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Export to Excel not Working with QuickBooks Pro 2016

Export to Excel not Working with QuickBooks Pro 2016

To address the Export to Excel not Working with QuickBooks Pro 2016 error, Microsoft and Intuit have already released updates for Microsoft Office and QuickBooks respectively. You should install these updates to resolve this error. If you currently don’t have an active internet connection to download these updates from, then get these updates to your system via a flash or USB drive.

Else, you can install the 32-bit version of Microsoft office which can easily integrate and work with QuickBooks. Still, before doing this, check your system type from the system properties. If you have installed the correct bit version of both software, then your only option is to update the software as soon as possible.

Causes of Export excel not working in QuickBooks pro-2016

Several factors can be liable for QuickBooks export to Excel mess. Let us go through the reasons that lead to the “QuickBooks Export to Excel Not Working” error. Some of the possible reasons for this error are given below:

  • MS Excel damaged or crashed.
  • Using outdated QuickBooks software.
  • Or it is damaged or corrupted.
  • The file registry not working in the right way.

To update Microsoft office, follow the steps provided below:

  • Open one of the office applications installed on your system
  • Go to file
  • Select account
  • Hover on product information and select Update Options
  • Click on Update Now

As soon as the update is completed, you’ll receive a ‘You’re up to date!’ message. Click on close.

Steps to Update Microsoft Office

If you are facing issues while updating the software, then check your internet connection. If there is nothing wrong with the network connection, then Microsoft office files might be damaged. This can also be a reason for the ‘ Export to Excel not Working with QuickBooks Pro 2016’ error.

1. Repair Microsoft office

follow the steps provided below:

  • Log in with an Administrator Account
  • Open Control Panel
  • Select Program and Features
  • Right Click on Microsoft Office
  • Select Uninstall/Repair
  • Follow the repair instructions given by the installer
  • Once this process is complete, try to export to excel.

2. Now update QuickBooks

by following the steps provided below:

  • Log into QuickBooks through an administrative account
  • Click on Close Company File
  • Reopen QuickBooks as an Administrator
  • Click on Help
  • Select Update Quickbooks
  • Click on Options and select all the updates that you want to install
  • Select Save and Click on Update Now
  • Once the updates are downloaded, you’ll get a confirmation message. Click yes and the installation of the updates will begin
  • Restart your system once the update process is completed.

You can even set up automatic updates. By doing so, you will always have the latest features rolled out by Intuit for your version of QB. Also, Intuit released updates for performance improvements and bug fixes. Hence, it’ll always be better to get these updates even if you don’t need them.

Need Professional Help?

To know more or for help with “export to excel not working with QuickBooks Pro 2016”, feel free to contact us at the QuickBooks Pro experts.

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  1. Do I also have to install Microsoft Excel on my computer to fix export excel not working QuickBooks Pro 2016?

    Yes, you have to install Microsoft Excel on your computer if it is not installed. because it can be a reason that you are not able to export excel from QuickBooks Pro 2016. If you can export it then it won’t open until you have MS Excel to open the exported file.

  2. How to toggle the UAC of Windows for fixing the export excel not working QuickBooks Pro 2016?

    To toggle the User Account Control of your Windows operating system the steps are:-

    1. Go to the Start menu button in your Windows operating system
    2. Type UAC in the search field
    3. Open the User Account Control Settings
    4. You have to move the slider to the option Never Notify 
    5. Then click on the OK button
    6. After this, reboot your computer.

  3. Do I have to install the MS Excel or the full MS Office on my computer to open the exported excel that fixes the export excel not working QuickBooks Pro 2016?

    You have to install Microsoft Office in which you get Microsoft Excel. There is no option to download Microsoft Excel separately. So download and install Microsoft Office. then run the Microsoft Excel and open the exported excel file from your QuickBooks Desktop. Check for the error.

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