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QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Are you planning to update the QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version of 2022? Well, in this post you will find out why you need to update your QuickBooks today. We are sure that end of this post you will want to upgrade to the new and improved features in QuickBooks desktop 2022.

Now let us look at the New and Improved Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022

64-bit Processing Power

The QuickBooks Desktop 2022 has been made to become compatible with a 64-bit processor. All your tasks can be completed with more speed now. This means that QuickBooks has become more reliable now. The 64-bit processor will come on QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Account Plus 2022. Select the F2 key.

Attaching Documents Using a Mobile Device

You can use this latest 2022 version for android and apple mobile devices. Try the new software of your mobile device, going to your QuickBooks desktop you have to select the document. You can snap a picture with the mobile version and even scan documents. You can even attach these documents and make your paperwork hassle-free.

Instant Deposits for QuickBooks Account Users

In order to use the QuickBooks account user instant deposits, you need to go to customers, and then go to the menu bar. Next, you have to select customers and billing solutions and finally go to download payments options.

You will find that there are multiple access points for the QuickBooks desktop and you will only require the debit card details and the one-time verification process. All the payments that you have by the merchants can go directly into the business bank account. All the users can see the instant deposit that is made and then accept the coming deposit in a single step. This is a great smooth payment method in the new and improved feature in QuickBooks desktop 2022.

Pay bills with Melio

The first feature is the paying bills with Melio that you will be able to see in QuickBooks desktop pro plus, premier plus, accountant plus 2022. But to use this feature and use this you will have to go to the menu bar then you have to go to vendors and then to pay bills from the displayed schedule online payment.

While paying a vendor bill with a payment type then it will have a separate processing fee, then the Quickbooks desktop will create a vendor named Melio and the same charges will be included in the vendor bill. These charges will then be deducted from the funding source. There is one more option that will sync the online bill payments that you can find on the menu bar.

With Melio you can even choose a specific day to make payments which means that you can schedule the vendor payments online. Quickbooks users can do payments of their vendor’s bills using ACH and debit or credit card. When the payment is done the bill will be marked as paid by QuickBooks.

Discovery Hub

Find this option in the top right corner of the menu bar.

This is nothing but a list of all the new and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

Add one Commerce Integration Powered by Webgility

The feature can be found in QuickBooks desktop enterprise 22.0. To go through this feature you will have to view add on which will take an additional fee. On the menu bar> company and then my company option. Webgility makes e-commerce management easy and you can choose from packages like core, classic, and deluxe.

These are all the latest features included in the new and improved feature in QuickBooks desktop 2022 and you will find that these can make your work much easier.

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