Banking and all the other services which are integrated. Not only that, you may also no longer receive the important updates regarding the security of your QuickBooks software from June 1, 2018.


Our Assistant Channel

To avoid this, you need to upgrade your software to the latest version of QuickBooks 2018. You can easily update your software as you may receive a notification regarding the update. You can either manually update or go for automatic update your QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2015 to QuickBooks 2018. You can visit the “2018QuickBooks” and download the latest version of QB from the link mentioned in the website. You can also contact them, in case of any queries and doubt that occur while updating your software from the previous version to the latest QuickBooks 2018. They also provide support for the older versions like QuickBooks 2015, etc. To reach out to them, you will have to call on their 24*7 customer support toll-free number +1-800-816-6849 and they will immediately contact you.

Discontinued QuickBooks Desktop for MAC 2015

Discontinued QuickBooks Desktop for MAC 2015

Discontinued QuickBooks Desktop 2015 (MAC)

Discontinued QuickBooks Desktop 2015, QuickBooks is available for both Windows as well MAC operating system. QuickBooks Desktop MAC 2015 is designed in such a way that the Apple users can easily install the software in their system and smoothly work on it. In this article, here you can read the system requirements for the QuickBooks Desktop MAC 2015 along with the software that are compatible and can be easily integrated with this Desktop software.

Software that are Compatible with MAC 2015 (US only)

These points that are mentioned in this article are suitable for the US editions only. For more information on the QuickBooks MAC 2015, call on the toll-free +1-800-816-6849.

  • To export data, you require Apple Numbers ’09 and Excel 2011 or 2008 version.
  • Email clients like Outlook 2011 or Apple Mail or Entourage 2008 is required to send emails.
  • You can easily make payments through credit cards and debit cards directly into your QuickBooks Desktop MAC 2015. Though, you will also need Intuit Merchant service.
  • To integrate Payroll with QuickBooks MAC 2015, you need to subscribe for the paid services.
  • For QuickBooks Payroll (MAC 2015) & Adobe Reader (to print Forms and Checks), you require high speed internet connection. This may charge you additional.
  • QuickBooks and Top Pay are different slightly.
  • You can integrate QuickBooks Desktop for MAC with QuickBooks 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 which are designed Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating System but this can only be one way co-ordination.
  • QuickBooks 2015 for Windows operating system can be supported for round tripping with QuickBooks for MAC 2015.


System Requirements for MAC users

The system requirements that are mentioned in the article below are recommended for the U.S. users only.

  • The MAC Operating system that are required for QuickBooks MAC 2015 R7 are mentioned below:
  • MAC OS El Captain version 10.11
  • MAC OS Yosemite version 10.10
  • MAC OS Mavericks version 10.9


  • The MAC Operating system that are required for QuickBooks MAC 2015 R8 are mentioned below:
  • MAC OS Yosemite version 10.10
  • MAC OS El Captain version 10.11
  • MAC OS Sierra version 10.12


  • High Inter processor is required like Core 2 Duo processor.
  • For multiple users, you may need Intel Core 2 Duo processor or higher editions for processor.
  • Requirement is of 2 GB (RAM) but it is recommended that you have 4 GB (RAM).
  • 250 MB of extra space in hard disk is required
  • Printer: 100% MACintosh is a compatible printer that are generally used for printing checks, mailing labels, invoices, lists, purchase orders, deposit slips, graphs or reports.
  • Checks: Canadian Image Ready Checks are not supported for payments in QuickBooks MAC 2015. You need to have Intuit Checks for printing.
  • Registration of the product is considered mandatory.


Our Assistance channels

You have read about the software (third-party) that are compatible with the QuickBooks MAC 2015 along with the system requirements, if you want to install the software on your system. Intuit has recently announced that all the older version so QuickBooks from version 2015 (Mac and windows) will be discontinued. So, all the services and privileges that you were given will not continue. So, you will have to upgrade your older version to the latest QuickBooks 2018 version. You will just have to visit the website While downloading or installing the software, if you have some doubts, contact 2018QuickBooks by calling them on their toll-free customer support number +1-800-816-6849. You can reach out to them at any point in time as they provide round the clock services.

