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Convert QuickBooks File to Excel

Convert QuickBooks File to Excel

QuickBooks accounting software is one of those tools which has gained a lot of popularity in the accounting field and the reason behind it is that the interface provided by it is easy to use. However, many times you may find it necessary to convert QuickBooks files to Excel.

Why do you need to Convert QuickBooks File to Excel?

QuickBooks is a software solution used to store and present different business-related data systematically.

QuickBooks is considered very convenient and useful for maintaining and managing all financial data, from entering sales or generating reports to managing inventory or tracking expenses and sales tax.

However, there are times when QB cannot open many spreadsheet programs, which Excel easily can. Hence, the conversion of QB files to Excel becomes mandatory in a circumstance when you need a spreadsheet to be displayed but QB can’t open it.

However, this is the case when QuickBooks is not able to open the spreadsheet program, which can be easily opened in Excel. That’s why converting QuickBooks files to Excel becomes necessary in situations where you need to display a spreadsheet but QuickBooks can’t open it.

Now that you know when to choose the option to convert quickbooks files to Excel, let’s take a look at the process that can help you get the conversion done flawlessly.

QuickBooks Import Export to CSV Files

The Process of Conversion of QuickBooks file to Excel

There are two options that you can choose while converting the QB file to Excel:

Option 1: Convert QuickBooks File to Excel Direct Conversion

Step I: Locate the file to be converted

  1. Move to the QuickBooks file menu
  2. Click File
  3. Select Open

Step II: Select your user mode

  1. Navigate to the QuickBooks file menu one more time
  2. Choose Switch to Single-User Mode

Step III: Present data in a spreadsheet

  1. Open File menu
  2. Choose Export
  3. Click on Send the report to a new Excel spreadsheet option
  4. Click OK

Step IV: Convert the QB file to Excel

  1. Select File on the Excel spreadsheet
  2. Choose Save As
  3. Type the name of the document
  4. Your QB file gets converted

Option 2: Convert QuickBooks File to Excel Through Import

For Windows

  1. The first step is to ensure that you have the latest version of QBO2CSV that could help you extract data from QBO files. If you don’t have it, download the same
  2. Run the QBO2CSV and select the QBO file
  3. Review the transactions before converting them to ensure everything that is converted is correct
  4. Choose the CSV Target i.e. the format you want the converted Excel sheet to be saved in
  5. Click Convert and the CSV file will be created
  6. Check the file name and location
  7. The CSV is created
  8. Review the finally converted file and import the same to Excel

For MacOS

  1. Follow Option 2 – For Windows (Steps – 1-4)
  2. Choose Open after Save to open the application that will import and convert your file
  3. Follow Option 2 – For Windows (Steps – 5-8)

In case you get stuck anywhere while following the steps to convert QuickBooks file to Excel, feel free to connect with our experts available 24/7.

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