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QuickBooks 12000 Series Errors When Getting Payroll Updates

Since it was first introduced in the early 1990s, QuickBooks has developed into the best-reviewed and most widely used accounting software for small businesses.

In addition to offering a wide range of other crucial components for smaller businesses in terms of their financial records, QuickBooks assists businesses in efficiently managing their inventory, sales, and payroll. Nevertheless, user error is always possible with software, and QuickBooks users should be aware of a few common mistakes.

When using QuickBooks, users used to experience errors. 12000, which is also known as QuickBooks internet connectivity errors, is one of the series of error codes. This was described using the Microsoft Win32 Internet WinlNet application programming interface (API). QuickBooks Desktop makes use of the: WinlNet API to provide quick access to standard Internet protocols such as FTP, HTTP, and Gopher. These errors are displayed by QuickBooks when you download or receive an update.

QuickBooks Desktop can’t always connect to the internet, which causes problems when updating. This could be due to insufficient browser and security settings, or to an application such as an antivirus or firewall program interfering with the update. To resolve the problem, follow the steps outlined below.

Some examples of common 12000 series code errors:

  • QuickBooks Error 12057: When a user attempts to update QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks Error 12057 occurs. This error can be caused by incorrect system file configuration.
  • QuickBooks Error 12052: Error 12052 indicates a non-specific error message indicating a connectivity issue preventing QuickBooks from downloading updates.
  • QuickBooks Error 12001 instead of 12006: If the QuickBooks desktop is unable to complete the update, check that your internet connection is operational. If it isn’t working properly, fix it and try updating again later to see if the problem has been resolved.

QuickBooks 12000 series error solutions

To eliminate these errors, the user must follow certain procedures. Any of the methods listed below can help you fix QuickBooks error codes 12007, 12002, 12009, 12029, and 12031, among others. The following methods will be employed:

Solution 1: Connectivity and configuration testing

  • First and foremost, the user must determine whether he or she can access a secure website other than QuickBooks, such as the sign-up page for a financial institution.
  • If you are unable to access such a secure website, you should contact your IT expert.
  • Now check the SSL configuration.
  • Then, determine whether Internet Explorer is the default browser or if another web browser is being used in its place.
  • Examine the Internet Explorer options.

Solution 2: Change the settings in Internet Explorer

  • Close QuickBooks and open Internet Explorer on your computer.
  • Then choose Tools, followed by Internet Options.
  • Now click on the Advanced button.
  • Then, while your cursor is over the Security group, clear the checkboxes for Check for server certificate revocation and Check for publisher certificate revocation.
  • Restart Internet Explorer (IE).
  • After that, launch QuickBooks desktop.
  • Finally, try updating the payroll again.

Solution 3: Configure Internet Explorer

  • You must first close QuickBooks desktop before launching Internet Explorer.
  • Select Tools, followed by Internet Options.
  • After that, go to the Security tab, then tap on the Globe icon, and make sure the security level is no higher than medium-high.
  • Then, on the Content Tab, ensure that the Content Advisor button is turned on. If not, click the button, enter the password, and then turn off the content advisor.
  • On the Connections Tab, select this option.

Verify the security settings:

If none of the previous solutions resolved the problem, the next step is to see if another application or process is interfering with the download. If you are unable to identify the security software that is causing the error, contact a computer or IT professional.

Set up Internet security, a personal firewall, and parental controls for QuickBooks Desktop updates tax table updates, sending payroll data, and the Windows firewall.

If these steps do not resolve the problem, restart Microsoft Windows in safe mode with networking and attempt to download the update again.

More solutions to consider:

If none of the other solutions work, try the steps below:

  • Restart your computer and then try to download and install the QuickBooks update. Check to see if the company file is set to single-user mode.
  • Internet Explorer should be repaired.
  • QuickBooks should be reinstalled in Selective Start-up mode.

 General FAQs

1. What are the common errors encountered when downloading QuickBooks Desktop updates?

When downloading payroll or QuickBooks Desktop updates, fix errors 12002, 12007, 12009, 12029, and 12031. QuickBooks Desktop can’t always connect to the internet, which causes problems when updating.

2. How can I resolve QuickBooks error 15103?

Try these steps if you get Error 15103, 15104m, 15105m, 15106, 15107, 15223, 15240, or 15271. Before you begin, make sure to close QuickBooks. Quick Fix my Program can be found in the QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub. Install the QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub after downloading it. Select Quick Fix my Program from the Program Problems menu.

3. How do I resolve digital signature errors in QuickBooks?

For specific errors, you can take the following additional steps: C:Program FilesIntuitQuickBooks Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on QBW32.exe. Navigate to the Digital Signature tab and select Intuit from the signature list.

4. How do I update QuickBooks Desktop by hand?

Navigate to the Help menu and then to the Update QuickBooks Desktop option. Navigate to the Update Now tab and check the Reset Update box. Choose Updates. Close and reopen QuickBooks Desktop once the download is finished.

5. What does a technical error in QuickBooks mean?

When the QuickBooks application is installed incorrectly or has an error, technical problems can arise. This is one of the typical error types you will encounter when using the application.

6. Why doesn’t QuickBooks payroll function properly on Windows?

The most frequent cause of errors is an incompatibility between the operating system and the software’s system requirements. The Windows system’s missing or corrupted registry files or other files could also be the cause of these QuickBooks Payroll errors.

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