Discontinued QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 2015

Discontinued QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 15.0

Intuit has recently made an important announcement of discontinuing the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0. It will discontinue from May 31st, 2018, that means all the services that you used to get with application will be stopped. The extra services like all the integration with the third-party applications, customer support assistance, etc will be ended from May 31st, 2018.

In such situation, you can easily upgrade your previous version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 15.0 to the latest version i.e. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 18.0. Not only QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0 but all the other editions of QuickBooks i.e. QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2015 will be discontinued. All the previous editions versions of QuickBooks from 2015 will be stopped.

System Requirements

To install the QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 18.0 on your system, following are the system requirements.

Operating Systems
    • For Microsoft Windows Operating System (Natively installed on the system)


    • 64-bit edition of Microsoft Windows 10
    • 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Update 1)
    • 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2011 SP1
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1


  • Linux based Operating System (For QBES Database Server-only installation)
  • OpenSuse 42.2
  • Fedora 25
  • Red Hat (Update 3)


Hardware Requirements


  • Processor required is 2.4 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM (recommended) while 4 GB is the essential.
  • Hard-disk space requirement is 4 GB.
  • Additional 2.5 GB space is required in Hard-disk.
  • 60 MB for Microsoft .NET 4.6 Runtime
  • Regional language which is supported is English for United States & Canada.
  • Keyboard settings should be US or CA only (according to the editions).
  • Server system should have Administrator rights, for hosting Multi-User access.
  • 4 X DVD-ROM drives is required (for CD installations)
  • Minimum screen resolution should be 1280 x 1024 or higher so that they can easily support two extended monitors. These monitors are best optimized when they offered Default DPI setting.


Software Compatibility


  • 32-bit edition for Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Office 2016 (32-bit and 64-bit) including Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Microsoft Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 365 both 32-bit and 64-bit that includes Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.
  • Email clients are supported like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and other SMTP supporting email clients.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later versions
  • Internet connection is considered mandatory for online features like Payroll, etc. You should at least have internet speed of 1 MBPS.
  • Firewall and Antivirus software
  • Windows Server Firewall
  • Microsoft Security Essentials


In this article, you can also read about the system requirements for the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 18.0. It will be required, if you are going to upgrade your software to the latest version. You can easily download the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 18.0 from the 2018QuickBooks homepage. Just click on the Download link and install the software. If you have any query then you can easily resolve it by calling on their toll-free customer support number +1-800-816-6849. You can reach out to them at any point in time as they provide round the clock services.

How to reset password for quickbooks admin and other users

How to Reset Password for QuickBooks Admin and other Users

Intuit has provided specific credentials for their QuickBooks Desktop 2018 users. When you log in to the QuickBooks Desktop application, an Admin user is automatically created for you. Other than the Admin user, you may also use anther log in credentials that are added by the Admin. There are circumstances that may require you to reset your QuickBooks Admin or other user’s password. In this article, you know about resetting the Admin password in QuickBooks and all the other passwords that you are using to work on QuickBooks Desktop.

Resetting your QuickBooks Password

By the solutions mentioned above, you can successfully reset the password for the Admin user as well as another QuickBooks user.
Case I: Changing the Admin Password

  • Open your QuickBooks Company file.
  • Select Company then go to option Set Up Users & Password.
  • Select Change Your Password option.
  • Enter the current password in the area designed for the current password.
  • Now, enter the new password for area designed for the New Password.
  • Confirm it, by entering it again.
  • Press OK.

