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Multi Accountant Using QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks is that solution of Accounting by Intuit that does wonders for the user. It has several features and one among those best features is QuickBooks Accountant.

What is QuickBooks Accountant?

It is the in house inbuilt accountant of QuickBooks that does all the work of accounting like e payment, e filing and other important finances. It is a stand-alone device that does your job giving you more time to invest on customer retention and communication.

You don’t need a person to take care of this when QuickBooks provides this enhanced feature of Accountant. You can assign the task to the accountant and in a stipulated time, the work will be done. This software works like wonder and many clients have shown positive inclination.

QuickBooks Accountant can be used in Single user Mode as well as in Multi Accountant mode which means if one accountant is working on one file, the other accountant can also work on the same file. For this purpose you need to have several licenses.

QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier Edition are the two versions on which multi accountant can be added. The pro version allows three users to work simultaneously while the Premier Edition version lets five users work at the same time. There is only one catch to it, all the accountants or users must be networked and have a unique license.

Benefits of Multi Accountant with QuickBooks Payroll

  • With Multi Accountant, more than one person can work on a file simultaneously increasing productivity and saving time
  • Facilitates accuracy
  • Data is protected as multi user access level can be set

It can be really frustrating when you are trying to open a file and that is being used by someone else. To facilitate multiple users or accountant use the same company file at the same time, multi accountant helps is like the final resort. QuickBooks is very particular about you even using multi user. Even when you want to set up multi user mode, it wants to know if you are okay to give this access. It makes sure your data is not compromised.

To give confirmation to QuickBooks, you need to follow the steps below-

  • Choose File
  • Then Switch to Multi user mode

The technology that QuickBooks uses in order to enable multi accountant to be activated is record locking. QuickBooks is very critical about client and account information. In no means, will it let you compromise with it. That’s says how safe is using QuickBooks for your firm.

Steps for Enable Multi User with QuickBooks Payroll

  • First step is to install QuickBooks from the location where the file is
  • After the installation, choose multi-user host installation
  • It is recommended that standard installation is followed each time on any additional computer that do not share company files
  • Now Host multi accountant or user
  • For hosting multi user, you will need Microsoft and Windows administrator permission. If you have it, you can continue
  • Now open QuickBooks
  • After opening, if you are prompted that you need to update your company file, you do it
  • Now go to the File menu, then click on Utilities and finally host Multi user access
  • If you already have multi user access, you don’t have to follow this step, you can continue further
  • Now use the QB database server manager to scan company files
  • For this, you need to locate the company file, then go to the start button, click on programs, then QuickBooks, and then QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • You will see the scan folder tab, click on that
  • Click on the Add folder button
  • Click the folder with the files of the company and then click OK
  • Click on scan and wait till it completes

After following the steps above, you need to prepare the company file where you want to enable multi accountant access. Add the users and facilitate access. For any unauthorized access, it is highly recommended by Intuit that you set up a password that can help store your data safe and not being vulnerable.

When you set up the password, make sure it is highly smart with numbers, lower case letters, upper case letters and symbols. Now you are all set to enable multi user have access on the same file with no interruption. This ensures more productivity and profitability for the company.

One useful information that must be kept in mind is when the multi accountants with QuickBooks Payroll is enabled, the computer that is the host of granting multi accountant access should not be closed. QuickBooks can however be closed.

Now with this access, QuickBooks Accountant can work on invoicing, navigation, workflow and other account related work with no hassle. In fact not one, but many accountants can use them at the same time to ensure every work is done with perfection and error free. Go and grab your subscription today. Better late than never.

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