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QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

How QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll Beneficial

QuickBooks Payroll enables businesses to work on their payroll activities in a systemized manner. This software creates huge amount of value for its users by providing necessary tools and functions to solve real life payroll related problems.

It really simplifies the whole process by enabling businesses to pay their employees and by recording all this data. Payroll can also be used for creating paychecks and paying employees. Tax calculation and payment becomes a cakewalk with this accounting software.

Various tax forms are provided in QB. Some of these are available for free. After downloading these forms users can fill them up and file their taxes through this software. This software also enables automation of much of the payroll activities a particular organization has to deal with.

What is QuickBooks Assisted Payroll?

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll is what creates the real difference in the realm of accounting. With QuickBooks Assisted Payroll all the payroll activities are performed automatically with little or no manual entries. This reduces the time taken to create paychecks and pay employees.

Benefits of QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

1. Calculate Salary and create Paychecks

All users need to do is enter the rate at which the salary is to be calculated and the number of days the employee is to be paid. After this, QB will automatically generate the total amount to be paid to each employee. Employers can then decide to pay directly, through paychecks or through bank account or credit card.

2. Stay on top of taxes!

Along with handling payments for employees, contractors and subcontractors, QB Assisted Payroll also takes care of your taxes. No need to worry anymore about your Payroll related taxes. Be they supplemental wage rate or tax on employee payment, QuickBooks Assisted Payroll has got all covered.

You can download tax forms and make payments or you can have this accounting software have it do this automatically for you. By automating tax calculation and payment you ensure that your organization avoid hefty penalties.

3. Curtail Costs and Create Reports

Cost Benefits of this are immense. An accountant will take plenty of money out of your pocket in order to do the same. Moreover, it will take the accountant more time to complete the same task which can be done in an error free manner with QuickBooks Assisted Payroll.

This software can also be linked with the main QuickBooks software despite the version of the main software. It integrates well with Pro, Premier, Enterprise and online version of QuickBooks. All the data is synced with the main software. This data can then be used with the reporting function of QB to generate powerful reports.

Intuit’s customers are loving these features provided in this payroll software. These users are making the most of the functionalities provided to boost efficiency at their organization. Maybe it’s time for you to do the same!

QuickBooks Payroll for Desktop

For Quickbook Desktop users, activating payroll services is necessary. Without activating this setting, they will only be able to work with manual payroll data. This will enable them to perform payroll activities at low expenses but at a high cost of time and efficiency.

Further, it will be impossible for them to create reports that can give you a drill down analysis based on the data collected. In addition to this, automation of payroll activities will be impossible. All the user will be able to do is save Payroll data after hours of work.

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Support

A good QuickBooks Assisted payroll support service is hard to come by. This is why many are left without resolutions for errors and issues. We at QBPayrollHelp enable organizations to seamlessly use this payroll software without the headache of being stuck on some error or issue.

Thought the day, our team of Intuit certified ProAdvisors guide the users through their QuickBooks Assisted Payroll problems. We can also guide you through a specific function of QB Payroll. Through years of experience, we have been able to identify core functionalities that can be used by organizations to increase the overall return on investment for this payroll software.

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