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QuickBooks Error 12038

QuickBooks Error 12038
Did you know that if you ignore such errors of QuickBooks, there is a high possibility that it may go on to corrupt and cause an irrecoverable loss of data? Here’s how.

It is important to note that QuickBooks is highly-engineered accounting software that serves its user with the most advanced set of features. However, despite being the easiest and most convenient application, users are forced to encounter issues like “QuickBooks error 12038”. This error usually pops out when the user is attempting to update the QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release

QuickBooks error 12038 can be triggered by many reasons; the wrong date and time, to name one of them. Consequently, QuickBooks starts to freeze or malfunction; it may also stop responding to user requests, some tabs are greyed out, and much more. Moreover, a corrupted installation file could lead to this error. So let’s have an in-depth discussion about the same. 

What are the prominent causes of occurring QuickBooks error 12038?

Sometimes when you attempt to update the QuickBooks desktop to its latest release, QuickBooks error 12038 may appear on your screen which hinders you meanwhile the process. 

  • If the inaccurate date and time are set on your computer.
  • If the users are using an unstable internet connection or QuickBooks is not able to identify your internet service
  • Error 12038 may also display when there are several versions of Quickbooks desktop available in one system.
  • If the firewall software is blocking free access to QuickBooks executable files. 

Some key points to remember before rectifying the QuickBooks error 12038

Before you go with the process, you are required to do some important actions as follows;

  • The Download Accelerator is installed in most of the devices to speed up any downloading process. You must disable it prior to downloading the QuickBooks updates as it can damage the software. 
  • Verify that the internet speed that your connection is providing should not be less than 28.8 kilobits per second (Kb/s).
  • If in your browser, the parental controls are enabled for safety then turn them off whenever you are going to update QuickBooks.
  • Before you perform any resolution method, you should first create a backup of your company file. Else, you may have to deal with accidental data loss. 

What are the solutions to fix QuickBooks error 12038?

You are supposed to go through the below-listed steps one by one if it is being hectic for you to rectify QuickBooks error 12038. So without wasting a while, let’s get started.

Ensure that the correct Time and Date are updated on the computer

Incorrect date and time can hinder the update process and create QuickBooks error 12038 so make sure this setting is accurately set in your system. To do so, you have to check out the following points:

  • By clicking on the date and time at the bottom right-hand corner, you have to be sure about the accuracy of the date and time. 
  • If not then press the Windows + R keys together to bring up the Run box.
  • Now type the Control or Control Panel in a search box.
  • Select the Clock and Region from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a current Date and Time.
  • Then click on “Change the Date and Time” in a drop-down menu.
  • Modify the time and date to the wished time zone and later press OK.
  • After that, you are supposed to tap on Change Time Zone from the drop-down menu. Ensure that the time zone is correct otherwise this error may incur.
  • Before trying to install the updates, shut down the QuickBooks and reopen it.

Reset QuickBooks Updates and Attempt to Install them again

QuickBooks error 12038 can be resolved if you reset QuickBooks updates and try to install them again. For this, you are required to go through the below-listed steps;

  • First, you would have to open the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Navigate to the assistance and then update the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select Update Now.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the Reset update, click it and then Get Updates the notifications.
  • In the end, you need to keep patience for a while as the QuickBooks desktop update will take some time.

Check the Internet Connection Settings

To confirm that a poor Internet connection is causing QuickBooks error 12038. You need to perform the below-given steps on your own.

  • In this initial step, you need to hit on the web browser and visit the official website of your bank such as, in case you are unable to open the website, it is suggested that you can contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) once. 
  • Kindly do the following actions when you are able to open the bank’s website. 
    A. The very first step is to open QuickBooks and then browse to the help menu.
    B. Click on Internet Connection Setup in the Help menu.
    C. In the options which appear on your screen, choose my computer’s Internet Connection Settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet.
    D. To proceed further, hit Next.
    E. Now select the tab of Advanced Connection Settings.
    F. Herein, locate the Restore Advanced Settings.
    G. Then click OK and you are done with the process.