Case II: Lost or Forgotten your Admin Password
Here are two ways through which you can easily reset your forgotten Admin password.
Method I: Using the Challenge Question

  • Open QuickBooks login screen and select I forgot my password.
  • Provide the answer for security question accurately and press OK.
  • Press Close option when you see the following message getting displayed, “Your password and challenge– — — — — — your challenge question”.
  • A new window will appear i.e. Change QB Password window.
  • Enter the newly created password along with the new challenge
  • question for the password recently created.
  • Press OK.
      Method II: Using the Reset Code
      Click on the Use the Automated Password Reset Tool For QuickBooks Desktop application. This tool can also be used to reset the Admin password.
      Case III: Changing the Password for Another user’s

      • Log into QuickBooks application as the system Administrator.
      • Open the Company file.
      • Click on the Company tab and select the Set Up Users & Passwords option.
      • Go to Set Up QB Users option.
      • You may receive a prompt to enter your recently created password again.
      • From the User’s list, choose from the user whose password you want to change.
      • Press Edit User option.
      • Enter the newly created password for the user and enter it again to confirm it.
      • Press Next option two times as it appears and then click on Finish option.


      Our Assistance channels

      You can now easily reset passwords for your QuickBooks Admin and other users as well. In case, you have some doubt or you need assistance in carrying out the solutions mentioned then you can seek assistance from 2018QuickBooks. They are a highly remarkable QuickBooks support providing agency. To contact them, you just have a give a call on their 24*7 customer support number +1-800-816-6849. They will come to your support and provide you with the best possible solution for your QuickBooks issues.

Enter or Delete transaction in QuickBooks

Enter and Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

How to Enter and Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop 2018?
QuickBooks Desktop has a provision to delete or enter transactions in a set of batches. You can allow the entry of cheque/check, invoices, credit card charges/credits, deposits, bills, credit memos and bill credits in a batch all in your the latest QuickBooks Desktop 2018 editions. Along with it, you can also search for any QuickBooks transactions that were made previously.
Note: Create a backup for QuickBooks company file

Steps for entering the transactions in a batch for QuickBooks Desktop:


  • Click on the Accountant option and press the batch enter transaction option.
  • Select the type of Transaction and click Account option.
  • Open the Excel spreadsheet that has the transaction details that you want to record in your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Categorize them in columns in your Excel spreadsheet. This procedure is carried out to verify the distribution of column for the Batch Transaction Screen.
  • From your keyboard, press Ctrl + A, then right-click on the screen and click on Copy option from the drop down dialog box.
  • Enter the Transaction screen from the batch, you will have to right-click on the date field first and press paste option.

Note: If the current company file is not listed then the name and account will be displayed in red color. Select the name or account and then press Quick Add or Set Up.

Steps for entering the transactions in a batch for QuickBooks Desktop:

The older versions of QuickBooks i.e. QB Premier Accountant, QB Enterprise Accountant 2016, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 16.0 along with the latest solutions have in-built capability to delete transaction in batch. But for the older versions of QuickBooks Desktop, you need to follow the steps below:

  • If you are working on a transaction, it will be called as current transaction. Select it and press Ctrl + D to delete it.
      Important: When you delete a transaction, you may receive a warning box. You can escape the warning box message by going to Edit menu. Click on Preferences and then press General option. Now, click on My Preferences option. Now uncheck the option for Warn when deleting a transaction or unused list item.

      • Download Remove all transaction using Condense Data Utility from the Intuit Marketplace. It is a tool that will automatically remove all the transactions.


      Our Assistance channels

      The procedure above of entering and deleting the transaction in batch are recommended by QuickBooks professionals. If you have any doubts or queries in any step, then you can reach out to “2018QuickBooks”. They are QuickBooks customer support providing consultancy that provides round the clock assistance. They have hired Intuit certified experts who will help you and guide you throughout the process of resolving your issues. To reach out to them, you will have to give a call on their toll-free customer support number +1-800-816-6849. You can also visit their webpage and request for Online Chat Support.

How to Create & Delete Budget in QuickBooks Desktop

Create & Delete Budget in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks was designed to handle all kinds of Accounting Software and business requirements. QuickBooks can be easily used for creating a budget for job, account, client or class that is inside an account. Basically, you just have to enter the amounts for budget in the income or expense section. The balance sheets are maintained for accounts which are easy to track. This way you can efficiently maintain budget reports through which you can track actual amounts and budget amounts. Generally, one budget is set up for a year.
Here, in this article you will get to know how to create and delete budgets from your QuickBooks Desktop accounting software.

