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Print Payroll Checks In QuickBooks Online

Print Payroll Checks In QuickBooks Online

You can pay employees by direct deposit the same day or the next day, and you can even print paper checks using your printer with QuickBooks Payroll. To print payroll checks, you’ll need to buy the right check stock, set your printer to print everything straight and process payroll for at least one employee. You can simply print paychecks and pay stubs while processing payroll. The complete steps will be discussed in the below write-up. Stay tuned with this write-up till the end. 

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    Step-by-step instructions to print the payroll checks in QuickBooks Online

    Carry out the steps to print payroll checks in QBO very carefully:

    Step 1: Purchase Check Stock 

    You can print checks on blank paper or with pre-printed checks using QuickBooks Online Payroll. According to QuickBooks, third-party checks are not printed. Its online payroll system only accepts two types of paychecks: 

    • Voucher checks and single pay stubs for each employee.
    • Pay stubs for both your employee and yourself are included with voucher checks.

    You can buy checks directly from QuickBooks. It comes in three different styles, each with varying amounts of anti-counterfeiting features such as watermarks.

    Step 2: Check that employees are in the system

    Before you can print a paycheck, you must set up your payroll. When you first add your employees, you’ll be offered the choice of paying them in one of two ways. If you opt for paper checks, the system will generate a paycheck for you to print when you’re ready.

    Important Note: QuickBooks can only print checks and pay stubs for employees that get checks and direct deposit, respectively.

    Step 3: Set up Check Printing 

    It’s a good idea to run a sample before completing a full paycheck run to ensure you have the correct settings and everything is in order.

    • Go to the Settings >>> select the Payroll Settings
    • Under the Printing, you can see the current setting 
    • If you find it’s incorrect then simply click the pencil icon to edit it 
    • Now, you can print on the blank paper or QuickBooks pre-printed check stock
    • If you’re using blank paper then click on the Save button to save the made changes
    • If you’re using pre-printed checks then it’ll ask whether you want to print one stub or two stub 
    • Choose as per choice and then click on the “Save” button 
    • You should double-check the alignment if you’re utilizing pre-printed checks. When you switch to a new browser or application, double-check the alignment. To set alignment, you’ll use blank paper and a blank check
    • And then click on the Align check 
    • The instructions are displayed in a side window. They’re straightforward and self-explanatory. After manually confirming the alignment, run a payroll using a blank check to make sure everything is in order. To close the side window, click Save after you’re finished
    • The last instructions for aligning payroll checks in QuickBooks: To save all changes and depart, click “Done” in the lower right corner of the screen.

    Step 4: Load your Checks or Paper in the Printer 

    Make sure that the checks are put or facing the correct direction 

    Step 5: Run the Payroll 

    • Initially, go to the “Payroll” dashboard and then click “Run payroll” which is located in the right-hand side corner of your screen 
    • Next, enter the actual hours within the “Regular Pay Hrs” column which worked for all hourly employees 
    • And then review other information to ensure reliability 
    • After done with that select the button “Preview Payroll” which is located in the button right corner 
    • At last, review and edit the payroll details before finalizing it 
    • Check the payment method to confirm that employees who direct deposits and paychecks should pay show up correctly, apart from the total hours worked and other pay details
    • Also, double-check the tax amounts for both the employer and the employee
    • When you’re sure everything is correct or in order, click the “Submit Payroll” button in the bottom right corner of the screen
    • Now, you are all set to print payroll checks and/or direct deposit remittance advice for employees to distribute.

    Step 6: Print the checks 

    • You should be able to perform payroll from the Overview tab in Payroll, or from the shortcut list
    • Select View Paycheck List from the drop-down menu
    • Choose the check names you’d want to print
    • Then press the Print button
    • The checks will appear in PDF format in a new window
    • Check that the information is correct, then choose Print from your browser’s menu (it is usually located in the upper right corner).

    Printing payroll checks for QuickBooks Online Payroll (All other Versions)

    You can perform the below-provided steps to set up the printing preferences of a paycheck with QuickBooks Online Payroll Core, Premium, Full Service, and Elite:

    Step 1: Set up Paycheck Printing Preferences 

    • Initially, go to the Settings and then find the Payroll Settings 
    • Click “Edit” under the Printing section 
    • After that, move to the Preprinted QuickBooks-compatible check paper 
    • Now, click on the Print 1 pay stub or Print 2 pay stubs 
    • At last, click the “Save” followed by the “Done” tab. 

    Step 2: Print the Paychecks

    • In the beginning, find the Worker or Payroll menu and then hit “Employees” 
    • Next, click the “Paycheck List” under the “My Payroll” section 
    • And finally, click on the paychecks that you want to print and then hit the “Print” button. 

    Winding Up!

    Users of QuickBooks Online who require a payroll solution do not need to look for another software provider. In QuickBooks Online, you can effortlessly set up payroll and gain access to full-service pay processing solutions, including health insurance and benefit options for your employees.


    How to reprint paychecks in QuickBooks?

    1. Click “Employees” in the top menu bar, then select “Payroll Center” from the dropdown menu.
    2. Click on the “Pay Employees” tab, and then select the pay period for which you want to reprint paychecks.
    3. Locate the paycheck you want to reprint in the list of paychecks. You can use the search bar or filter options to find the correct paycheck.
    4. Double-click on the paycheck to open it.
    5. Verify that the information on the paycheck is correct. If you need to make any changes, you can void the paycheck and create a new one.
    6. Click on the “Print” button to reprint the paycheck. Select the printer you want to use, and then click on the “Print” button to print the paycheck.
    7. After the paycheck has been printed, verify that the information is correct.

    How to reprint a payroll check in QuickBooks?

    1. Open the paycheck you want to reprint: From the top menu bar in QuickBooks Desktop, click on “Employees,” then “Pay Employees,” and then “Scheduled Payroll.” Find the paycheck you want to reprint and double-click to open it.
    2. Verify the check information.
    3. If the original check was lost, damaged, or stolen, you should void it in QuickBooks Desktop before reprinting it. To void the original check, go to the “Paycheck Detail” section of the paycheck and click on the “Void” button.
    4. To reprint the check, click on the “Print” button in the “Paycheck Detail” section of the paycheck. 
    5. After printing the check, verify that it was printed correctly.
    6. Once you have confirmed that the check was printed correctly, you should record the reprint in QuickBooks Desktop. To do this, go to the “Paycheck Detail” section of the paycheck and click on the “Record Reprint” button. Enter the new check number and any other necessary information.

    How to print payroll checks?

    1. Go to the “Workers” tab on the left-hand menu and then select “Employees.”
    2. Select the employee or employees you want to print a check for.
    3. Click on “Preview Paycheck” and review the details to make sure they are correct.
    4. If the details are correct, click on “Print Paycheck” and choose the printer you want to use.
    5. Load the check paper into the printer and click on “Print.”

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