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QuickBooks Balance Sheet Out of Balance

QuickBooks Balance Sheet Out of Balance

Why Does Error “Quickbooks balance sheet out of balance” Occurs

QuickBooks Balance Sheet goes out of balance if the total assets should not match the total liabilities. It happens due to a damaged company file or the transaction that you’ve entered or linked are not compatible. Try log-out and back into the QuickBooks file and balance sheet report to fix it.

The sum of Total Liabilities and Total Equities on a QuickBooks balance sheet should always equal Total Asset. Due to poorly entered or linked transactions, your balance sheet can appear to be out of balance. It is obvious when your Total Assets do not equal the sum of your Total Liabilities and Total Equities. As a result, you can get a Balance Sheet out of the Balance error message in QuickBooks if numbers aren’t in sync. QuickBooks also tracks revenues and expenses as they occur, regardless of modifications in cash flow. Depending on the report, your balance sheet may display variances. However, the good thing is that you can amend this problem by yourself. This article tells you how you can overcome this issue with ease.

How Important is a balance sheet?

Your balance sheet plays an extremely vital role while attracting investors. Also, it enables the company to represent its worth in an apt manner. The balance sheet showcases the financial situation of the firm at any certain point in time.

It shows how much liabilities, assets as well as equity the organization has at a present time. The sheet can easily show the total amount of assets, and money a firm owns as well as what it owes.

How does the balance sheet get out of balance?

In case, the balance sheet on an accrual basis appears as out of balance, then it implies that the sum of total assets is not at all equal to the amount of the sum of liabilities and the sum of the equities.

Three main causes that lead to this issue are:

  • In case data file is corrupted.
  • When the transactions that was entered are not attuned.
  • When you use multi-currency.

Important Pointers need to be remembered 

Before you start the procedure, there are a few things you can’t afford to overlook. Take a look at this:

  • Check if the balance sheet is back in balance after changing the reported total by Year.
  • You can check if the error has been fixed by logging out of QuickBooks and then logging back in.
  • Before you begin troubleshooting, make a backup of your QuickBooks company file.
  • If you’re working in a multi-user environment, this could result in damage to the company file and an out-of-balance balance sheet. Fix the data damage and use the main system where the file is hosted to solve the problem.
  • Before continuing, make sure to verify, rebuild, and review the QBWIN logs.

How to fix QuickBooks Balance Sheet Out of Balance?

Below are the troubleshooting solution steps:

  • Steps to follow in case of a generic data damage
  • Rectify the transactions which are the main culprit

Some of the most obvious solutions are listed below:

1. Method Number One: Steps to follow in case of a generic data damage

  • Rectify the corruption or any sort of damage to the data with some steps
  • Firstly, classify the main issues and solve all of them with the help of qbwin.log.
  • Run your accounting balance sheet
  • Review the Balance appropriately.

2. Method Number Two: Rectify the transactions which are the main culprit

  • Identify the exact time, when your Balance Sheet started depicting out of balance
  • Then, get to the Reports menu, there select Company & Financial, and click on the option that says Balance Sheet Summary.
  • Click on Customize Report.
  • Then, select the option that says, Display Tab:
  • There reorganize the Report Basis, whatever you see is out of balance.
  • Afterward, select the apt Date whenever the balance sheet gets out of the balance year.

Look for the Troublesome Transaction

There are several steps involved in correcting the balance sheet out of balance error. Each of the steps is significant in its own place. That’s why we’ll go through each step in detail. If the discussed few quick methods don’t resolve the problem then take a look at this:

Let’s know the Advanced Troubleshooting steps to fix the QuickBooks Balance Sheet Out of Balance issue

  • Run the report on an accrual basis
  • Look for the date when your balance sheet went out of balance
  • Find the transactions that are making your balance sheet out of balance
  • Re-date the transactions
  • Delete and re-enter the transactions

Some of the solutions you need to look into are as follows:

Step 1: Run the report on an accrual basis

Make sure you run your report on an accrual basis if you aren’t already. Here’s how:

  • First, select the Company & Financial >>> Balance Sheet Summary from the Reports menu 
  • Next, select the “Customize Report” tab 
  • Now go to the Display tab and select “Accrual” under the Report Basis
  • At last, hit the “Ok” button. 

If your accrual balance sheet is out of balance, you need first to rebuild your company file. Continue to Step 2 if it’s out of balance simply on a cash basis, or if it’s still out of balance after a rebuild.

Step 2: Look for the date when your balance sheet went out of balance 

Below are the steps to find out the date when a particular report became out of balance which helps you to trace the transactions which are causing this problem:

  • In the beginning, move to the Reports menu and then select “Company & Financials” >>> “Balance Sheet Summary” 
  • After that, select the tab “Customize Report” 
  • Then go to the Display tab and select “All” from the Dates dropdown
  • Next, move to the Report Basis section and select Accrual if your balance sheet is out of balance in accrual only, if not, go with Cash
  • Now, select “Year” from the Display columns by dropdown within the Columns section
  • Once done then click on the Ok button 
  • In the end, comparing Total Assets to Total Liabilities and Equity is a good way to start and also determine when your balance sheet is going out of balance.

