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QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working

QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working

Causes of QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working?

Reasons for QuickBooks multi-user mode not working are The hosting isn’t set up correctly, the user hasn’t enabled hosting on QuickBooks desktop, Workstations don’t have the necessary updates, Company files aren’t scanned with the database server manager, user rights restrictions interfere with multi-user mode.

Error: QuickBooks multi-user mode not working

Encountering QuickBooks Multi-user Mode not working error while switching from single-user mode to multi-person mode? If yes, here’s the solution to all of your troubles: stay connected till the end.

when the users try to switch from single-user mode to multi-user mode, they might notice some errors like QuickBooks errors H202, H303, and H505 on their computer screens. Such sorts of errors prevent them from using the software in multi-user mode.

Multi-user mode is a special feature of QuickBooks software that allows several users to work on the same company file simultaneously. but for this, every user must have a QuickBooks License on the workstation.

QuickBooks Multi-user Mode not working is an issue that emerges when you try to open the company file located on the server or when the multi-user setup fails to establish a connection with company files on the network.

this error may also slow down your productivity and your business growth; hence, it must be rectified at the earliest.

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Quick Overview of QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Error

Error Name:Multi-User Mode ErrorDeveloper:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:QuickBooks encountered a system error when trying to archive your data file. QuickBooks will not condense your data file.Software:QuickBooks
Symptoms:You can’t open a company file situated on another PC, You can’t change to multiple-user mode.Applies to:Windows 10 and 11
Cause:Hosting Configuration Settings Are Not Correct., Improperly set QuickBooks Firewall Ports.Possible Solution:QuickBooks multi-user mode error by resolving the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, Configure the Windows Firewall Settings

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Causes of QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working Error?

There are several reasons for the QuickBooks multi-user mode error to surface. Those are:

  • Hosting Configurations Settings Are Not Correct.
  • Improperly set QuickBooks Firewall Ports.
  • The host computer’s IP Address couldn’t be obtained by QuickBooks.
  • Incorrect DNS Settings.
  • QuickBooks Services are not active.
  • One of the most prevalent causes is incorrect hosting configuration.
  • The company file on the network is being blocked by the firewall.
  • QuickBooks network data file is corrupted.
  • The QuickBooksDB service is not available.
  • On Windows, the user does not have adequate read and write permissions.
  • QuickBooks is unable to retrieve the server’s IP address, which is used to host the company file.

What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Multi-user mode error? 

  • You can’t change to multiple-user mode. 
  • You can’t open a company file situated on another PC. 
  • QuickBooks error code H202 message springs up on your PC screen. 
  • QuickBooks has gotten moderate and freezes or quits laboring for a couple of moments while utilizing it. 
  • Your Windows PC is getting moderate.

Pre-conditions before fixing ‘QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working’ 

Before fixing the problem, some prerequisites must be met. Let’s check out the following prerequisites:

  • Ensure that the QuickBooks database server management is installed.
  • Installing the same version of server management as the QuickBooks version in use is also a good idea.
  • One may confront the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue even after finishing the QuickBooks multi-user arrangement. This issue is by and large connected with different errors like H101, H202, H303, and H505.

Solutions for QuickBooks Multi-User Mode not working

As the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working error is a Quickbooks desktop error, we’ll launch the software via an admin account in Windows so that we can make the necessary changes required to resolve the problem.

If you’re having trouble getting Quickbooks desktop to work in multi-user mode, there are a few things you can try.

Case 1: When QuickBooks is Not correctly installed on the Server

Step 1: Download & Use The QuickBooks Tool Hub

Steps to use and download the QuickBooks tool hub:

  • On the preferred location
  • Locate the downloaded file and click on it
  • Go through the onscreen instructions on the prompt to start the installation and also confirm the license agreement
  • Wait till the process completes
  • After that, the user needs to locate the icon that appears on the Windows Desktop
  • It will open the tool hub Window
  • Choose the program problems
  • Hit on the Quick Fix My program
  • It might take some time to execute. It usually varies with the multiple versions of the accounting software
  • Once the process completes re-open QuickBooks and check whether the error is fixed or not

