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Quickbooks Database Server Manager No Files Are Connected

QuickBooks is a fantastic small business process management software that is packed with useful features. While the software aids in the smooth operation of business accounting tasks, it also combats errors. These mistakes and problems that arise while working have an impact on your QuickBooks installation. Error codes and error messages are sometimes obscure or poorly described.

What’s Quickbooks database server manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager allows you to share your corporate files with other computers on your network. When you set up a network, you must run QuickBooks Database Server Manager so that users may access your corporate data. It also aids in the monitoring of your multi-user network.

QuickBooks services and databases have had a significant influence on the accounting and financial industries. It is now widely used by most organizations to produce invoices, allowing small enterprises to operate with greater authenticity. One of the best things about QuickBooks is that its UI is so simple that anybody can use it.

The QuickBooks database server manager is a critical component of the program. It gives you the ability to control the QuickBooks Server for multi-user accessibility. This database management application generates a network data file (.ND) for almost any business file on the local host system. 

The QuickBooks Database Server Manager is a software application that allows several users to view the same company file at the same time. The utility generates a network data file that enables users to view the firm information from anywhere. This functionality is especially beneficial for firms with several locations or remote employees.

Unfortunately, users may occasionally face problems in which the QuickBooks Database Server Manager fails to connect files. For users who rely on the program to manage their financial activities, this may be an unpleasant experience. The following are reasons for this problem and offer remedies to assist people to overcome it.

There might be various reasons why Quickbooks database server management does not show any files as linked. 

  • Restart Quickbooks Database Server Manager: Sometimes, restarting the program can solve the issue. Close the Quickbooks Database Server Manager and reopen it to see if any files are now connected.
  • Check if the server is running: Make sure the computer or server where Quickbooks is installed is turned on and connected to the internet.
  • Check network connectivity: Verify that the computer or server where the Quickbooks company file is located is connected to the network and that you have proper network access rights to that location.
  • Ensure the company file is shared: Make sure the company file is shared on the network and that the proper permissions are set up for other users to access it.
  • Check firewall settings: Verify that the firewall settings are not blocking the connection between Quickbooks and the company file. You may need to add Quickbooks to the list of allowed programs in your firewall settings.
  • Verify file path: Ensure that the file path in Quickbooks Database Server Manager matches the location of the company file.

You might attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

Incorrect network setup:

One of the common reasons behind the error message “no files are connected” in QuickBooks Database Server Manager is an incorrect network setup. Ensure that all the computers on the network are connected to the same network, and the host computer is set up correctly. Also, check that the Windows firewall and antivirus software are not blocking the QuickBooks Database Server Manager from accessing the network.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager not installed correctly:

If the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is not installed correctly, it may cause errors such as “no files are connected.” To resolve this, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the QuickBooks software, including the Database Server Manager. Make sure that you follow the installation instructions carefully and select the appropriate installation options.

Damaged or corrupted company file:

A damaged or corrupted company file can also cause errors with the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. To check if this is the issue, you can try opening the company file directly from the host computer. If the file opens without any issues, it may indicate that the file is corrupted. You can try restoring a backup of the file or running the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to repair the file.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager service not running:

If the QuickBooks Database Server Manager service is not running, you may receive the error message “no files are connected.” To check if the service is running, press the Windows key + R and type “services.msc” in the Run box. Locate the QuickBooksDBxx service (where xx refers to the version number) and ensure that the status is “Running.” If the service is not running, you can try restarting the service or rebooting the computer.

Incorrect permissions:

If the user does not have the correct permissions to access the company file or the folder where the company file is stored, the QuickBooks Database Server Manager may not be able to connect to the file. To resolve this, you can check the permissions for the user account and ensure that the user has the appropriate access rights.

Outdated QuickBooks version:

An outdated version of QuickBooks may also cause errors with the Database Server Manager. Ensure that you have the latest version of QuickBooks installed on your computer. You can check for updates by going to Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop.

Network issues:

Network issues such as slow internet speed or poor network connectivity can also cause errors with the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Ensure that the network connection is stable and fast enough to support multiple users accessing the company file simultaneously. You can try resetting the network adapter or restarting the router to resolve network issues.

