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Integrate Payroll Data in QuickBooks

Integration is a word that everyone wants to have in anything we own, mostly in terms of gadgets or any hardware and software. The word suggests everything brought together to complete something. The same integration can be applied with your Payroll Data to QuickBooks.

Now all the business owners, either big or small can follow certain simple steps of integrating Payroll Data. This integration is most likely to be used for Complete Payroll, Full Service Payroll and Assisted Payroll.

Process of Integrate Payroll Data in QuickBooks

The processes involved in integrating all the Payroll Data are quite simple and easily doable. Here is a step by step guide to integrate each of the Payrolls-

1. Integration of Complete Payroll in Quickbooks

When you are willing to do it for the first time, you have to map each employee of yours manually. Not just the employees, you will need to map each pay item and those vendor names who are expecting payment from you. After all these have been done, you can run Payroll as well as download all the data of Payroll to QuickBooks.

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Now, when you are running Payroll if you have any changes, then you will be prompted to make changes to the mapping.

Now you are ready to use your integrated payroll and every time you download payroll, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • Open the General Ledger Download in QuickBooks
  • In the latest version of QuickBooks, you will have to choose employee>download payroll transactions in order to get to General Ledger Download
  • Now enter your email address which can be your user ID too and then you log in
  • Now you click on Download
  • Once the download is complete, click Done

2. Integration of Full Service Payroll in Quickbooks

This is one of the most sought after integration as Full Service Payroll Integration is a complete hand holding process done by the experts so you don’t miss any important data while integrating. The experts replicate the copy of your data of Payroll to QuickBooks to not an inch of error.

They are always around you for assistance. Whenever any change has been made by you to the setup, one of the payroll assistants will contact you to make sure the items updated have been mapped accurately. Payroll Assistance is a way to perfection.

Once the company has been set up on QuickBooks, now you can follow the steps to integrate-

  • Run and submit payroll from the account maintained in Full Service Payroll
  • Click export to QuickBooks
  • You are directed to a window to export, click on export
  • Save the IIF file to any of the drives in your computer. Make sure you know where you saved it as this will be required in the next step of installation
  • Navigate to import utility, then choose file>utilities>import>iif files
  • Now click OK

3. Integration of Assisted Payroll in Quickbooks

In order to save time from exporting and importing files every time you download Payroll, Integration of Assisted Payroll is recommended. This is considered one of the easiest ways of integration of payroll data.

The steps to integrate this kind of Payroll are the following-

  • Run payroll
  • On the Payroll Center, you will see the details of employees, their pay checks, and many other payroll related information
  • You can see the same information in the register of QuickBooks

All the above mentioned process can be done once you have chosen Banking>Use Register. After the selection, you need to click on payroll account and finally click on OK. You will get to see all the transactions related to Payroll in the register.

Integration of Complete Payroll is supported in QuickBooks’ version of 2002 or later, not any year before that. It can also be done for QuickBooks available online. On the other hand, Integration of Full Service Payroll is possible with QuickBooks version of 2002 or later.

Also be on QuickBooks on Mac Payroll. Integration of Assisted Payroll needs the most advanced QuickBooks either 2009 or later. There are many advantages of using Integration of Assisted Payroll over the other two for many reasons. Two reasons are the highlights that can attract anyone to go for the Assisted Payroll.

With Integration last of Complete Payroll, you need to open your QuickBooks company file each time to import the data, and it is quite the same with Integration of Full Service Payroll. In the later though, you export the IIF file and then import them to your company file. Apart from this factor, there is another important facet of integration when done with Complete Payroll and Full Service Payroll.

If you have made any changes to your data after the last time you imported data, then you will be notified to update the information before your next import and in Full Service Payroll, experts work with you to get the data mapped. Both can be tedious and need time. To beat them all, Integration of Assisted Payroll is quite efficient. As paychecks are the output of QuickBooks, the data of Payroll will be available in your Company file by default.

All the three methods of integration of payroll data are equally competent depending on the manner of business and number of employees and data you maintain. This detailed report to Integrate Payroll Data to QuickBooks should be helpful enough to make a smart decision in this smart world.

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