Step 2: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

To get the most out of the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, follow the instructions below:

  • The very first, QB should be closed 
  • Next, save the QuickBooks tool hub file that you just downloaded
  • Then, open the file that you already downloaded
  • To solve the problem, follow the on-screen instructions 
  • The terms and conditions must be accepted
  • Now, go to the QuickBooks tool hub and click on it
  • Choose the company file problems that you want to work on
  • To use the QuickBooks file doctor, go to the Tools menu and select Run QuickBooks File Doctor
  • In QB file doctor, you can also choose the company file from the drop-down option
  • Look for a similar product
  • Select the option to check your file and click “Continue”
  • In the end, you enter the QuickBooks admin password and then press the “Next” button.

Case 2: When Database Server Manager fails to open the company file

Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  1. Log into the server computer.
  2. Press Windows + R.
  3. In the Run command, type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter.
  4. Choose QuickBooks Database Server Manager, and click on Uninstall/Change.
  5. Follow through with the on-screen instructions.
  6. Restart the server.

Step 2: Install QuicKBooks Database Server Manager

Steps to reinstall the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to fix error 1920:

  1. Launch the QuickBooks Desktop setup that you downloaded from the link above.
  2. Go through the on-screen instructions until you come to the option to select Install Type.
  3. Select Custom or Network Options, then click on Next.
  4. Choose one of the two options mentioned below so that the setup can install the database server manager accordingly on your server computer:
    1. I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, and I’ll be storing…
    2. I will not be using QuickBooks Desktop…
  5. Go through the rest of the instructions, and select Install in the final step.
  6. Choose Yes if user account control prompts you for confirmation.

Case 3: If Host Mode Settings are Configured Inappropriately

Step 1: Enable hosting in QuickBooks

If hosting isn’t enabled in the accounting software, QuickBooks multi-user mode will not work. Proper configuration requires you to enable hosting at the end.

Here are the steps to enable multi-user mode hosting in QuickBooks desktop:

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the File menu.
  • Click on Utilities.
  • Click on Host Multi-User Access.
  • Click on Yes.

Now that you’ve enabled hosting and configured the network properly, you can start using the multi-user mode. However, note that not all functions are available in the multi-user mode, so you’ll have to switch user modes depending on the feature that you’re trying to use.

Step 2: Set up hosting correctly

Often incorrect preferences set for hosting can result in the multi-user mode not working properly. Because the multi-user mode requires multiple workstations to access the company file from a single server, any errors with the hosting environment or preferences is going to directly lead to the multi-user mode not working.

Here are the options that you have for hosting QuickBooks desktop and ensuring that Multi-user mode doesn’t stop working:

  • Dedicated hosting: This means that the server storing the company file contains only your data and is available only to you. No other user or company shares the resources of this server.
  • Peer-to-peer hosting: instead of hosting the company file on a separate server, you can use a computer connected to the network with other workstations to enable multi-user mode.
  • Alternate hosting: all the other alternatives such as hosting on a data server and then using a workstation as a bridge are also possible.
  • In not hosting mode: this mode won’t support the multi-user mode, so don’t choose this if you want multiple users to work simultaneously on the accounting software.
  • In hosting local files only mode: this mode supports the multi-user mode and enables sync to the main company file till the time the server or hosting computer is switched on.
  • In hosting local & remote files mode: another option to get the collaboration functionality with the possibility to host other files that aren’t stored locally on the computer.

Other Instances when you face the QuickBooks multi-user mode not responding or shwoing errors & their possible solutions.

When it comes to setting up or using multi-user mode in QuickBooks, there are a variety of technical issues that can arise. The following is a list of the most common QuickBooks multiuser errors that users encounter when using QuickBooks in a multi-user environment:

#1. QuickBooks multi-user mode not working

What is it?

Why is QuickBooks multi-user mode not working?

To use the multi-user mode feature, users must have a QuickBooks license installed on their computer. It necessitates the coordination of various components. QuickBooks 2016 multi-user mode not working if one or more of these components fails. When you try to open a company file on the server computer, this error usually happens. This can happen due to several reasons QuickBooks may not be installed on the server, improper configuration of hosting settings, etc.

