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10 Useful Tips for the Homepage of Your QuickBooks

Useful Tips for the Homepage of Your QuickBooks

If you are also using QuickBooks for your company or business, you will find it very advanced for account management. It is one of the best software for account management and data storage. You can store all data of your business accounts in QuickBooks. QuickBooks has various versions like premium, pro, online, and enterprise. This accounting software can be used on any device like a computer, smartphone, and tablet.

If you are also using QuickBooks for your business, you can make it easier for you. There are some shortcuts in QuickBooks that maybe you do not know about.

Some tips you can use in the homepage of your QuickBooks to operate it easily:

1. QuickBooks logo:

The QuickBooks logo which appears in the top corner is more than just a logo. You can click on this logo and you will be on your homepage. You can directly go to the QuickBooks homepage from anywhere in this software.

2. Welcome guide:

The welcome guide is very good to get help to the new users. If you are using it for the first time, it will help you to get instructions on the basics of QuickBooks.

3. ‘X’ on the right corner of the guide:

If you have completed the starting guide, you can remove this section by using this X. it will help to make more space on the homepage.

4. The company logo or name:

You can click on this logo and can directly change the logo or name of your company.

5. Private mode:

The private mode switch is very useful and it can be used to hide the important financial data of a company from any unwanted user.

6. Bank or credit card accounts:

The bank and credit card accounts section will show your connected accounts with QuickBooks and the list of transactions of that bank account when you click on any account.

7. Income section bar:

You will get the bar of the income section. This bar will provide the list of the paid, unpaid, and overdue transactions.

8. Activity feed filter:

The activity feed filter shows the different activities of the invoices, estimates, payments, and the expenses of the business.

9. Date range in different sections:

The date range option is given in different sections. You will get this option in the sections of expenses, loss, and profit. You can choose the range of the dates which you want to see for the data of your business accounts.

10. Bar chart or graph in different sections:

You will get the graph or bar chart in the sections of expenses or loss and profit. You can know about the complete transaction reports in these bar charts.

Need Professional Help?

You will get all these options on the home page of your QuickBooks. You can choose all these options to make your accounting software more useful. It will help you to use the QuickBooks easily by dialing 📞. You can manage all your account data with this software. It is the best place to store the data and track the activities of your business.

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