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My QuickBooks Reports will not Fit on 8.5 x11 Paper – How do I Reformat it?

Imagine the pain one experiences when they endeavor to make a proper report on QuickBooks and after hours of struggling, they come across printing issues.

Printing and formatting issues have been prevalent in almost every sphere of the business world and QuickBooks is no exception. Notably, some customers have often experienced formatting issues when they initiated printing via QuickBooks.

Often in QuickBooks, the documents printed are either formatted in a flawed manner, or they are distorted. In some cases, they remain blank. This has been found in invoices, checks, reports, and other sorts of documents.

What leads to printing issues in QuickBooks?

Often, QuickBooks emails or prints a document, it utilizes the Page setup (found in the Printer) which is set for the specific form. It, however, completely overlooks the page setup which is particularly set for that form.

Another reason for this issue is that in QuickBooks every user can choose a printer for every Form. In this scenario, the wrong printer chosen for the specific form or an incorrect paper size can give rise to Printing issues in QuickBooks.

How to fix QuickBooks Printing errors and reformat them?

There are three steps to fix QuickBooks Printing errors and reform them. Here they are:

Fit Report to Page option

In a bit to print all the data, the first step is to ensure that the Fit report to Page option is chosen or not in QuickBooks. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Select the File on the menu bar at the top
  2. From the drop-down list, choose Printer Setup
  3. Move to Page Breaks, and chose Fit report to Option
  4. Select OK

Reset page margin of the invoice in one page

  1. Select the Gear icon and choose Custom Form Styles
  2. Find out the invoice template you wish to edit and choose Edit
  3. Select the Design tab
  4. Go down and select Edit Print Settings
  5. Choose the Reset link and bring it back to its previous state
  6. Select Done and save the changes

Reset the Printer format in QuickBooks

  1. Open the QuickBooks account
  2. Choose Home and select Check Register
  3. If you see any check, double-click it
  4. Select Print and choose the printer with issues
  5. Select Options and choose Advanced in the window that says Printer Document Properties.
  6. Edit the format in the Paper Size field
  7. Select OK and close the window that says Advanced Options.
  8. Select OK and close the window that says printer Document Properties
  9. Repeat the steps from 7 to11 and alter the Paper size format
  10. Select Print in the Print Checks Windows to ensure the printing issues have come to an end.

The above-mentioned procedures can be a little difficult for you, and that’s why a certified professional is imperative.

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