Prerequisites for resolving the “Multi-User Mode Not Working” issue

Even after completing the QuickBooks multi-user configuration, the “QuickBooks multi-user mode not working” issue may arise. Other issues such as H101, H202, H303, and H505 are frequently related to this issue.

How to Fix it?

How to Fix the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working?

Solution 1: Make use of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

  • Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server computer
  • Type “Database” into the Start menu
  • If no folder location is identified, use the Browse option to get to the company file’s location 
  • Press the OK button followed by pressing the Scan button, so that you can keep track of it.

Now, the user must determine whether or not the multi-user mode not working issue has been resolved. If this is not the case, users should go to the next solution. 

Solution 2: Check Host Mode on each of the User computers 

  • On the user’s computer, go to the QuickBooks File menu and select Open Utilities
  • The user must move to the next computer if Host Multi-User Access is on the list
  • This simply means that the computer in question is not the one that is hosting the company file
  • If Stop Hosting Multi-User Access is on the list, disable hosting first, then enable QuickBooks single-user mode
  • After ensuring that hosting mode is disabled on all user machines, a search for the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue should be performed.

If your QB multi-user mode still is not working then you can try to check whether QuickBooks services are running or not and also make sure that QB can send data. 

Note: Hope you've resolved the error, if not than consider to visit the dedicated article to resolve QuickBooks Multi-user not working or have words with experts by clicking Instant Live Chat button below;

#2. QuickBooks error H202 switching to multi-user mode

What is it?

What is QuickBooks error H202 switching to multi-user mode?

This multi-user mode issue might occur for a variety of causes and at different times. Many users have reported receiving QuickBooks error H202 when switching to multi-user mode while attempting to convert from single-user to multi-user mode and open a QuickBooks company file in multi-user mode. When you try to access a company file stored on another system, you’ll usually get this error. A communication issue between your QuickBooks desktop and the server, inappropriate configuration of DNS Settings, and many others can be several reasons behind the occurrence of error code H202. Moreover, the error code comes up with the following error notification stating that:

“You are trying to work with a company file that is located on another computer, and this copy of QuickBooks cannot reach the server on that computer. (H202)”


Problem with multi-user hosting setup. QuickBooks could not open the file in multi-user mode (H202). 

How to Fix it?

How to Fix QuickBooks error H202 switching to multi-user mode?

Let’s try to Ping your server from a workstation

To test the connection, ping your server from a workstation. If you try to ping your server from each workstation, you’ll get Error H202.

Step 1: On your server PC, enable Network Discovery

  • On your server and workstations, open the Windows Start menu first
  • After that, launch Network and Sharing Center by typing Network into the search box
  • Change advanced sharing settings is the next option to select
  • In the Network Discovery and File and Printer sharing sections, make sure that Turn on network discovery is chosen.

Step 2: Get your Server name from your server  

  • On your server computer, you must enter the Windows Start menu
  • After that, open the Run command by typing Run into the search box
  • In the Run window, type CMD and press the Enter key
  • Now, in the CMD window, you have to type ipconfig/all and then hit the “Enter” key
  • In the Windows IP Configuration section, look for the Host Name
  • Make sure your server name is on the right
  • Once you have it, jot down the hostname or copy it to a word document so you can immediately access it.

Step 3: Test the Network Connectivity 

Return to your workstation to run a server test. You may need to get assistance from an IT specialist if these processes become too difficult for you.

  • In the system where you’re getting error code H202, open the Run window by pressing (Windows + R keys)
  • Click the Ok button after typing CMD in the box
  • You must now ping your server from your computer
  • After that, type ping server name followed by pressing the “Enter” key 
  • The steps outlined above can be applied to all systems that are experiencing the same issue
  • If the response you receive is slow or you lose packets, there may be a problem with the network that requires repair.

Apart from that, you can try to resolve the error by running multiple tools from QuickBooks Tools Hub, configure the system firewall, or verify the QuickBooks services, etc. 

Note: Hope you've resolved the error, if not than consider to have words with experts by clicking Instant Live Chat button below;

#3. QuickBooks multi-user license error

What is it?

