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Intuit Payroll + QuickBooks = Seamless Payroll to Fit your Needs

Intuit Payroll + QuickBooks

Intuit is a world renowned business financial software manufacturing company that has made itself quite popular with accountants and bookkeepers.It’s most sought after accounting software, QuickBooks, that has garnered undisputable support for being the best software for handling of the business finances and accounting tasks while being affordable.

The software offers powerful tools that can easily handle all the queries and tasks of accounts thereby reducing the burden on accountants and also providing solution with least number of mistakes.

Another software of Intuit that has garnered same amount of interest if not more is the impeccably smart Payroll software that handles all payroll tasks swiftly and without any undue grief to the accountant.

The software was created with the aim of providing accountants and bookkeepers of small to medium sized business a way paved for easy payroll handling and management. It swiftly takes into account many of the payroll activities and completes them with least amount of mistakes and within the limited period promised.

When two powerful but easy to use software are combined together you end up with a mechanism which can perform all accounting as well as payroll tasks and activities under one roof.

You can record all financial transactions, keep an eye on your cash flow, create and send invoices as well as perform payroll tasks and file for taxes along with its timely payment right from one software.

How to Employ QuickBooks and Payroll

1. When you are new in using QuickBooks:

  • You can integrate QuickBooks with Payroll from the starting itself.
  • Connect payroll, taxes and expenses for easy management.
  • Keep an eye on all financial processes from one platform.
  • You can also QuickBooks online and access payroll process through web.

2. When You are Already Employing QuickBooks:

  • You can switch Payroll from within the QuickBooks software.
  • Print or mail Paychecks to employees instantly.
  • Direct Deposit employee payment method for free.
  • No errors related to double entry of Payroll information of employees.

Benefits of Integration Payroll with QuickBooks

  • All you need to do is enter hours of the employees. The proper calculation of their salary is done mechanically through the software.
  • You can pay your employees by printing paychecks or via direct deposit in their accounts.
  • Tax filing and payment can be done electronically through E-pay and E-file method.
  • Automatically file for tax related documents like W-2 forms and 1099 contractors.
  • Easy tracking of cash inflow and outflow through revenue received and expenses paid.
  • Design and customize invoices and reports as per your need and preferences.

When you integrate Payroll software of Intuit with QuickBooks Accounting software you end up with a complete solution that not only reduces burden of accountants and bookkeepers but also HR personnel who have to deal with salary transfer of employees on basis of their hours completed.

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