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QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service

Customer Service QuickBooks Payroll Desktop

QuickBooks Payroll has proved to be of great benefit for firms and employers willing to pay employees instantly through electronic transfer of funds. Apart from paying, it helps the firms to calculate taxes on payroll and avoid tax penalties which can be too hectic if not taken with the help of QuickBooks Payroll. There can be difficulties in accessing and installing Payroll and getting successful work done. In times of any difficulty or for any questions that might be building up in your mind, you may contact Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service department. There are various ways to choose which you can contact them.

Payroll for businesses is more complicated now than it was when punch cards and paper checks were used. Today’s compliance requirements, competitive benefits packages, dispersed teams, and tax penalties are just a few of the many elements that go into running payroll for a business while always ensuring accuracy.

Thankfully, there are services like QuickBooks Payroll that can simplify and streamline various aspects of the payroll process while also offering HR and taxation features. To decide if it is the best option for your company, find out more about QuickBooks Online Payroll.  

What is Payroll in QuickBooks?

Payroll services are among the accounting and finance solutions offered by Intuit QuickBooks, a provider of business accounting software. Businesses can manage employee direct deposits, file state, and federal income taxes, and manage payroll with the help of QuickBooks Payroll. Some human resources tools, like benefits administration and health insurance, are also included in QuickBooks Payroll.

There is a desktop and cloud-based version of QuickBooks Payroll. In this article, we’ll concentrate on the cloud-based QuickBooks Online Payroll, which syncs with QuickBooks Online rather than QuickBooks Desktop. Intuit QuickBooks continues to provide desktop-based payroll and accounting software for the time being, but the company’s aggressive promotion of QuickBooks Online suggests desktop programs won’t continue to be its primary focus.

The following are the key features of QuickBooks Payroll:

QuickBooks Payroll has several standout payroll features that help businesses with employee payments, tax filing, human resource processes, and benefits administration.

1. Same-day and next-day direct deposit: Businesses can demonstrate their concern for their employees by providing them with quick direct deposits. Businesses that subscribe to the QuickBooks Online Payroll Core plan can use next-day direct deposit and submit payroll until 5:00 p.m. PT the day before payday.

Same-day direct deposit is available with the QuickBooks Payroll Online Premium and Elite plans. Businesses can use QuickBooks’ Auto Payroll feature to set up payroll for salaried employees on direct deposit once, then schedule automatic payroll runs from that point forward.

Employers can still review paycheck accuracy before approving the pre-scheduled payroll run, but the autopilot feature makes payroll runs as hands-off as possible.

2. Tax features include: QuickBooks Online Payroll, as a full-service payroll provider, calculates paychecks automatically, deducts payroll taxes (including state and federal income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare taxes), and remits those taxes on your behalf.

QuickBooks payroll service also handles end-of-year tax filings, generating W-2 and 1099 payroll tax forms and submitting them to the IRS on your behalf. It should be noted that 1099 e-filing is an additional fee that only applies to federal taxes. QuickBooks Payroll’s time-tracking tools make payroll reporting a breeze.

With the QuickBooks Time mobile app, businesses can manage and control multiple timesheets wherever and whenever they want, and access is included at no extra cost with the QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite subscriptions. QuickBooks Time’s mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

It allows users to track their time, submit and approve timesheets, and generate invoices while on the go. For easier employee management, the online timesheet tracker includes geofencing and GPS capabilities.

3. Detailed reporting: All QuickBooks plans include the ability to generate and download payroll reports for factors such as payroll history, paid time off, tax payments, and bank transactions. Payroll reports and timecard reports can gather data from the payroll solution to reveal insights into many areas of business expenditures such as labor and project costs.

All QuickBooks Payroll plans include expert product support, which allows users to get step-by-step assistance and troubleshooting assistance via phone and chat. While chat support is available 24 hours a day, phone support in the United States is only available during limited hours.

Premium and Elite plans have access to additional support perks such as the workers’ compensation administration feature, which can help businesses find quotes and connect their policies to QuickBooks to simplify audits.

4. Strong reporting: Payroll reports for factors such as payroll history, paid time off, tax payments, and bank transactions are included in all QuickBooks plans. Payroll reports and timecard reports can use data from the payroll solution to provide insights into many areas of business expenditures, such as labor and project costs.

5. Expert assistance features include: All QuickBooks Payroll plans include expert product support, allowing users to get step-by-step assistance and troubleshooting assistance via phone and chat. While chat support is available 24 hours a day, phone support in the United States is only available during certain hours. Premium and Elite plans have access to additional support features such as workers’ compensation administration, which can help businesses find quotes and connect their policies to QuickBooks to simplify audits.

The Expert Review feature gives QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite plan users access to experts who will review their payroll setup to ensure everything is correct. This is especially useful for users who are switching from another provider.

