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How to Add, Edit & Delete Payroll IIF file into QuickBooks

Importing and exporting.IIF files in QuickBooks Desktop are simple because QuickBooks Desktop designs the file for you. Be that as it may, making .iif files without any preparation or adjusting data from another program is complex and might be troublesome if you don’t have experience designing delimited content files. This makes it quicker and simpler to enter the data straightforwardly into QuickBooks Desktop except if you have a lot of data to import.

Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF) files are files that QuickBooks Desktop uses to import or export records or exchanges. These files make it simpler to move data to and from various stages to more readily oversee company records in QuickBooks. 

If you’ve made payroll IIF files that contain wrong data, erasing or adding, or editing it in Quickbooks eliminates the check so you can make another check with the right data or leave the checkout and keep it from going to payroll if it was entered in error.

How to Add Payroll IIF file in Quickbooks Desktop

It cautions you to add an IIF file just if the file is in your control and utilized rigorously by your business. Since doing so will empower the file to view or change your Payroll Service account.

In QuickBooks Desktop, you can add the payroll IIF file with the following steps:

  • Once you have run the Payroll then hit the click on the Reports tab 
  • Now, you have to choose the Payroll History tab 
  • Move head toward with displayed guidelines to view the details 
  • Hit the click on the QuickBooks and then choose the Export option 
  • Now, you are all set to IIF file will be downloaded on your system
  • After this, you have to sign in to your QuickBooks Desktop 
  • The last step is to upload the file.

 How to Add Payroll IIF file in Quickbooks Online

Follow the below-mentioned steps to add the Payroll IIF file in the QuickBooks online

  • The initial step is to sign in to the company file as an admin
  • Now, open the File menu and click on the “Utilities” option
  • After this, you have to choose the Edit option and then mark on the IIF files that you want to modify
  • Check and ensure about all files and then hit the OK button

How to Edit/modify Payroll IIF file in Quickbooks Desktop

Make a Mistake? Then create a Backup Files first. There are times when you will need to edit IIF files in QuickBooks.

If you want to edit or modify the IIF file on QuickBooks desktop, then go with the below instructions step-by-step:

  • The first step is to open the QuickBooks Desktop 
  • Then, you have to open the file menu 
  • All options will appear on your screen, you have to choose the IIF files
  • Then, choose the IIF file that you need to edit 
  • After this, you have to choose the Open option 
  • Follow the displayed prompts until the Finish option will pop up on your screen 
  • Now, you can make all changes to your IIF file
  • Once you have been done then open the file menu and click on the Save button 
  • Then, a confirmation message will appear on your screen, click on the Yes button
  • Now, you have to exit  to finish the program 

How to Edit/modify Payroll IIF file in Quickbooks Online   

In QuickBooks online, if you want to edit or modify the Payroll then perform the following guidelines:

  • First of all, Open your QuickBooks
  • Go to the File menu and then choose the IIF file
  • From the available options, choose that specific file that you want to edit
  • Open the file and make all necessary changes 
  • Once you have done then click on the Next button 
  • A confirmation message will pop up on your screen 
  • Click on the Yes button and again open the File menu
  • Choose the Save button and you are all done with this process. 

How to Delete Payroll IIF file in QuickBooks Desktop

If you are using the QuickBooks Desktop, then you have to perform the below steps to delete the payroll IIF file:

  • From the QuickBooks main page, you have to choose the Employees section 
  • Then, open the Payroll Centre 
  • Choose the “Pay Employees” tab from the main menu 
  • Find and click on the Payroll in the recent payroll section 
  • Open the IIF file and choose the file that you want to delete
  • Once you marked all, then hit the right-click on it 
  • Select the delete button and click on the Ok 
  • The process will take little time to complete
  • Once it’s completed, then a message will appear on your screen
  • Click on the  Ok and save button to update all change

How to Delete Payroll IIF file in Quickbooks Online

To delete the Payroll IIf files in QuickBooks online, go with below guidelines@

  • From the top menu bar, you have to choose the file section and open it
  • It contain the list of files, you  have to select the IIF files 
  • Then, select all IIF files that you want to delete 
  • Check and ensure about all the selected files 
  • Hit the right-click on it and then select the Delete option 
  • Hit the Save and close button to end this process

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