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Secure Payroll Data with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Payroll Security Feature

Software is secured and malware free as they say, but who can guarantee its authenticity? It is a concept that has been on question for long. It is true that whenever software is developed, utmost care is taken care of in order to bring out the best result which is safe, secure and authentic. Failure to incorporate integrity, authenticity and system security can result in vulnerability of important data which you think to be secure.

Insecure software can lead to stealing of important data or crashing of it. In both the situation, a user is at loss. Many people have the notion of thinking integrated Payroll Data to QB can be insecure. Well, this fear can be eliminated because QB in itself is secure account software that has been programmed impeccably to avoid such flaws.

QuickBooks Pro and Premier can help you secure your Payroll Data with no fuss or worry. Simple methods can be followed to make your data ultra-secure and free from any crash.

How to Secure Payroll Data?

There are a few simple steps that should be followed in order to get over the fear of losing or compromising your data most importantly the Payroll Data with sources that are not trust worthy.

The steps involved are as follows:

  • You need to set up users and access levels in QuickBooks Pro and Premier
  • After setting up the account, you need to log in as administrator
  • Switch the file to the mode of Single User
  • In case you don’t have an admin password, you can download a tool from Intuit’s website, remove the password and start all over
  • You can manage your users of QuickBooks by going to the Company’s Menu, then clicking on Set up Users or may be Change your Password
  • You can customize which user can has access to what feature

How does it Work?

The USP of QuickBooks Pro and Premier is that you can control what you want the users to have access to and this you can set on the same page where you set up user id and password. There are main areas within QuickBooks Pro and Premier. To have access to those main areas, you have three ways of customizing the account for added security.

You can select any of the three options:

  • All areas of QuickBooks
  • Selected Areas of QuickBooks
  • External Accountant

Out of the three options, external account gives the user access to all the areas of QuickBooks barring sensitive customer data which can include credit card information or other payment related information. This enables the user to have a track of their changes separately allowing them to open Client Data Review which is another important tool.

Apart from the above mentioned method of securing your payroll data, you have another alternative which ensures your data is secure and in safe hands. Can there be a better way than setting up a password? There can’t be any. When we set up a password, we are free from the skepticism of data being compromised.

Make sure the password you input is smart enough that no one can guess. Administrator account needs to be set up with a unique password. Even if the admin forgets the password, the newer versions of QuickBooks ask for some questions that are unique and answering them correctly, the admin can unlock the password or reset a new one.

Steps to Set up Password

Some people create password that easily remembered or easily guessed. Making such vulnerable passwords can result in compromise of your sensitive data. With QuickBooks, you can set up sophisticated password so that your data can never be within anyone’s reach.

When you set a password with QuickBooks, make sure:

  • Your password has at least seven characters
  • One letter of the passwords needs to be a number and at least one should be in upper case
  • You change your password every 90 days as this is the prompt by QuickBooks as per the PCI compliance

One very important thing to remember while creating a password in QB is that you set up a PCI compliant password in case you have access to sensitive information related to credit card or social security number of a customer. This can be done by enabling credit card security from the company menu.

You will be able to create one PCI compliant password to stay extra vigilant. For any reason, if you miss to do this even if you are a frequent visitor to the area where client information of credit card etc is stored, you will be penalized. The amount can go up to $50,000 for just one instance of carelessness. This is no less a sum but not more than the sensitive data.

QuickBooks has been designed in such a way that no data is compromised at any cost. So why not utilize the benefit and stay on top of security.

To sum it all, QuickBooks enables complicated process of password set up to ensure no unauthorized access takes place. It also helps to keep a track on the activity of the users of QuickBooks. The most important reason is to avoid any changes to closed period as QB cannot be closed by any other method but setting up users and passwords smartly. With all this information, I am pretty sure; you mind is lighter than it was about the Security of Payroll Data.


  1. What are the conditions you need to consider setting up a payroll password?

    💠 The password must contain a minimum of seven characters.
    💠 There should be at least one letter that should be a number & upper case.
    💠 You must change the password after 90 days according to PCI compliance.

  2. How can you protect sensitive information regarding the credit card?

    You can set up a payroll password for maintaining the security of the sensitive information of a customer.

  3. Why is the security feature important in QuickBooks Payroll?

    Enabling payroll security features in QuickBooks payroll helps to prevent the stealing of important data and to incorporate integrity and authenticity.

  4. How can you secure payroll information in QuickBooks?

    Setup access levels in QuickBooks Premier and pro. To do this, you need the admin credentials.

  5. Name the three options you need to choose for security within QuickBooks Pro & premier?

    💠 Selected Areas of QuickBooks
    💠 External Accountant
    💠 All Areas of QuickBooks

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