What is a QuickBooks multi-user license error?

To enable QB multi-user mode, users must have the QuickBooks license on the workstation. At times, it happens when they encounter QuickBooks multi-user license errors because of multiple reasons. It can be the user who does not have proper read and write permission on the Windows, the firewall is blocking access to the company file in the network, or maybe the QB who is unable to obtain the IP address of the server that is hosting the company file. 

Before attempting the troubleshooting steps, make sure you update your QB Desktop application with the latest updates and make a secure backup of your company file.

How to Fix it?

How to Fix QuickBooks multi user license error?

Step 1: Verify the network for any connectivity issues

  • Open QuickBooks on the PC that is hosting the company file and select Utilities from the File menu
  • Stop hosting multi-user access by clicking the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access button
  • Hit “Yes” on the confirmation question
  • To close the company file, click “Yes” once more
  • Restart your system and repeat the procedure on any other computers linked to the network.

Step 2: Download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor 

  • To begin the installation, download QuickBooks File Doctor and double-click the setup file on your PC
  • To finish the installation, follow the on-screen instructions
  • After the installation is complete, select the checkbox labeled “Check Network Connectivity Only” and then click “Next”
  • Now, select the “QuickBooks is Hosted on This Computer [Both Files are damaged as well as network connectivity] from the drop-down menu
  • To begin the repair process, you have to press the “Next” tab 
  • Restart your computer after the repair process is finished, and try using QuickBooks in Multi-user mode again.
Note: Hope you've resolved the error, if not than consider to have words with experts by clicking Instant Live Chat button below;

#4. QuickBooks slow in multi-user mode

What is it?

What is QuickBooks slow in multi-user mode?

Due to a variety of concerns, QuickBooks might be slow in multi-user mode. One of the most common causes of slow multi-user performance is poor internet connectivity. You may remedy this by restarting your internet modem, which will improve internet speed and, in turn, cure the slow multi-user problem. If the internet connection is fast, the company file may be corrupted, and the multi-user slow issue may remain owing to missing QuickBooks components.

How to Fix it?

How to fix QuickBooks slow in multi-user mode?

In multi-user mode, several ways are employed to resolve the QuickBooks performance issue. Let’s have a look at some of these troubleshooting techniques.

Method 1: Keep track of your data

  • On lengthy reports, try to reduce the data range
  • Use only one module at a time to keep the number of shared users to a minimum
  • Ensure that the data file is saved on the computer with the fastest network
  • Replace the Network Interface Card if it is faulty or slow (NIC).

Method 2: Examine UNC Path for Speed

  • The user must first press the Windows + E keys and then look for the server’s name
  • The user must then look in the network section field
  • Next, look for mapped drives such as X:\, Y:\, Z:\, and so on
  • Now that the server system has two backslashes, write them down in a notepad
  • Put the server’s system name and a shared folder called \\ServerName\SharedFolderName in your next move
  • After that, write down this path and open QuickBooks
  • The user will then need to open or restore the company file
  • Select a company file and then press the Next button
  • In the file name area, type the UNC path and then hit the “Enter” key from your keyboard
  • Following that, a list of company files will show on your screen and the user must select the files that he or she wishes to see
  • Finally, determine whether QuickBooks is running slowly.
Note: Hope you've resolved the error, if not than consider to have words with experts by clicking Instant Live Chat button below;

#5. QuickBooks cannot open company files in multi-user mode

What is it?

What if QuickBooks cannot open company files in multi-user mode?

The company files are saved on a shared disk that is mapped to each user. Both the QB Database Manager and the actual QB Database service are operating on the server. Suddenly, none of the users can connect to/access the company file unless one specific user/machine has it open. This machine/user isn’t set up to be the host, and none of the QuickBooks database services are functioning. The QB Database Manager on the server lists all current users with open company files on the Database Server Tab when they are signed in along with others.

How to Fix it?

How to fix QuickBooks cannot open company file in multi user mode?

However, the term “hosting” refers to a situation in which a computer (the host) stores a company file and allows other computers to view it.

