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QuickBooks Printing Issues – Could Not Find Printer

QuickBooks Printing Issues - Could Not Find Printer

Millions of business users around the world have tried and subsequently enjoyed QuickBooks software. Its features are not only amazing and easy to use, but it also saves a lot of time for your businesses, which allows them to focus on their core competencies.

Moreover, invoices, forms, and other documents can be printed directly from within QuickBooks. With this, you can save your quality time, but it damages the user experience when it displays an error message “Could not find Printer”. However, there are several printer-related issues that usually arise when you’re working on your QuickBooks software. To remove such issues and get back on track, this article provided all the basic troubleshooting as well as strategies.

What are the causes of printing issues in quickbooks?

List of some possible causes of printing issues in QuickBooks, which is given in below:

  • This problem can come if the printer is turned off.
  • This can happen even if the paper tray is empty.
  • If the printer is turned off or deactivated.
  • The printer is not installed properly.
  • This problem can come If any changes in the default printer.
  • The user isn’t signed in as a system manager.
  • Re-installation of corrupted QuickBooks application.

Prerequisites Needs to Be Considered before Resolving QuickBooks Could not find Printer

Before you begin troubleshooting of QuickBooks Could not find Printer, make sure you check the following:

  • Check to see if QuickBooks has been updated to the most recent version.
  • The printer is linked to your computer, and printer software must be installed.
  • You can look up specific printing error messages by searching the QuickBooks Support webpage.

What are the methods that need to be performed to rectify error QuickBooks Could not find Printer

Because every printer is different, many of the troubleshooting instructions of QuickBooks Could not find Printer below assume you know how to set up yours.

Let’s proceed with the below steps:

Method One: Check Your Printer 

Use Notepad to see if your printer can print outside of QuickBooks:

  • Choose Start and then Notepad.
  • Choose File, and then Print after entering some text.
  • Choose the appropriate printer and click Print.

Method Two: If the above solutions won’t work then try the below steps

If the print test failed, proceed to the next step. Go straight to Step 3 if it works.

  • Turn off the printer, then restart your computer before turning it back on
  • Check to see if the printer paper is properly loaded
  • Double-click Printers and Faxes in the Control Panel after selecting the Windows Start button
  • Right-click the printer and select Use Printer Online if it says Offline
  • If there are print jobs in the queue, double-click the printer and select Printer, then Cancel All Documents
  • Close the open tab
  • Select Print Test Page from the Printer Properties menu by right-clicking the printer.
Note: If the printer is a network printer and the test page does not print, it is possible that network troubles are to blame.

Is your computer still not working? Take a look at this…

  • Make sure you have the most up-to-date printer drivers for your printer
  • Download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website
  • Verify that the printer does not have any error lights on it

For any of the following, consult the printer manufacturer’s documentation:

  • Error messages are displayed on the printer.
  • The test page will not be printed by the printer.
  • Notepad does not print to the printer.

Method Three: If still not worked out then move with the below steps

The QuickBooks Tool Hub helps you to fix common printing issues. The below steps helps you to execute the same:

Use the QuickBooks Tool Hub 

  • QuickBooks should be closed
  • We recommend that you download the QuickBooks Tool Hub’s most recent version (
  • Save the file somewhere you’ll be able to find it quickly (like your Downloads folder or your Windows desktop)
Note: You can find out the version of Tool Hub you have if you've already installed it. The Home tab should be selected. The version will be displayed in the bottom right corner, or you may view it by selecting “About”.
  • Open the downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
  • Install by following the on-screen instructions and agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • When the installation is complete, double-click the tool hub icon on your Windows desktop to launch it
  • Once you’re done with the above steps, try to print once again.

Rename the file 

If the utility does not function, rename the QBPrint.QBP file manually:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, and 8: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20xx (20xx represents the version of your QuickBooks.)
  • Server 2008 and Server 2012: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks YEAR and C:\Users\**remote user**\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\ YEAR VERSION\TSPrinterSettings

Note: Terminal Service users report finding duplicate copies of the Qbprint.qbp file with the stored client data files; double-check all folders for odd instances.

Important Tips: To find these files in Windows, you may need to use Display hidden files and directories or search for files using Windows.
  • Rename the QBprint.qbp file for your QuickBooks version by right-clicking it
  • Replace the term old with the word old in the file name (i.e. QBPrint.qbp.old)
  • QuickBooks Desktop should now be open
  • Select Printer Setup from the File menu
  • Select OK after selecting any transaction from the Form Name list
  • This will result in the creation of a new QBprint.qbp file
  • It’s important to note that you don’t have to do this for every transaction
  • Any transaction should be able to be opened and printed.

Method Four: If none of the above works verify the printer is the correct one

Verify that the printer is the correct one that may also assist you in rectifying the error:

  • Select Printer Setup from the File menu in QuickBooks
  • Select the form you’d want to print
  • Is the printer name same to the name of the printer you’re attempting to use? If this isn’t the case, you’ll need to first correct the setup in your computer’s Printer Setup
  • For additional information on these settings, go to the Help menu
  • In the Printer Setup, try printing with a different printer
  • Select File, then Printer Setup in QuickBooks
  • Select the form that you want to print
  • Choose a different printer; the Microsoft XP printer is a good option
  • For additional information on these settings, go to Help in this section
  • Try printing a different form or switching to a standard form or report if you’re using customized forms or memorized reports
  • Try printing a single form if you were printing a batch of forms in QuickBooks
  • If you’re having success, consider printing in smaller batches
  • Try printing the same type of form or report from one of the QuickBooks sample company files
  • If it works then try using “Resolve data damage on your company file” to fix any data damage in your file and then try once again to print the file 
  • Also, move to the Selective Startup Mode and if the error still occurs then perform “Reinstall QuickBooks for Windows using a Clean Install”. 


Hopefully, the above-suggested steps help you to fix the “Could not find Printer” error. If not then you’re recommended to reach out to the technical team by visiting our website or using the Live Chat option to easily rectify your issues related to printing problems. 


  1. Is LPT1 assigned to any other printers? Are you utilizing a switch box if you have many printers connected to LPT1?

    Check to see if it’s the source of the problem:

    1. Connect the printer to the computer directly and print once again
    2. If you’re not sure if you’re using a switch box or how to connect the printer to the computer directly.

  2. Is the printer local or on a network?

    Local: the issue could be with your computer or printer configuration. Check to see if the computer and the printer are connected.

    Network: double-check that your network settings are correct.

  3. Is the status monitor supposed to pop up every time you print or only when there are errors?

    If Yes, that means alter the status monitor’s settings so that it only appears when an error occurs (refer to the printer manual). Check the spool path information and switch to RAW mode.If No, indicates move on to the next step in the troubleshooting process.

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