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How to Import Ceridian Payroll Data to QuickBooks

Ceridian Payroll Data Importing Into QuickBooks

Both Ceridian and QUickBooks have been acclaimed by many for their payroll services. Both the softwares are par excellence when it comes to dealing with employees and their payment process. QuickBooks is preferred by many who want to use the payroll data in addendum to the accounting data.

Robust analysis into the accounting and payroll data is unmatched by any other software. Intuit ensures that it is at the helm of virtual accounting by constantly rolling out updates with new and improved features so that their users get the best accounting experience. Get in touch with QuickBooks Payroll Support if user unable to follow the below mentioned process successfully.

Many accountants who rely on such softwares for accounting wonder how to transfer data from one of these payroll softwares to the other. This will indeed provide more flexibility to users in terms of transferring data and using the specified functions of both the softwares.

There is no direct method yet to share data between these two payroll giants. The only other option that remains with users is to manually enter data and store it into QuickBooks. Importing data from excel sheets or spreadsheets isn’t possible yet for QB.

Paycheck data has to be manually entered but this process may seem too much arduous and time consuming to many. This is why you should follow the steps given below to simplify the method of manually recording paycheck and payroll data.

Steps for recording Payroll date easily into QuickBooks Payroll

  • Open up the QB Payroll Software
  • Go to Year to date Payrolls
  • A setup window will appear on which you should click continue
  • A window will appear asking whether you have created paychecks this year. Go through your files and if you may have issued a paycheck then click yes and hit continue. You should not enter the data for employees whom you have payed by linking bank account or credit card.
  • On the screen you will be presented with three options; Tax Payments, Non tax Payments and Paychecks.
  • Against Paychecks click edit.
  • There is a comprehensive guide that is stored in the software by Intuit. You can either check it or follow the steps given below to start adding these transactions that you performed through paychecks.
    • Add Columns and rows as per your requirements
    • After specifying the necessary fields you can start the process of entering data
    • Select the form for which you want to store data. It is better to go with the federal tax form 941 which makes it easier for organizations to submit a fat check which summarizes all the transactions regarding employees which were completed through a paycheck.
  • After entering all the data you can save it. Save the data and close the window.
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  1. Can I import Ceridian payroll data in QuickBooks accounting software?

    Yes, you can import complete payroll information of previous accounting software after purchasing a QuickBooks payroll license for ease of accessing all files.

  2. When do you need the importing of Ceridian payroll data?

    đź’  Switching Ceridian payroll into another Accounting software
    đź’  Using the Ceridian payroll information into QuickBooks

  3. Can you sync the data of Ceridian payroll software into QuickBooks?

    Yes, you can sync the entire data with QuickBooks while importing the process after you gather data from Ceridian Payroll Software.

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