Setting up Budget in QuickBooks

In the steps mentioned below, you can easily create an account based budget for classes:

  • Double-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • Go to the Company option.
  • Choose the Planning & Budgeting option.
  • Click on the Set Up Budgets option.

Important: If, you have previously created a budget, then you can easily continue the process. But, in case, you haven’t created a budget in your QuickBooks accounting software, then you need to create a Budget.

  • Select the year, for which you want to create the budget.
  • Click on the type of budget which you want to create.
  • You can add budgeting criteria and instructions for your budget.
  • Signify, whether you are want to start from scratch.
  • Press the Finish option and then click on Do your Budget.
  • To save your work, click on Save and do not close the Set-up Budget Window open and finally, enter Hide Plan.


Delete the Budget in QuickBooks software

Here are some steps, which you should follow in order to delete budget in your QuickBooks Desktop accounting software.

  • Click on the Company menu.
  • Click on the Planning & Budgeting option.
  • Go to Setup Budgets options.
  • Click on the Budget’s drop down menu and select the budget that is to be deleted from the list.
  • You can also assign customer or a class: Job if necessary.
  • Click on the Edit menu and select the Delete Budget.
  • Press Yes option.
  • Before deleting your budget, it is advised you save a copy of your budget by printing it.


Our Assistance channels

By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can easily create or delete a budget in your QuickBooks accounting software. In case, you are facing some issues while following the steps, you can contact QuickBooks customer support that is setup by Intuit. If you are unable to reach out to them, then you can look for other alternatives like “2018QuickBooks”. They are third-party QuickBooks customer service agency that provides round the clock service. To reach out to them, you will have to dial the toll-free customer support number +1-800-816-6849 and the QuickBooks expert will get back to you immediately. They will provide you with the best possible solution for your QB issues and solve your queries in the minimal wait to time. You can also request for Live Chat Support on the official website.

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

QuickBooks 2018 Desktop Point of Sale 12.0: Basic, Pro and Multi Store software

Intuit has released a retail comprehensive solution known as QuickBooks Point of Sale. It is designed for both small scale as well as medium size industries. It is available in three different versions i.e. Basic, Pro and Multi-Store software. You can purchase any one of them according to your business requirements. Intuit provides hardware assistance for its QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Point of Sale 12.0 version. It is developed on a user-friendly interface, which means you can easily integrate the QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0 with your QuickBooks account software.

Benefits and Features of QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0

QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0 is an exceptional software that is built with many extraordinary features and tools. There are many third-party applications that can be easily integrated with the software. Here are some benefits of using QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0 that are listed below:

  • It is a time saving solution and start up 10 times faster than the previous Point of Sale version.
  • All the major tools and options are displayed on the dashboard.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are application in this QuickBooks POS software.
  • Backup files can be created easily with a file-size more than 4 GB.
  • You can easily process payments through credit cards in your QuickBooks application.
  • You can perform multiple tasks at the same time like create sales receipts, checking reports, etc.
  • Barcode scanners are basically used for the Ring Sales.
  • You can easily create the Merchant account for the QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0 can create more than customer sales, and inventory reports.
  • Synchronization of sales and inventory information, directly from mobile phones.
  • Creating customized reports that can be saved easily.
  • Smooth inventory tracking and transferring of sales data.
  • Microsoft Excel is used for importing the inventory and customers information.
  • Easy management of staff through Point of Sale.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale can be integrated smoothly with Microsoft Office like Word, Excel, etc.
  • Maintaining tracks of various activities like, multiple vendors, petty cash distribution, employee hours & sales commissions, serial numbers & UPC codes, etc.