After finding the year, you have to perform the same steps to narrow down the exact date 

  • In this, you have to repeat the same steps as discussed above from 1 to 6 
  • This time, you have to select the “Month” from the Display columns by dropdown 
  • Again, follow 1 to 6 steps after finding the accurate month and then select “Week” 
  • Once you find the week then repeat the same steps again to select “Day” 
  • Finally, you have to check the date of your report went out of balance, if yes then continue the further step 3.

Step 3: Find the transactions that are making your balance sheet out of balance 

Below are the steps for creating a custom transaction detail report after you set the date that the balance issue occurred in the QuickBooks balance sheet. This will help you identify the transaction that caused the error:

  • First, go to the Reports menu and then select “Custom Report” >>> “Transaction Detail”
  • Look for the Report Date Range section within the Modify Report window 
  • Now, enter the report date which went out of balance within the From and To fields 
  • Next, move to the Report Basis section, and if your balance sheet is out of balance in accrual only then you simply select “Accrual” otherwise, select the “Cash” option
  • Uncheck the Account >>> Split >>> Clr >>> Class within the Columns section 
  • After that, select the Amount and this will make the report easier to read and then select the “Paid Amount” column 
  • Once done then click on the Ok tab 
  • In the Paid Amount column, the ending balance should equal the amount that is out of balance. Look through the report for the transaction(s) that add up to this total
Note: You can run Customer Report, Vendor Report, Journal Report, and Other Transactions if you can't discover the transaction that's generating the error.

A. Filter by Year 

Steps to use Filter by Year:

  • From the date drop-down menu, select “All” 
  • Next, choose the Year from the display columns 
  • And then hit the Ok button 
  • To find the month in which the balance sheet goes out of balance, compare the Total Assets and Liabilities.

B. Filter by Month

Steps to use Filter by Month:

  • In this, you’re supposed to mention the year where the balance went out of balance from the relevant field 
  • From the Display columns, select “Month” and then hit “Ok”
  • Finally, compare the balance of Total Liabilities and Total Assets.

C. Filter by Week 

Steps to use Filter by week:

  • Firstly, enter the appropriate month in which your balance sheet shows out of balance 
  • Next, in the Display column, choose the correct week 
  • After that, hit the Ok tab 
  • At last, compare the balance to find the week where the balance sheet is mismatched.

E. Filter by Day

Steps to use Filter by day:

  • The very first, enter the week which is showing out of balance 
  • From the Display columns, choose the day followed by clicking on the “Ok” button 
  • At last, compare the balance of Total Assets and Liabilities to find the day where the balance sheet went out of balance.  

Step 4: Re-date the transactions 

Now that you have reached here, find out the transactions/transactions that are causing the problem. You have to change the dates on them.

Steps to change the date transactions:

  • Change the dates on the transactions that are causing the issue
  • Make a note of the dates that they are now available
  • Then, change the date to a date 20 years from now on each transaction
  • Each transaction should be saved separately
  • Refresh the report; the Paid Amount column should now be zero if you located the correct transactions
  • Locate the transactions you dated into the future and reverse the dates to their actual date
  • Note that this re-dating process re-links the transactions and allows them to be repaired.

If this fails, move on to the next step.

Step 5: Delete and re-enter the transactions 

If updating the transaction dates does not work, you should delete and re-enter the transactions.


  1. What is the QuickBooks Balance sheet out of balance issue?

    This issue creates a major problem which leads to unable to find the locations. While encountering this error, the user is unable to locate the date when the report goes out of balance. to fix this, open the Reports menu and then choose the “Company & Financials” option. After that, you can view the balance sheet summary. Now, you have to choose the customized report. In any case, if the balance sheet is out of balance in accrual only, then you have to choose the Accrual.

  2. How to resolve the transaction issue while maintaining the QuickBooks Balance Sheet balance?

    To fix this error, you have to run a custom transaction detail report for the specific date that you noted. Then open the reports menu and choose Custom Reports. Hit the Next click on the Transaction detail. From the Edit Report window, view the report Report data range section. Now, you have to open the Report The basis section. From the column section, split, and uncheck Account, and class. The last step is to click on the Ok button and you are all done with this program.

  3. What reasons behind the balance sheet being out of balance?

    As the resources increment, the value increments. In any case, if you have a lessening in resources or an increment in liabilities, the value diminishes. If this value estimation doesn’t create the distinction between your assets and liabilities, your balance sheet won’t balance.

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