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How to Add A User to QuickBooks Desktop

Add A User to QuickBooks

Hey! Are you using QuickBooks?

Do you want to add a partner, employee, or accounting professional?

Here is how you can do the same. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise makes it easy to create multiple users and assign them specific features. When a role is created for a specific user, the user can access only privileged features, the remaining ones are disabled for the account. Let us see how you can add a user to the QuickBooks desktop.

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    Why is it good to have multiple users?

    Once you create multiple users, you can define their specific roles and responsibilities. In this way you ensure apart from the one who is assigned that specific role, others will not have access. It helps one to boost collaboration and safeguard the data.

    • Define their specific roles and responsibilities
    • Boost collaboration and safeguard the data

    How can you add a new user to the QuickBooks desktop?

     Follow the given below steps –

    1. Go to the company menu and select Users
    2. Click on Users and Roles
    3. Fill in the password and Click on Ok to authenticate the access
    4. Move to the user list tab
    5. Choose New
    6. Click on Roles Available
    7. Choose the desired user role and click on Add
    8. Input the user’s email and then click on Ok
    9. On the confirmation window, click on OK

    By using an ordinary email, you can create most of the roles. It is important to note that few user roles need to link the QuickBooks desktop account with Intuit account. 

    You will come across a ^ symbol against the user role name. The following user roles need an Intuit account:

    1. View only roles
    2. External accountant
    3. Accountant
    4. Payroll & Finance Manager
    5. Complete access
    6. Payroll processor

    A user needs to click on the accept invite option, mentioned in the confirmation email provided to their email ID.

    How you can manage users and roles in QuickBooks enterprise

    A user, who is not making use of QuickBooks on a day-to-day basis, should be assigned the basic User role. It offers access to connected services without permitting the company file data access.

    You need to follow the given below steps –

    • Go to the Company menu, choose Users
    • Click on Intuit Account User Management
    • Move to the Users tab and click on Add User
    •  Fill user’s email and name
    • Choose one of the available roles
    • Click on Add
    • Choose Add Use
    •  Choose OK

    A user needs to accept the email invite. Once it is accepted, a user account is created with a particular role.

    Predefined role of a user in QuickBooks Enterprise

    There are fourteen predefined user roles that you can use to create or ease restrictions on a particular user account. Each of these user roles is designed to provide flexibility, control and security to your company file.

    When setting up permissions, use the features allowed by the role to select what the user can do.

    How to add users in QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier

    Follow the given below steps to add users in QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier

    • Move to the Company menu and click on Set up Users and passwords
    • Click on Set-up users
    • Click on Add User
    • Fill up your username, password and then confirm the password
    • Click on Next
    • Click Next to provide the type of user access. Select an option and click next.
    • You need to choose between No access, full access, and selective access
    • Click on Finish

    One can check or even edit the viewers from the company menu. Further, with ease, you can restrict a user’s access to functionality and data. If you do so, it keeps your data safe.

    How to hide account balances

    There are situations when you would not like a user to get into your financial data, mainly account balances. If you want to hide the account balances from a specific user, restrict the user’s rights belonging to him.

    You have to follow the given below steps for denying entry to a specific user.

    • Go to the Company menu and then click on Set-up Users and passwords
    • Choose Set-up Users
    • Choose a user for whom you want to set restrictions and click on Edit User
    • Click on the QuickBooks’ selected areas
    • Click on the Next till the Sensitive Accounting Activities page comes up
    • Click on No Access
    • Choose Next and Then Click on Finish

    A user’s level of access can be changed on a later date.

    Payroll data access

    When in single-user mode, only the main account administrator can access payroll data. If you are the secondary user and want to access payroll information usually the first thing that needs to be done is to log back into your account as the primary user. A secondary user has the privilege to check the payroll data portions.

    How to deal with errors

    While creating a new user or defining a role, you may come across errors. You should update QuickBooks if an error pop-ups during the process. When software is updated, you will not view the error again.

    Check the below steps to update the QuickBooks desktop –

    • Go to main menu and select Help
    • Among the given options, click on Update QuickBooks desktop
    • Move to Update Now tab
    • Run the Reset Update software and select the checkbox to clear previous update download files
    • Click on Get Updates
    • Update your software and then restart the QuickBooks desktop
    • Get the latest software installation update

    Go with the following steps, in case you would like to update the QuickBooks Desktop

    • Go to the main menu and choose Help
    • Among the options provided, click on Update QuickBooks desktop
    • Move to the Update Now tab
    • Clear previous update download files by checking the Reset Update checkbox.
    • Click on Get Updates
    • We have to wait for the update files to get downloaded
    • Restart QuickBooks and accept the updated files installation process

    You successfully updated QuickBooks. Now create the user account by following the steps given in this post. You won’t encounter errors now because all the files containing errors are fixed when you install the update on your system.

    To learn about how to create a new user, or for help with any issues, you can speak to the QuickBooks professionals.

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    Yes, you can easily change an accounting role. When you are logged in and on the account options tab, simply click on edit account and select one of our preset roles that provide different levels of access.

    Predefined user roles can protect and save your data from theft. Further, having a limited set of roles that don’t need to be familiar with accounting software should help to prevent inadvertent editing of the files.

    It depends on the speed of your internet connection. If downloading the updated files takes too long, then you’ll have to install them manually. You can obtain help with software updates by reaching out to our experts via our toll-free number.

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