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QuickBooks Batch Actions Not Working

QuickBooks Batch Actions Not Working

reasons behind the Quickbooks Action not working?

Reasons for QuickBooks batch actions not working due to Back action isn’t available for the document, Other files are interfering with the browser, The document hasn’t been properly formatted.

Error: QuickBooks Batch Actions Not Working

QuickBooks batch actions not working can hinder your productivity and decrease your efficiency when you’re working on your accounting data. Batch actions were introduced to increase the efficiency of users so that they can accomplish much more in the same amount of time. But some users have reported that batch actions don’t work in QuickBooks for them. This can happen for a variety of reasons including web page errors and problems with the accounting data.

Luckily, users can resolve the QuickBooks batch actions not working error by locating the right batch action button and using the correct action for a particular set of documents. Users can also use the private windows available in their browser to quickly get through the error, and exporting to excel also works to bypass this error for the time being.

Why is QuickBooks Batch Actions Not Working?

QuickBooks batch actions aren’t working because the user may be trying to use an action that doesn’t apply to a particular document type. For instance, applying the print function on bills prevents the batch action button from working because the print function isn’t enabled for bills. Further, old cookies, trackers, and codes in the browser can interfere with batch actions in QuickBooks, so working

Solutions for QuickBooks Batch Actions Not Working

QuickBooks batch actions don’t work for a variety of reasons, but we’ve solutions that are effective and will help you get back to work immediately. Follow these solutions one by one to quickly troubleshoot and fix the error.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1: Locate The Batch Button

Many users beginning with QuickBooks online often have difficulty finding the batch actions button. Even though the QuickBooks batch actions may not be working, you need to first get to the right button to use the functionality.

Follow these steps to locate the batch buttons for sales in QuickBooks:

💠 From the left panel, go to the Sales option.
💠 Click on the Invoices tab.
💠 From the Batch drop-down menu, select the options that meet your requirements.

Follow these steps to locate the batch button for expenses in QuickBooks:

💠 From the left panel, click on Expenses.
💠 Click on the Expenses tab.
💠 Checkmark all the transactions that you want to include in the batch action.
💠 From the Batch action drop-down menu, choose the desired option for performing the batch action.

On the banking page, however, you can get the Batch button simply by selecting multiple transactions that you want to work on at once.

Step 2: Exporting To Excel

Printing certain bills and reports isn’t possible directly from QuickBooks in some cases. So if QuickBooks batch action QuickBooks Batch Actions aren’t working, you need to export the documents in excel format and use the print option from the spreadsheet program.

Here are the steps to solve QuickBooks batch actions error and print documents from Quickbooks:

💠 Log into your QuickBooks account.
💠 From the left panel, choose Reports.
💠 Enter the Name of the report that you want to export.
💠 Click on the Export icon on top of the report.
💠 Click on Export to Excel.
💠 Choose the directory to which you want to save the exported file.
💠 Click on Save.

Before printing in batch, you can use the Enable Editing option in excel to enter any data that may be missing from the report. You can also create custom reports and then export them to print them out and perform batch actions through excel.

Step 3: Fix Webpage Issues

Certain webpage issues can interfere with batch actions in QuickBooks. So when there are older files that interrupt the function, QuickBooks batch actions don’t work and the user gets an error.

Here are the options to launch your browser in Private Mode to enable batch actions in QuickBooks:

💠 Launch Google Chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + N
💠 Launch Firefox or Edge and Press Ctrl + Shift + P
💠 Launch Safari and Press Command + Shift + P

By using a simple browser in private mode, you can ensure that no cookies or trackers interfere with the functions executed by Quickbooks in your browser. So QuickBooks will then be able to perform the batch actions easily.


When QuickBooks doesn’t perform batch actions, you should immediately check if you’re using the action on the correct document. Most users often choose the wrong type of document to perform the batch action on, and then they end up getting this error. Methods to resolve this error are already provided above in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the problem with batch actions in QuickBooks online?

    Quickbooks Online is a great tool for businesses, but one of its weaknesses is the batch action feature. This feature is supposed to let you do multiple tasks at once, but it seems to be malfunctioning a lot lately. This problem has caused a lot of people frustrated because they can’t seem to get their work done.

    The main issue with the batch action feature is that it sometimes doesn’t work. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common one is that Quickbooks Online isn’t properly detecting the changes that you’re making. If this happens, your batch actions will end up being incomplete or even incorrect.

  2. How to resolve QuickBooks online batch action not working?

    If you are having issues with QuickBooks Online batch actions not working, there is a solution. First, make sure that you have the latest version of QuickBooks installed on your computer. Next, try following these steps:

    💠 Make sure that all of your QuickBooks files are in the same folder.
    💠 Quit QuickBooks if it is open.
    💠 In Windows Explorer, go to the folder where your QuickBooks files are located and click on “QBProjects”. The “QBProjects” folder will have a subfolder called “QuickBooksBatchActions“. Double-click on the “QuickBooksBatchActions” folder to open it. 
    💠 Locate the file named “QuickBooksBatchSetup.exe“. Double-click on it to start the QuickBooks batch, and set up the wizard. 
    💠 On the first screen of the wizard, select the option to install QuickBooks Online batch actions. Click on Next to continue. 

  3. Are batch actions not working with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop errors?

    If you’re having problems with batch actions not working in QuickBooks, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure that all of the files and folders necessary for the batch action are located on your computer. Next, make sure that you’ve installed the appropriate QuickBooks software and services onto your computer. Finally, make sure that the batch action is configured correctly and that all of the required QuickBooks files are available to it.

    Quickbooks online batch actions aren’t working or not doing what you want them to do – whether it be performing a task for you, sending out a reminder about an upcoming event, or updating your account. In this article, learn how to fix this issue and get your QuickBooks online batch actions working again!

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