Our Assistance channels

Intuit has designed QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0 was released in the year 2015. It comes with many improvised features and add-on tools that will boost your retail business. From the year, there are various changes made by Intuit and they have released many upgraded versions along with many updates that will enhance your productivity. Recently, Intuit has launched QuickBooks Point of Sale 18.0 version in the fall of the year 2017. Though, after the launch of the new versions for the QuickBooks products, Intuit released another new of discontinuation of the services of QuickBooks Point of Sale 12.0 and all the older versions from it. It means all the extra benefits that you were using will be stopped like Live support feature, add-ons, etc. To continue using the benefits of the software and add-on services, you should upgrade you software to the latest version, i.e. QuickBooks Point of Sale 18.0.You can click on the Download option from the link mentioned on your website For more information, you can give a call on our toll-free customer support number +1-800-816-6849. You can reach out to them at any point of time as we provide round the clock services.

Outlook is missing in QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms Preferences

Outlook is missing in QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms Preferences

Error: Outlook is missing in QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms Preferences

QuickBooks Accounting solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the Outlook for sending emails, forms and invoices. There are situations when the Microsoft Outlook is missing in the QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms preferences. This situation generally arises when you are changing the email preferences in your QuickBooks application. You can change your email preferences easily by going to My Preferences option in Send Forms option which is present in Preferences menu in Edit tab. If you are unable to locate the Outlooks in that option, then there are various reasons that are responsible for it.

• You are working on the older versions of Microsoft Outlook.
• You don’t have a proper profile in Microsoft Outlook.
• Default email program is not set as Outlook for emailing on your system.
• Outlook is not selected as preferred email client for Internet Explorer.
• Your QuickBooks has cloud hosting but your service provider does not have Microsoft Office installed on the hosted system.



Here are some solutions that are suggested to resolve your missing Outlook issue. But make sure that you have installed the latest version of Microsoft Outlook on your system. Even after doing so you are facing the same issue, and then follow the steps below:
Method I: Set Outlook as default email program
For Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013
• Go to File menu and select Options.
• From start up options, choose Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar.
For Outlook 2007 and older versions
• Go to Tools menu and click on Options.
• Select the Other tab.
• In the General settings, click on Make Outlook the default program for Email.
Note: If you are working on a number of Outlook profiles then Outlook will ask you to choose a profile every time you start your application. If you have not selected a profile as a default option then QuickBooks will not see Outlook. While starting the Outlook, select a profile and then click on set as default.
Method II: Edit the Mail profile setting for your Windows Operating System
• End your QuickBooks application.
• Press the Windows Start button from your keyboard and click on Control Panel.
• From the Search Control Panel area on the top left side, write Mail and look for results.
• Select the Mail from the results that are displayed.
• From the Mail Setup window, select Show Profiles.
• Click on the Always use this profile and press OK.
• Re-open your QuickBooks application and start using the Outlook for emailing.

Our Assistance channels

The steps above are suggested by QuickBooks experts. If you are still facing some technical difficulties, then you should reach out to 2018QuickBooks for customer support. To reach out to them, you will have to give a call on their toll-free number +1-800-816-6849. They provide round the clock service, so you can reach out to them at any point of time. You can also request for Live Chat support to their technical support team by visiting their website or write an email to Online Email support.