To begin, make sure that the Database Server Manager is set to multi-user mode. This allows many users to work on the same company file simultaneously.

Second, double-check that the Host Multi-User Access option on your workstations is turned off. These are networked computers that do not store your company’s files. The only machine hosting on your server should be yours.

The steps to turn off the hosting on your workstations: 

  • On one of your workstations, launch QuickBooks
  • Do not open your company file
  • Instead, go to the File menu and select Utilities from the drop-down menu
  • Don’t select the “Host Multi-User Access” option if it appears
  • Proceed to the following workstation (Note that this one isn’t the source of the issue)
  • Select Stop Hosting Multi-User Access if it is an option
  • Finally, go to your server computer and reset your hosting configuration. This is the computer on which your company’s files are usually stored.
    • On your server PC, launch QuickBooks
    • Hover over Utilities in the File menu
    • Select Host Multi-User Access if it is available
    • Select Stop Hosting Multi-User Access and repeat the process
    • This will turn off multi-user mode.
    • Repeat the process and choose Host Multi-User Access this time.
Note: Hope you've resolved the error, if not than consider to have words with experts by clicking Instant Live Chat button below;
Need Professional Help?

We believe in taking things one step at a time. As a result, we begin by evaluating the issue and suggesting appropriate solutions via this article. If you’re having trouble getting rid of common QuickBooks multi-user errors while using QuickBooks multi-user mode, we recommend that you carefully try the above-suggested troubleshooting techniques. In case, the error is still not resolved then you can do a Live Chat with our QuickBooks Professionals to rectify your queries with ease.


  1. How to resolve the slow process in QuickBooks multi-user mode?

    When your QuickBooks is slow in progress while working on the multi-user mode then you need to check the file for integrity issues. To check the QuickBooks speed, they must be sure that the user is logged out of the company file. Open the File menu and then choose the utilities. Once you have done then check and verify the data within the company file.

  2. How can I keep the QB in multi-user mode?

    Open the file menu and then choose the “Open or Restore” company. Then you have to choose the “Open a company window” option. Now, you have to check the file, it must be in multi-user mode.

  3. How can I resolve the QB multi-user error code H202?

    You can resolve the QuickBooks multi-user error code H202 in many ways. The best way to resolve this error is to check and verify the network connectivity or run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. If you find this issue occurs due to security then check and configure the firewall settings. You can also fix this error by adding your server to the window Host files.

  4. Are there any other troubleshooting steps when QuickBooks multi-user mode isn’t working?

    If you’re having trouble setting up Quickbooks Desktop Multi-User Mode, here are a few tips that may help.

    💠 Make sure that you have the correct software installed. You may need to download the latest version of Quickbooks from the Quickbooks website. 
    💠 If you’re using a Windows operating system, make sure that you have the appropriate QuickBooks installation package installed. 
    💠 Try to troubleshoot any connectivity issues. Make sure that your computer can access the QuickBooks server, and that you have the correct administrator permissions on the server. 
    💠 If you’re using a Mac, make sure that your computer has the required software installed. 
    💠 Try setting up Quickbooks Desktop Multi-User Mode in a separate session for each user. This will help prevent any conflicts between users’ settings.

  5. Are there any other steps I can take to resolve the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working error?

    If that doesn’t work, try setting up a user account for each person in your office. You can create these user accounts by going to File > Account Settings and selecting the User Accounts tab. Next, set up authentication for each user account. 

    This is done by going to File > Account Setup and selecting the Security tab. Under Authentication Methods, select Login with Password and enter your passwords for each user account into the appropriate fields. Finally, make sure that everyone has access to the correct folder on your computer. 

    You can do this by opening QuickBooks preferences and selecting the Trust Center tab. Underneath the Locations heading, select the folder where you want users to have access to their QuickBooks files.

  6. Is multi-user mode available by default in QuickBooks desktop?

    No, it isn’t. When installing the software, you need to choose network installation so that the database server manager is also installed on your system. Now you need to configure the database server manager and enable sync among the various workstations connected to the single server or computer. Once you’ve done this, scan the company file present on the server computer. Now you can enable the multi-user mode in QuickBooks desktop.

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