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Clear Payments on Hold in QuickBooks

Clear Payments on Hold in QuickBooks

In this article, we will explain how to understand holds on your payments and how to minimize them going forward. It can sometimes cause delays in money reaching your account.

If you have QuickBooks Payments, you can accept and process payments in QuickBooks. Don’t be concerned if you see that a recent payment you accepted is on hold. This does not imply that something is wrong. It implies that QuickBooks should examine the payment.

What should I do when my payments are put on hold in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks checks payments on a regular basis to make sure everything is okay. Everyone is involved in the payment process gains from this. Here’s how to determine whether a customer’s payment is pending and what you can do while the review is underway. It should be noted that payments may not be on hold if they are taking longer than usual. The first few payments for new QuickBooks Payments users take longer to process while QuickBooks sets everything up. Find out how long it takes for customers to deposit money into your account.

What does “payment held” exactly mean?

Your transaction(s) may experience an unexpected event that results in a hold being placed on that payment. This does not imply that there is a problem. Simply give us more time to review. Here are a few typical explanations for holds:

  1. When the amount of payments you process exceeds the agreed-upon ceiling for your account.
  2. When a transaction is completed following numerous failed attempts at authorization.
  3. When certain transactions demand confirmation of your company’s nature in order to guarantee that they adhere to the Intuit Acceptable Use Policy
  4. When one of the parties involved—you, your client, or Intuit—is at risk due to certain processing patterns discovered by our systems.

Additionally, to make sure everything operates as intended, payments will be periodically revised. Everyone is involved in the payment process gains from this.

What does QuickBooks do in the event of a hold?

Intuit will make an effort to get in touch with you using the telephone listed for your merchant account. Additionally, you’ll get an email that contains comprehensive instructions on what information is required in order for us to finish our review. Please submit any necessary documents as soon as possible in order to have the problem resolved as soon as possible. You can always get in touch with our Payments Support team.

Until QuickBooks finishes our review, it cannot deposit any money from the funds that are on hold. They typically finish the review in 2 business days after receiving all the necessary data.

Resolution: Clear Payments on Hold in QuickBooks

  1. First, check to see if payments are halted.
    • Anytime you want to check the status of customer payments, log in to the Merchant Service Center.
    • If the word “Withheld” appears in the Method column, the payment is pending review. If there’s a problem, QuickBooks will email you right away.
  2. Check your email in step two
    • QuickBooks will notify you if a payment is ever placed on hold. 
    • You’ll receive a message via email at the account you used to access the Merchant Service Center.

Expected Arrival of Funds in Your Account

Starting with a processing time is the best option. Standard deposits are typically processed every day—excluding Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Without exception, Instant Deposits are processed every day of the year. However, the product you’re using and the payment type will affect how quickly you deposit money.

To determine your current deposit rate,

  1. Select Account and Settings by going to the Gear Icon.
  2. Choosing the Payments tab
  3. Study the section on deposit speeds.

The time of day is another factor that can influence processing time. In general, QuickBooks will deposit customer payments into your bank account the following business day if you process them before 3 PM PT. QuickBooks will deposit payments that you process after 3 PM PT on two business days. Payments received via credit card are typically deposited in 2–3 business days, while payments received via free ACH bank transfer are deposited in 2–7 business days.

Please take note that if you are a new user, QuickBooks will deposit your initial batch of payments within 5 business days. These early deposits take more time while your account is being set up. Once everything is set up, QuickBooks will deposit customer payments much more quickly. The Merchant Centre allows you to monitor the progress of your payments. It’s on hold if the word “withheld” appears in the Method column.


  1. How do I take a payment out of a QuickBooks deposit?

    Open the “make deposit” screen by going to the QuickBooks homepage and clicking on the record icon. If the screen for making a deposit instead appears, select Cancel to close it and continue.

  2. What if QuickBooks puts a payment on hold?

    If you have QuickBooks Payments, you can accept and process payments in QuickBooks. Don’t be concerned if you see that a recent payment you accepted is on hold. This does not imply that something is wrong.

  3. How do I remove every payment that has been made?

    On the other hand, you can remove all previously made payments before reapplying and depositing them. To completely delete the invoice payments, let’s first remove the deposit. This is how: Lists will appear in the top menu bar. Choose the financial institution where the invoice payments are made. Find the deposit and open it.

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