Corrupted QuickBooks installation:

A corrupted installation of QuickBooks may also cause errors with the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. To resolve this, you can try repairing the QuickBooks installation using the Control Panel or by running the QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool.

Capabilities of Quickbooks database server manager:

It is a program that enables QuickBooks servers to communicate with many users. It generates a network base data file that is mostly used by the host computer. This facilitates the creation of network data files for the firm that are accessible on the host computer. Install this program if you want several access levels for distinct users. The bottom line is straightforward. If you need much accessibility from the host machine, you will be unable to accomplish so until you have this utility. Yet, it is capable of much more than merely networking. They are as follows:

  • Doing a QuickBooks corporate file scan.
  • The new company’s local storage device is automatically detected.
  • Creates a network data file on the host machine.
  • During the installation procedure, you can add several users.
  • Scanning the QuickBooks company file, which is required for multi-user access, is required.
  • Examine the file storage device for a new corporate file.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

QuickBooks Database Server Manager is also installed on your server PC. This application allows you to share corporate files with other computers on your network.

  • Step-1: QuickBooks Desktop includes Database Server Management. Everything users must do is install and update QuickBooks Desktop, and the Database Manager will update automatically.
  • Step-2: Setup the QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your host computer. That would be the computer that stores your corporate files. Close all open apps on your server PC, including QuickBooks.
  • Step-3: When QuickBooks prompts you to pick an installation type, choose Custom or Network Options. Then press the Next button. Do not choose Express.
  • Step-4: Choose the best choice for your network configuration, then click Next. Both alternatives include the installation of the Database Server Manager. This will not replace any current company data if QuickBooks Desktop has already been loaded on your server PC. 
  • Step-5: Choose I’ll be utilizing QuickBooks Desktop on this computer AND I’ll be storing our company file here so it can be shared across the network if you desire Database Server Manager and QuickBooks Desktop on your server computer.
  • Step-6: If you simply want Database Server Manager on your server PC, choose I will NOT be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer.
  • Step-7: Follow the remainder of the displayed instructions. When you’re finished, click Install. Windows may request your permission.
  • Step-8: Select carefully and then provide access.
  • Step-9: Following that, you’ll be prompted to input the product key and license number.
  • Step-10: Continue with the installation procedure by following the next steps.

With each version of Database Server Manager, QuickBooks generates a new Windows user. Database Server Manager 2023, for example, appears as QBDataServiceUser33. Allow the QB data service user to access the folders containing your company’s files.

How to Configure Database Server Manager?

  • Launch the Start menu in Windows.
  • Open Services by typing Services into the search bar.
  • Choose and launch QuickBooksDBXX (XX = version number).
  • Navigate to General and discover Service status. Choose Stop if it is started or running.
  • Choose Automatic from the Startup type drop-down menu.
  • Go to Logon and choose the Local System account.
  • Go to Recovery and choose Restart the Services from the first, second, and subsequent failures.
  • Return to General and click the Start button to reboot Database Server Management.

What is QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

QuickBooks Database Server Manager is a utility tool that enables multiple users to access a company file stored on a server computer. It creates network data files (.ND) for any company file stored on the host computer.

Why does QuickBooks Database Server Manager show “No files are connected”?

If the QuickBooks Database Server Manager shows “No files are connected”, it means that it is not able to locate the company file or unable to connect with it.

What could be the reasons for QuickBooks Database Server Manager not able to locate the company file?

The following could be the reasons why QuickBooks Database Server Manager cannot locate the company file:

  • The company file is located in a different folder or location than what was originally configured in the database server manager.
  • The firewall or security software is blocking the connection between the server and client computers.
  • The network data file (.ND) is damaged or corrupt.

How can I resolve the issue of “No files are connected” in QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

You can try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure that the company file is stored in the same location as the network data file (.ND).
  • Check if the firewall or security software is blocking the connection between the server and client computers.
  • Re-scan the company file in QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Rename the network data file (.ND) and rescan the company file.
  • Repair QuickBooks installation on the server computer.
  • Contact QuickBooks support for further assistance.


QuickBooks users are going to appreciate the database server manager. You cannot utilize the multi-user mode until you have this. Yet, the download, set-up, and update processes of the QuickBooks database server management might be perplexing at times.

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