How To Reconcile QuickBooks Desktop

How to reconcile QuickBooks desktop

When you are working on your QuickBooks software, there is an option of reconciling in your QuickBooks desktop. The reconciliation of accounts in QuickBooks desktop is very similar to the balancing the amount through checkbooks. This procedure generally ensures that everything is recorded for the QuickBooks software and all the data regarding your finances are completely accurate.
To reconcile the account in QuickBooks, you should follow the steps mentioned below:
• To navigate the Reconcile menu: You will have to go to home screen and then select the Gear menu that is present below the column heading Tools. Then, you will have to press the Reconcile Tab.
• Select your account: From the Reconcile window, select the account that you want to reconcile from the menu options that are available. As, you have selected your account, press Reconcile Now option.
• Type in the Bank Statement Details: Check for the copy of the bank statement from the accounts that you are reconciling with the QuickBooks application. Note down the Statement End Date and the Ending balance amount in the section required. Go back to the QuickBooks homepage window and check for Reconcile window. There you will have to enter the Statement End Date in the calendar drop-down menu. Now, you will have to enter the Ending Balance for your statement in the Reconciliation window. Press OK.
• Matching the Expenses: now, you will have to follow the transaction history from the bank statement. Go to Reconcile window and match the transaction from the bank statement with the items that are mentioned in the list. Click on the checkbox on the reconciliation window, if you click on some other place then it will be hard for you to find your way back to the transaction in Reconciliation window.
• Complete your Reconciliation: If your difference value is Zero then press Finish Now option.
• Verify the Reconciliation Report: From the Reconciliation window, check the reconciliation that you have entered. Press on the detail window for review purpose. Press Run report to check the detailed report about reconciliation. Press Print option to print your reconciliation report copy and attach it to the bank statement. You can also print additional copies to give it to your accountant or save for record purpose for tax time.

Our Assistance channels

QuickBooks experts have suggested the steps mentioned in this article for reconciliation of accounts in the QuickBooks Desktop application. If you follow the steps properly, then you will successfully reconcile your account in QuickBooks Desktop. In case, you are unable to do so and you need the help from QuickBooks experts. You can reach out to “2018QuickBooks” for customer support. By calling them on their toll-free customer support number +1-800-816-6849. They are QuickBooks customer support providing agency that provides round the clock services. You can also reach out to them by visiting their website and requesting for online chat support. This way you can instantly chat with the QuickBooks expert or write an email to the QuickBooks expert. They will respond to your email immediately and provide you with the best possible solution for your QuickBooks issues.

How to set up QuickBooks preferences in QuickBooks Desktop

How to set up QuickBooks preferences in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks is an accounting software with many exception features and add-ons. In QuickBooks, you have an option to customize your company files according to your requirements. You can carry out this procedure with the assistance from Preferences option that is available in the QuickBooks accounting software.

Setting up Preferences in QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks Homepage, go to Edit option and select the Preferences option. This way you can easily access your preferences option.
  • From preferences window, select Report & Graphs option which is available on the left-hand side of your window.
  • Press Company Preferences or My Preferences option.

For My Preferences option:
You will have to select the setting option from the user account.

  • Select the checkbox for the modify report option before opening your report.
  • After refreshing your software, set your reports and graph preferences.
  • QuickBooks Desktop provides you only with specific reports and graphs for your QB application only. If you want to show your recent data then you will have to press Refresh option.
  • For Graph only preferences, you can easily display your graphical reports. These are 3-D colored reports by default but you have an option to change it to 2-D graph also. You can use pie segments, bar-graphs, etc for depiction of graphs.

For Company Preferences option in QuickBooks:
It is a default preference for your reports in the QuickBooks software. You can alter it, if you have the Administrator permission.

  • Summary report basis: reports are displayed on the basis of Cash or Accrual option. It mostly uses the summary reports but do not affect the list of 1099reports, independent reports, etc.
  • Aging reports: It keeps a track for all the unpaid bills as well as invoices. This option can affect all the aging reports, accounts payable and receivable.
  • Age from Due Date: With this option, you can easily display the overdue days on your invoice, bill, etc that will start after the due date.
  • Age from the Transaction date: It means that past due days will begin from the creation date of the invoice or bills will be displayed.
  • Format: When you click on the Format option, you will see the Report Format Preferences screen on your computer screen. You can customize report i.e. make changes in Header & Footer, fonts, numbers, etc. This way you can easily personalize the display of your report.
  • Classify option: With this option, you can easily classify the statements for the Cash flow.
  • Reports: You have a choice to show the name or the account number for your reports.


Our Assistance channels

With the steps above, you can easily setup preferences in your QuickBooks Desktop software. If you have any doubts or queries then you should contact customer support team for assistance. You can reach out to “2018QuickBooks” for assistance. To contact them, you will have to dial a toll-free customer support number +1-800-816-6849. They provide 24*7 assistance, so you can connect with them at any point in time.