6. Administration of workers’ compensation: QuickBooks Online Premium and Elite plans include free workers’ compensation insurance administration. QuickBooks Core users can add workers’ compensation administration for $5 per month. Workers’ compensation plans are available in every state in the United States through QuickBooks.

7. Guaranteed tax accuracy and penalty protection: Every QuickBooks Online Payroll plan includes a QuickBooks accuracy guarantee, which guarantees that payroll taxes will be filed accurately and on time. If QuickBooks makes a mistake when filing your taxes, it will pay the resulting IRS fine as well as any tax penalties you may incur.

QuickBooks Tax Resolution team will represent them and help resolve any payroll tax or filing issues with the IRS. This feature brings extra peace of mind to covered businesses regarding their potential tax penalties.

The QuickBooks Tax Resolution team will represent them and assist them in resolving any payroll tax or filing issues with the IRS. This feature provides additional peace of mind to covered businesses regarding potential tax penalties.

8. HR and employee benefits: With its HR and health benefits, QuickBooks Payroll enables employees to assist their teams. Workers can quickly set up retirement plans with experts who handle 401(k) administration, compliance, and recordkeeping at no additional cost to businesses.

Businesses can also compare and select health plans to provide affordable coverage to their employees. The centralized online system manages all benefits processes, including instant plan quotes and a three-step application process.

Is QuickBooks Payroll the best option for your company?

When choosing a software service, businesses should always take their requirements and budget into careful consideration. Important deciding factors for QuickBooks Payroll include the software’s feature restrictions, scalability, and business size.

Businesses can use the excellent support features provided by QuickBooks Payroll to ensure that their tax and payroll procedures are carried out correctly. However, a lot of QuickBooks Payroll’s standout features are only available through the top-tier plans, so customers will have to shell out more money to use them. Therefore, companies should think about their spending limits and whether these features are necessary for their operations.

QuickBooks Online Payroll has advantages and disadvantages, just like any software. However, for the most part, QuickBooks Online Payroll is a good option for business owners looking for a helpful and user-friendly payroll solution. The best payroll software for businesses is QuickBooks Payroll, but it’s not the only choice. If you’re looking for a new payroll solution, we advise comparing the features and costs of various payroll solutions to make sure you choose the one that’s best for your company.

Services offered by QuickBooks Payroll:

1.  Pricing: The monthly fee is $45 plus $5 per employee per month. There is no need for an annual contract. Get either a three-month free trial or 50% off the monthly base price.

2.  Tax returns and payments: The Federal and state payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid automatically for all three plan tiers. This also includes year-end filings. Local payroll taxes are also handled by Premium and Elite plans.

3.  Management of employee benefits: Good. QuickBooks Payroll will provide medical, dental, and vision insurance, and Guideline will provide 401(k) plans.

4.  Employee portal access: Excellent. Through the Workforce portal, employees can securely access their pay stubs, W-2s, paid time off balances, and bank information for direct deposit.

5.  Live help: Excellent. All plans include live chat and phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Elite plan includes a call-back option to reduce wait times.

6.  Ease of use: Excellent. Its user interface is simple and easy to use. It guides users through each step of the setup process and offers time-saving automation options.

Support Offered by QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll Online:

  • Log in to your company’s QuickBooks Online account.
  • Visit the Help page.
  • Choose Contact Us.
  • Type in your issue, then click Let’s Talk.
  • Pick a method to contact us:
  • Chat with a support specialist now.
  • Get in touch with the next expert who becomes available.
  • Encourage locals to seek assistance from companies like yours.

Talk to us online:

To chat with an expert, choose your product and complete the form. The most effective way to find the appropriate person to help you is through this method.

QuickBooks Payroll Desktop:

  • Get in touch with QuickBooks Desktop (Windows)
  • How to contact us by phone or chat
  • Activate QuickBooks.
  • Select QuickBooks Desktop Help/Contact Us by going to Help.
  • Choose Contact Us.
  • Briefly describe your problem, then click Continue.
  • Select Continue and Continue with my account after logging into your Intuit account.
  • Make sure to create a new account if you don’t already have one.
  • We’ll send you a one-time use code via email. Enter your code and press the Continue button.
  • If you have multiple accounts, choose the one you want to use and then click Continue.
  • Choose between chatting with us and having us call you.

Note: Due to high volume, phone support may be limited.

Please contact QuickBooks Desktop for Mac:

  • Launch QuickBooks.
  • Select QuickBooks Help from the Help menu.
  • Choose Contact Us.
  • Enter a brief description of your problem, then click Continue.
  • Sign in to your Intuit account and choose Continue, followed by Continue with my account.
  • Make sure to create a new account if you don’t already have one.
  • We’ll send you a one-time use code via email. Enter your code and press the Continue button.
  • If you have multiple accounts, choose the one you want to use and then click Continue.

Choose whether to chat with us or call us:

  • Online chat with us
  • Choose your product and fill out the form to speak with a specialist.

QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Support

The first step you can do to contact QuickBooks is by accessing the web After this you need to follow the steps below-

  • On the right-hand side, you will see a drop-down, click on that and select the product you are using
  • You will see three services- basic/standard/enhanced, assisted, and Intuit online payroll. From these options, now choose the service you have opted for
  • Now click on Contact Us and then select the topic you have a query on
  • Finally, click View Contact info

Support outside QuickBooks

To have any technical support about QuickBooks software, you need to access Intuit QuickBooks Support. Apart from this, if it is related to payroll, you can access the payroll support page.

Support For QuickBooks Payroll Software

This process is pretty simple as you can get support by accessing QuickBooks on your Desktop. After opening QuickBooks, you need to click on help and then support. Follow the instructions and your query will be submitted.

Now let us discuss in detail the process of contacting Payroll Support. From the three services available, choose the service that you have, and then follow the steps.

Basic, Standard, and Enhanced Payroll

Once you click on this tab, you will be taken to a page that has three tabs – Account, Payroll, and Taxes.

In Payroll Section, you will have options to choose from-

  • How to create paychecks?
  • Payroll Update
  • How to activate Direct Deposit?
  • How to send a direct deposit?
  • Steps to reset or recover pin
  • Add an employee for payroll
  • Change employee information that had been already added
  • You can learn how to add deductions or benefit
  • You also have the option of viding or editing direct deposit checks

Assisted Payroll

Some of the features of Basic services and Assisted Payroll do coincide, however, many improved features can make it a better choice.

With this service, you can-

  • Make arrangements for direct deposit
  • Create bonus paychecks for QuickBooks Payroll
  • Also, download the latest tax table of the Payroll
  • Either set up or remove direct deposit for employees added
  • Also, make a check void, cancel it, or recall a paycheck

Intuit Online Payroll

For this service too, features remain the same. The only difference is that when you access Online Payroll, you will be redirected through an external browser and will have complete access to it.

All the services are quite beneficial in giving you what you want out of your daily accounting services. Now the choice is yours whether you want the easier way or the rough. The main idea behind developing QuickBooks software is to facilitate the entire above-mentioned task in no time.

For any help about any issue cropping out those features, you can always get in touch with the community where

For any queries or issues relating to Intuit Online Payroll, you can call the technical support team. The number that you can call on is. QuickBooks Online Payroll can be contacted on. They are open from 6 am to 6 pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday to Friday. On Saturday, they are open from 6 am to 3 pm Pacific Standard Time.

The team of technical support is highly skilled and experienced. Without you having to tell much, they will be able to diagnose the issue that you have been facing. They are of immense help as they leave no stone unturned to get the queries you have resolved. They believe in first-call resolution and follow impeccable customer service.

The most interesting part is that if you are a registered user of QuickBooks Payroll, your call from the registered number will be free of cost.

Chat facility

If you want to chat with a payroll specialist, that can be done by signing in to your account QuickBooks Payroll. After signing in, you need to click on Help and then on Contact Us. A chat window pops up and you can start chatting instantly.

Make sure you call the number above during business hours to avoid any dissatisfaction as they are not available 24*7. They are however considered the best help after you have done all the restart and opening of QuickBooks to check if the error persists. Clicking on Help and then contacting us or QuickBooks Payroll support should ideally solve your problem. The customer service number is the last resort for any issue. Trust me! you will hardly feel any need to call any expert as you become an expert constantly using the software.


1. What topics are covered by payroll reports?

You can run, print, export, or customize a payroll report to give your accountant helpful information. Multiple worksites, payroll deductions and contributions, payroll tax liability, payroll tax and wage summary, time activities, vacation and sick leave, and workers’ compensation are all covered by payroll reports.

2. Payroll processing in QuickBooks—is it challenging?

You can manage the payroll for both your employees and independent contractors using QuickBooks’ user-friendly dashboard. Payroll is calculated automatically on the predetermined date after you enter personal and payment information. Additionally, you have the option of setting payroll to run automatically or approving it each month before it is paid out.

3. How do I see my payroll totals in QuickBooks?

You can run a Payroll Summary report in QuickBooks for any date range or group of employees if you need a quick overview of your payroll totals, including employee taxes and contributions. Not sure which payroll service you have? Here’s how to locate your payroll service.

4. How many workers can use QuickBooks payroll?

Although it can handle up to 150 people, it is optimized for 50 workers or contractors. For small businesses that need to get up and running quickly, QuickBooks Payroll offers full-service payroll. Even novice users will find it useful because of its live expert consultation, expert review, and support, 24/7 chat service, and extensive knowledge base.

5. Is there customer service available for QuickBooks online payroll elite?

Registration of the product is required. Expert product support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week: Your paid subscription to QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite includes 24/7 customer support. Chat support is available around the clock. Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT, and Saturday, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. PT.

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