QuickBooks desktop should be closed and reopened again and then you can try to install the updates. 

Configure the Firewall and Security Application Settings

Sometimes security applications may prevent QuickBooks desktop to launch updates. It is recommended, pause it for a temporary period. For Example, 30 Minutes and then try to install the updates.

QuickBooks error 12038 may also arise because of the firewall configuration. If the firewall is blocking access to the computer, it won’t allow you to install the latest updates.

Also, you are required to provide access to these files that are jotted below:

* QBCFMonitorService.exe
* QBGDSPlugin.exe
* QBLaunch.exe
* QBDBMgrN.exe
* QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
* QBDBMgr.exe
* QBW32.exe
* Dbmlsync.exe
* AutoBackupExe.exe
* FileManagement.exe 
* DBManagerExe.exe
* IntuitsyncManager.exe

Multiple QuickBooks Versions installed on the same computer

When you get several QuickBooks versions installed on the same computer like QuickBooks Pro 2019 and QuickBooks Premier 2019, this error will appear on your screen and bother you to the great extent. If you only need to install the updated version for QuickBooks Pro 2019 then you are required to follow the below-described process:

  • Go to the Downloads & Updates section of the QuickBooks website.
  • Select the Country now.
  • Choose the Product according to your requirements.
  • Now select the version.
  • Press the Search button.
  • Once you are done with the above step, click “Get the recent Updates” (below the download button).
  • When the download process is completed, you have to install the latest release.


Hopefully, you won’t have to struggle with “QuickBooks error 12038” once you read out this blog till the end. But, if you fail to find out the actual reason for happening such errors and want some guidance and suggestions, you can get in touch with QuickBooks customer helpdesk team members as they have intense knowledge and experience to resolve every kind of technical glitches in one go. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I disable Download Accelerators before troubleshooting QuickBooks error 12038?

    If you don’t want to damage your software, It is necessary to disable the Download Accelerators prior to downloading QuickBooks updates. For this, check the below-listed steps:

    1. In the Chrome browser, click the right-hand corner of your screen in the address bar.
    2. You are required to choose settings from here and then select Advanced from here.
    3. Then turn off the option named Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly option. 
    4. Go to the extensions in the address bar under the Chrome browser and review any of the extensions to ensure none of them are trying to accelerate downloads or make content available offline.
    5. Now disable any of these types of extensions.
    6. In Internet Explorer, select Tools, Manage Add-ons, and verify the list of Toolbars and Extensions. 
    7. Right-click and choose Disable on any that may be attempting to accelerate downloads or make content available offline. 

  2. What should I need to do to install the latest release of QuickBooks?

    Many QuickBooks users get panic when it comes to installing the most recent version of QuickBooks. But it’s not as typical as they think. Let’s have a look;

    1. Navigate to the Help menu and click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
    2. Hover over the Update Now tab. Note: You can select the Reset Update checkbox to clear all previous update downloads.
    3. Now you are supposed to select Get Updates to start the download.
    4. Once you are done with the downloading process, restart QuickBooks.
    5. Choose the option to install the new release when prompted.

  3. Is it possible to create a backup of a company file in QuickBooks? If yes then how.

    Like other software, you don’t need to spend your precious hours generating a backup of your company file as QuickBooks will do it automatically for you. Let’s see how.

    1. You would have to open QuickBooks first and navigate to the File menu.
    2. Click on Switch to single-user.
    3. After this, go to the File menu again and hover over Back up Company.
    4. Then choose to Create Local Backup.
    5. In the window, select Local Backup and then tap on the Next button.
    6. Click Browse in the Local Backup Only section and choose where you want to save your backup company file.
    7. From the Online and Local Backup section, select Complete verification. This runs a test to ensure your backup file is in good shape before you save it.
    8. Once you’re ready, press OK.
    9. Now you need to click Save it Now and schedule future backups.
    10. Then hit Next.
    11. Choose New to create a schedule.
    12. After setting your schedule, click OK. Here, you have to enter your Windows sign-in password. This gives QuickBooks permission to run the scheduled backup.
    13. When you are done with creating your backup, select Finish.

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