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QuickBooks Error 106

QuickBooks Error 106

QuickBooks is a great way to organize and keep track of your business expenses. It not only meets your business requirements but also simplifies your work. To see what money goes in and out of your business, it automatically connects to bank accounts and credit card companies.

However, sometimes users have to deal with some bugs and errors while using the software such as QuickBooks error 106 wherein the users attempt to log in to the bank website but they fail to find the specific account. “Your account is closed and you can’t access it anymore” this kind of error message pops up on your screen. This often happens if the account gets closed from the bank’s end. As a result, you are unable to perform any online banking transactions. 

QuickBooks error 106 takes place due to several other reasons that you need to know. As it will help you to eradicate the issue on time. So without wasting a while, let us begin.

Let’s have a glance at the factors that could lead to QuickBooks error 106

There are various kinds of elements that give rise to QuickBooks error 106. Therefore, you need to first identify all of them and then move towards solutions accordingly. 

  1. If you are using the outdated or older version of QuickBooks. 
  2. Corrupted files or accounts can provoke QuickBooks error 106.
  3. This error can also arise when you accidentally delete imported files and transactions.
  4. Due to any uninformed changes in the bank details.
  5. Breakdown of the bank’s server or some other related issues. 

What are the most helpful solution Steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 106?

To avoid QuickBooks error 106, you need to implement the methods in a given order so that you don’t have to face any trouble in the middle of the procedure. 

Total Time: 28 minutes

Step 1: Sign in Bank Account

Sign in Bank Account

Carefully log in to your bank account if you want to eliminate QuickBooks error 106. Here are the steps that you need to know;

💠 Firstly, you are required to log in to your bank account. 
💠 Once you logged in successfully, go to Customer Service.
💠 Here, you have to tap on the Service Center.
💠 Then select My Information.
💠 Choose Allow Financial Management Tools Access option.
💠 Finally, turn on Settings and check whether QuickBooks error 106 is repaired or not.

Step 2: Edit Bank Account

Edit Bank Account

QuickBooks error 106 can be repaired to edit your bank account. Check out the steps; 
💠 To begin, you need to hit the Transactions tab.
💠 Now, choose Banking.
💠 After that, browse the account which you want to remove.
💠 Later, you have to click on the Pencil icon next to the bank name.
💠 Once you are done with that, head to Edit Account Info.
💠 Then, tick the box beside Disconnect this account on the save option. 
💠 At last, tap on Save.

Step 3: Delete the Account using the Chart of Accountants

Delete Account using Chart of Accountants

This is another way to get rid of QuickBooks error 106. Let’s have a look;

💠 The first step is to click the gear icon and then select the Chart of Accountants.
💠 Now, navigate to the account that you want to delete.
💠 In the Action column, choose the downwards arrow and then press the Delete button.
💠 When you follow the above-suggested steps, the QuickBooks account would be inactive and won’t be seen in the Chart of Accountants.

Step 4: Add your Bank Details

Add your Bank Details

It is important to add your bank details in order to mend QuickBooks error 106. To do so;

💠 A user needs to tap on Add Account.
💠 Next, enter the Bank name and then click on Find.
💠 Select ON in the Search Global banks field if it’s a global bank. 
💠 Choose the link that matches your account. For instance- Personal/Business/Credit Card/ Savings card etc.)
💠 In the end, you have to enter your login credentials.
💠 Once all set, press Login.

If you are asked to enter additional information then follow the instructions inclined below; 

💠 You need to tick the checkbox adjacent to the account.
💠 Next, click on the drop-down menu of the QuickBooks Account.
💠 Choose the QuickBooks Account.
💠 Then, you have to select Add New at the very top and create the account.

Create an account In case you don’t have any;

💠 First of all, you have to press Connect and this will take some time so keep patience. 
💠 Choose the option That’s it, I’m Finished! 
💠 Once you are done with the above step, you need to hit the For Review tab to verify the downloaded items. 

Final Words!

The above-outlined steps will surely help you to fix QuickBooks error 106 if you follow each one in a given order. However, if you experience any issues while executing any step, feel free to get in touch with QuickBooks help desk team members. They give their best to get you out of such a problem with ease. 


  1. How can I restore deleted transactions in QuickBooks if it’s necessary to fix QuickBooks error 106?

    If the transactions are deleted accidentally then here’s what you should do;

    💠 Go to Reports and then hover over Accountants & Taxes.
    💠 In the side menu, you would have to tap on Audit Trail.
    💠 Choose the From box and select the date when the transaction was deleted. 
    💠 Then, click Refresh.
    💠 From the new list, you need to select the deleted transaction and then double-click on it.
    💠 Now, enter the relevant information.

  2. Can QuickBooks error 106 be resolved if I update my QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version?

    Yes, of course as it is found that outdated versions of QuickBooks can give rise to the QuickBooks error 106 so it is required to keep your software up-to-date. Else, this issue won’t let you proceed ahead. 

    💠 To begin, a user needs to open the QuickBooks Desktop.
    💠 Now, navigate to Help and then select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
    💠 Then, you have to tap on Update Now. Tip: you can select the 💠 Reset Update checkbox to clear all previous update downloads.
    💠 Once done with that, click Get Updates to start the download.
    💠 You may have to wait until the QuickBooks Desktop update won’t be completed successfully.
    💠 If it prompts, accept the option to install the new release.
    💠 In the end, press the Close tab.

  3. How to create a new user profile if my account has been corrupted and I’m unable to overcome QuickBooks error 106?

    The corrupted account is the primary cause of occurring QuickBooks error 106. 

    💠 Hover over the Start tab and then select the Control Panel.
    💠 Tap on User Accounts.

    Note: If you are unable to view user accounts, the control panel may be in Category View. Tap on the switch to classic view. 

    💠 Click on manage another account.
    💠 Now, press Create a new account tab.
    💠 Then, you have to write ‘Test’ in the new account name box and choose Administrator.
    💠 After that, tap on create an account.
    💠 Once you are done with that, the new user account has been created.
    💠 You can switch to the new user profile when you press the start button.
    💠 At last, click on switch user.

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