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Set Up QuickBooks Automatic Backup

Set Up QuickBooks Automatic Backup

You need to create a backup of your files whenever you work on QuickBooks. It helps you keep your data safer and enables you to retain it in cases of emergency. However, one needs to follow certain guidelines to be able to create the backup successfully.

You have three options at QuickBooks- QuickBooks Automatic Backup, QuickBooks Scheduled Backup, and Backup Reminders. The Accountingerrors help team is going to help you out in setting up the Automatic Backup of your QuickBooks.

How to Setting Up Automatic Backup in Quickbooks

The Automatic Backup works on saving the file n number of times, which means that you can assign Automatic Backup to QuickBooks by configuring its settings. For example, say, you close your company file four times and QuickBooks creates a backup on the fourth closing without any input from your side.

You will need to go through these steps to set up the automatic backups:

Total Time: 9 minutes

  1. Step One

    Open your QuickBooks Desktop and browse to File Choose Save Copy or Backup. A new window opens which reads ‘Save Copy or Backup.’

  2. Step Two

    Go to Backup Copy and click on it. Proceed to Next.

  3. Step Three

    If you have not configured it already, then go to Options to set your Backup Defaults (i.e. the location you want to save your backup at) and proceed to click Next.

  4. Step Four

    Choose Select Location or Use This Location.

  5. Step Five

    Proceed to click

Contact our expert team for further advanced steps and options.

Backup Reminders:

You can also set up backup reminders if you want.

You will need to follow these steps to be able to do so:

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop and browse to File Choose Save Copy or Backup. A new window opens which reads ‘Save Copy or Backup.’
  • Go to Backup Copy and click on it. Proceed to Next.
  • Now go to the Options button and click it.
  • Access Tell us where to save your backup copies (required) field and enter or browse to the directory where you are willing to save your backups. (You can always change the location every time you make a backup, but setting up a default location will save you energy and time.)
  • Go to Remind me to back up when closing data every [number] time checkbox and select it. Now, enter a number in the empty field.
  • Finally, go to Add the date and time of the backup to the file name (recommended) checkbox and select it. Click

These are a few simple guidelines that you need to follow to be able to set up the automatic backup on QuickBooks Desktop running on the computer-based on Windows Operating Software.

You can also create Backup Reminders if you want. However, in case you face any difficulty while performing these operations, we recommend that you get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical Support Experts. You can give us a call to get in touch with one of the QuickBooks Tech Experts.


does quickbooks automatically backup?

Yes, QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Desktop have automatic backup features that are enabled by default. Here are some details about each:

QuickBooks Online: QBO automatically backs up your data every day. You can restore your data from any of the backups from the last 90 days. QBO stores the backups in multiple locations to ensure their safety.

QuickBooks Desktop: QuickBooks Desktop also has an automatic backup feature that is enabled by default. By default, QuickBooks Desktop creates a backup of your company file every time you close the program. You can specify the location where you want the backups to be saved and set a schedule for the backups to be made. QuickBooks Desktop also has a feature called Intuit Data Protect, which allows you to store your backups in the cloud.

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