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Benefits of Integrating Bill & Pay Invoicing and Payments Solution with QuickBooks

Benefits of Integrating Bill & Pay Invoicing and Payments Solution with QuickBooks

These benefits will help to save your valuable Time along with Remote Payments, Multiple Payment Methods, Secure Environment, Faster Reconciliation, Document Management with more accuracy. All these amazing features help to boost business productivity.

If you are an owner of any small or medium business then you must be relying on the QuickBooks accounting software to generate invoices, customer bills, make payments, manage payroll, and generate data reports. Among all these accounting related tasks, you must have observed that the most important feature of the QuickBooks accounting software is to generate electronic invoices and then send them to the clients using the Scheduled Report feature.

The QuickBooks accounting software also helps you in collecting payments online from your clients. This process of creating invoices, sending the invoices through e-mails to clients, and then collecting the payments online is used by many small and medium businesses via QuickBooks across the globe.

What is Bill & Pay solution?

Bill & Play is a comprehensive invoicing and payment solution that facilitates the process of receiving payments from your clients. When this invoicing and payment solution is used along with QuickBooks accounting software then businesses get the benefit of automatically syncing of customers, invoices, payments, and many more features.

When this solution is integrated with QuickBooks, you can send your customers invoices that carry a payment link. By clicking on the payment link, your customers can not only make the payments, but they can also view the complete history of payments made to your business in the past. They can even set up payment reminders using the Bill & Pay solution integrated with QuickBooks.

Invoicing and payment processing in QuickBooks

While using the desktop version of QuickBooks, you can easily send invoices to your customers electronically. You just need to click on the Send the invoice link and QuickBooks will send an e-mail along with the invoice attached in PDF format. To make the process of sending the invoice and collecting the payments much faster, you can insert a online payment link in the invoice to make it easier for your customer to make the payment.

Apart from this, you can also offer other modes of payments to your customers such as any online payment gateway, credit card payment, etc. The customer can select the preferred mode of payment and make the required payment. If your customer is a regular client, you can use the Recurring Payments feature of QuickBooks to send recurring invoices to the regular clients at the scheduled time. This will save you from manually sending the invoices each month.

You can even automate the process of collection to send reminder e-mailers to those customers whose payment is overdue or about to be due. However, some of these invoicing and payment processing-related functions of QuickBooks have taken a jolt since the launch of QuickBooks 2015. To help you enjoy all the invoicing and payment processing-related benefits while working with QuickBooks, you can now integrate the Bill & Pay to invoice and payment solution.

Integration of Bill & Pay solution with QuickBooks

The Bill & Pay invoicing and payment solution is compatible with both, the desktop version of QuickBooks and the online version of QuickBooks. With Bill & Pay integrated with QuickBooks, you can generate invoice and send an e-mail to the customer just like you used to do with QuickBooks alone. The invoice can be attached in the form of a PDF file. You can even insert a link in the e-mail for your customers to make the payment and have a look at the payments made in the past. Once the payment is made by the customer, the payment is posted to the QuickBooks account of yours. Here are the salient features of the service when Bill & Pay solution is integrated with QuickBooks.

1. Invoicing related features:

  • You can easily create an invoice e-mail that can be customized by you as per your business requirement or personal choice. You can even insert a payment portal link in the invoice.
  • Enables you to change the text or layout design of the e-mail message that you sent along with the invoice as an attachment. You can even insert your company’s logo in the invoice.
  • All the e-mails are sent to the customers using the e-mail server of the Bill & Pay service providers. In this way, you would not face some of the issues that users sometimes face while running QuickBooks and using their business e-mail system for sending e-mails.
  • It even allows you to use your domain name for sending e-mails through their system. This is very important for some of the users. Generally, the e-mail comes from ‘’, with a reference to your e-mail address. You need to make some minor changes to your DNS settings to use this feature. As some users find it a complicated process, they do not prefer doing this. However, the customer support of Bill & Pay can assist you in setting up this for you by charging a very nominal fee. You just need to share with them information about your business domain DNS login.

2. Payments related features:

  • You can design the layout of your payment portal by including your company’s logo and brand name.
  • The Bill & Pay invoicing and payments solution is compatible with all merchant accounts, and payment processing gateways such as QuickBooks Merchant Services,, PayPal, BluePay, and many others.
  • It enables your customers to make payments using any of the payment options like through credit card or ACH.
  • The Bill & Pay invoicing and payments solution is compatible with automated recurring payments, where you can schedule the time of payment as per your requirements. The Bill & Pay solution can also alert customers through an e-mail message when their credit card is near the date of expiry if they have chosen the option of auto deduction of the due amount. In addition to recurring payments, payment plans are also compatible with the integration of Bill & Pay to invoice and payments solutions with QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Customers can access and have a look at their past payments via the online portal in addition to making the payment for the current invoice.
  • The invoice is marked as Paid whenever a customer makes the payment via the online payment portal. Whereas in the case of the QuickBooks Payments feature the invoice was marked as Paid when the payment was cleared by the bank. This process used to take many days, but with the integration of Bill & Pay invoicing and payments solution with QuickBooks, the time consumed in the whole process has been reduced a lot.
  • The Bill & Pay invoicing and payments solution can accept payments even in the absence of an invoice, and will either create a sales receipt or an unapplied credit.
  • With the Bill & Pay invoicing and payments solution, you get the option for sending reminder e-mails that are sent automatically whenever the payment is approaching the due date or when the payment has jumped the due date of payment.
Need Professional Help?

Hopefully, you have understood the benefits of integrating the Bill & Pay invoicing and payments solution with QuickBooks. If you still have any doubts or queries related to the integration of Bill & Pay invoicing and payments solution with QuickBooks, you can reach out to our QuickBooks tech experts at Bigxperts. Our QuickBooks Support Team can satisfactorily answer all your queries and clear all your doubts related to the Bill & Pay invoicing and payments solution in QuickBooks. Our QuickBooks professionals can even assist you in setting up the Bill & Pay invoicing and payments solution with QuickBooks for the first time. Our QuickBooks experts are proficient in resolving any technical issue that you might come across while using the QuickBooks accounting software to manage the finances of your small or medium business. For more help, Call 📞.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does QuickBooks charge for bank payments?

    The answer is Yes, QuickBooks defers a transaction charge for all bank deposits. To measure the bank move with a limit of $10 per transaction, QuickBooks will charge 1% for each ACH payment processing. That is the motivation behind why you’re getting charged for that specific rate. In QuickBooks, there are a few payment rates for every transaction.

  2. Is it protected to link the bank accounts to QuickBooks?

    That it is so protected to the interface bank account on Quickbooks for Banking usefulness. All QuickBooks does is pull an account of your transactions and download them into your QuickBooks. Simply interfacing your bank account in the bank feed segment doesn’t give QuickBooks, at any rate, to send the data or transactions to your bank.

  3. What kinds of payments do QuickBooks payments support?

    Take payment by credit, debit, Phone order, Apple Pay,  or bank transfer. Easy to manage the payment plans, card processing, and invoicing across the board place.

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