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QuickBooks Checks Not Showing Up to Print

QuickBooks Checks Not Showing Up to Print

Reasons for QuickBooks Check not showing up in Print List are A user selected the wrong vendor account, User selected the wrong bank account, Issues with selected Printer, QuickBooks desktop not updated, Print later option isn’t active for the check

Error: QuickBooks Check is not showing up in Print List

If QuickBooks check is not showing up to print, then you need to ensure that you’ve actually selected the correct accounts before you proceed with the print function. The Print Checks window offers you the opportunity to select specific bank accounts so that you can narrow down your options and quickly select the check that you want to print. However, if you’ve selected the wrong bank account, then you won’t see the QuickBooks check in the print list.

As checks may not appear in either online or desktop versions of the software, we’ve provided solutions for both platforms. Ensuring that your checks show up on the QuickBooks desktop is easier because the software is designed for better performance and easier accessibility. When printing, you also need to ensure that your printer is working properly.

In this post, you’ll learn why a QuickBooks check does not show up to print and how to fix this problem.

Why is QuickBooks Check not Showing Up in the Print List?

The print list of checks is created after you’ve selected a particular bank account. Selection of the wrong bank account can result in the desired check not showing up in the print list. You can verify the selection through both the vendor and bank accounts. Further, the check that isn’t showing up may not have the option for later printing.

Note: we’ve two primary solutions for this issue, and we’ll go one by one through them. All you have to do is follow them one by one using an account that has the authorization to work with checks.

3 Easy Solutions for QuickBooks Checks not Showing Up to Print

Before applying any of these solutions, we need to check if your printer is working properly.

Here are the steps for the same:

💠 Open Notepad from the start menu.
💠 Type in some random text.
💠 Click on File.
💠 Choose Print.
💠 Select the Printer, then click on Print.

If the print option isn’t successful, then you need to install the correct drivers for your printer or replace your printer if it’s damaged.

However, if the operation is successful, then you can proceed with the solutions mentioned below.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Verify Account Selection

Verify Account Selection

Without selecting the correct account, you cannot make the check show up on the print list. To ensure the selection of the right bank and vendor account, we’ll have to verify the selected accounts.

Here are the steps to verify the account when QuickBooks checks are not showing up to print:

💠 Go to the +New option.
💠 Choose Print Checks in the Vendor Section.
💠 Click on the Account drop-down menu.
💠 Select the right account that contains the check.

You’ve successfully selected the correct account, so the check should most probably show up in the Print List. 

Step 2: Enable Print Later

Enable Print Later

The print later option for a check or bill enables users to print out the document after creating it. If this option is disabled for a particular document, then the document won’t show up in the print list.

Here are the steps to enable print later when QuickBooks check doesn’t show up in the print list:

💠 From the Bookkeeping option, choose Transactions.
💠 Click on Expenses.
💠 Click on Bill Payment/Check in the Expense Transactions window.
💠 Click on View/Edit.
💠 Click on Print Later from the Bill Payment/Check window.
💠 Click on Save and Close.

Now that you’ve selected the correct account and enabled the print later function for the check, it should show up in the print list.

Step 3: QuickBooks Desktop Update

QuickBooks Desktop Update

While the two solutions given above resolve the issue in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks desktop users need to install the latest updates so that they can print their checks easily. 

Here are the steps to update QuickBooks desktop to the latest release to make the checks show up in the print list:

💠 Go to the Help menu.
💠 Choose Update QuickBooks.
💠 Click on the Get Updates tab.
💠 Choose all the updates, as we don’t know the exact update that addresses this issue.
💠 Click on Update Now.
💠 Restart QuickBooks and click on Yes, when prompted to install the updates.

You should be able to view the check in the print list on the QuickBooks desktop. Users may even have to mark the print later option on top of the check so that the check shows up. This can be done by going to the particular check and selecting the option provided on top.


QuickBooks check is not showing up to print. To fix this issue, you need to choose the correct account and change preferences for the checks in your books. QuickBooks desktop users may have to install the latest updates to get rid of the error. Further, verifying that proper accounts were selected can resolve the problem.


  1. Does this post contain steps to resolve QuickBooks checks not showing in both online and desktop versions?

    Yes. QuickBooks is a program specifically designed to help small business owners keep track of their income and expenses. However, if you’re not using QuickBooks to handle your check printing needs, you might be making some big mistakes. This blog post will tell you how to avoid those mistakes so that your checks always print correctly. If you want to ensure that your checks print correctly in QuickBooks, you’ll need to add your payees. This process is easy to do and will help ensure that your payments are processed correctly.

  2. How do I ensure that checks in QuickBooks show up in the print list and print out correctly?

    If you are like most business owners, you use QuickBooks to manage your finances. One of the ways that you can keep track of your finances is by printing out checks. Unfortunately, printing checks can be a bit confusing if you don’t know how to make sure that your checks print correctly. In this blog post, we will explain how to print checks in QuickBooks and make sure that they print correctly.

  3. Are there any specific steps to ensure accurate printing of checks in QuickBooks?

    The first thing that you need to do is open QuickBooks and create a new check document. When you create the check document, be sure to select Printing from the list of Document Types. Next, select the check that you want to print and click on the Print button. You will then be asked whether you want to print the check front or back. If you want to print the check front, select Yes from this menu and then click on the OK button. If you want to print the check back, select No from this menu and then click on the OK button.

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