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QuickBooks Error 15214

QuickBooks Error 15214

Is it problematic for you to encounter QuickBooks error 15214 over and over again? If yes then this is the right place for you. In this blog, you will learn how to repair unwanted or uninvited bugs and errors. The QuickBooks error 15214 is one of them that usually occurs when a user fails to download and install the newest updates at regular intervals. It also pops up if QuickBooks is unable to validate the digital signature of a company file. You can get rid of such an error by executing the manual techniques inclined below. So, let’s get started without wasting a while.

What are the prominent reasons behind troubleshooting QuickBooks error 15214?

If you are suddenly trapped in QuickBooks error 15214 and unable to get rid of it, it is recommended to identify the factors that could lead to the error. Doing so will help you to choose an appropriate solution accordingly. 

  1. When QuickBooks is unable to validate the digital signature certificate of a file 
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer has the wrong configuration.
  3. Disruption is caused by the Windows Firewall Settings.
  4. Malware or antivirus is a problem.
  5. The QuickBooks File Copy Service (FCS) is not enabled on the device.
  6. Improper Internet Explorer Settings can result in QuickBooks error 15214.
  7. The Windows Registry has been damaged.
  8. Internet Connectivity issues also give rise to this kind of error. 
  9. Due to an incomplete installation, a corrupted windows file has been found.
  10. The installation of the QuickBooks application is not done properly.
  11. This update error might be seen if the QuickBooks Desktop is crying out for the most recent updates. 
  12. An unstable Internet connection may also increase the chances of this error message.

Some key points to remember before moving ahead

Some key points to remember before moving ahead

  1. A user is required to install the latest version of Internet Explorer.
  2. Check that QuickBooks Desktop is updated.
  3. Create a backup of a company file.
  4. Antivirus or Windows Firewall must be temporarily closed. 
  5. Windows must be updated according to QuickBooks Compatibility.

Create a backup of a company file

It is important to generate the company file backup as if something goes incorrect and there would be any fallback at the time of the troubleshooting procedure, you won’t have to lose any of your data. 

  • First, you are required to open QuickBooks.
  • Navigate to the File then to Backup Company and lastly to Create Local Backup.
  • Now follow the instructions visible on the screen to make a company file backup. 

Let’s explore how to mend QuickBooks error 15214

Here are some easy or simple steps that can quickly repair QuickBooks error 15214 if you perform them in a given sequence. Let’s proceed further. 

Total Time: 40 minutes

Step 1: Enable the File Copy Service for Intuit QuickBooks Desktop

Enable the File Copy Service for Intuit QuickBooks Desktop

Once you enable the File Copy Service, you’ll no longer experience QuickBooks error 15214. 

💠 First, you need to exit from active screens for QuickBooks Desktop.
💠 Press the Windows button to bring up the Start menu.
💠 Navigate to the search panel and type computer.
💠 Now, move your cursor to Computer, right-click on it and select the Manage option.
💠 You are required to choose the Services and Applications tab and click twice on Services.
💠 Search and select Intuit QuickBooks FCS (Frame Check Sequence).
💠 Hit on the General button, switch to the Startup Type menu, and select Manual.
💠 Then, tap on the Apply button, click Start, and finally press OK to confirm.
💠 You have to access QuickBooks Desktop and download the pending payroll tax table updates.

Step 2: Execute a Clean Installation for QuickBooks Desktop

Execute a Clean Installation for QuickBooks Desktop

You are supposed to perform a Clean Installation for QuickBooks Desktop in order to eradicate QuickBooks error 15214 which entails uninstalling the application, renaming the installation folder and then reinstalling it.  

💠 Hover over the Windows Start Menu button and then hit the Search bar option.
💠 Here, you have to write the Control Panel and then choose the Control Panel tab.
💠 In the upcoming window, select Programs and Features.
💠 Click the Uninstall a program option and select QuickBooks Desktop from the displayed list of applications and programs.
💠 Hit the Uninstall/ change tab on the top of the screen and then press the Next button.
💠 Select Remove when the system asks you to choose one between Remove or Repair.
💠 Now, follow the on-screen wizard to complete the uninstallation process.
💠 Go to the folder in which your QuickBooks files are stored, usually in C: Drive.
💠 Hit a Right-Click on it, select Rename and add the.OLD extension to the name of the folder.
💠 Browse the Intuit website and reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.
💠 Once all is set, reboot your system and download the latest updates. 

Step 3: Update Microsoft Security Certificate

Update Microsoft Security Certificate

You can fix QuickBooks error 15214 By keeping your Microsoft Security Certificate up-to-date. 

💠 From the Start menu, you need to select the Control Panel.
💠 Later, under System and Security, select Windows Update.
💠 Click on View update history from the left window.

Step 4: Include QuickBooks and Intuit as Trusted Websites on Internet Explorer

Include QuickBooks and Intuit as Trusted Websites on Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer may recognize Intuit and QuickBooks websites as a potential threat to the security of the device and may limit their online access. Therefore, you need to add these websites as Trusted Websites in the browser for safe surfing as well as to eliminate the QuickBooks error 15214. 

💠 Start Internet Explorer on your screen.
💠 Hit the tools icon in the upper right corner of the window.
💠 From the drop-down menu, select Internet Options. 
💠 Choose the Security tab and press the Trusted Sites button.
💠 Tap on the Site tab and include the below-listed websites in the Trusted Sites list according to your QuickBooks version-
For a US Version:
For a Canadian Version:
💠 Hit Close, select Apply and press the OK button.
💠 You have to attempt accessing QuickBooks Desktop now. 

Step 5: Try to Update your QuickBooks Desktop

Try to Update your QuickBooks Desktop

You won’t be able to avail the upcoming features of the QuickBooks desktop if you don’t update it on a regular basis. This kind of negligence causes QuickBooks error 15214. 

💠 The very first step is to open QuickBooks Desktop.
💠 Go to Help and select QuickBooks Desktop Update.
💠 Tap on Check for Updates.
💠 Now, click Get Updates from the drop-down menu.
💠 Now, you would have to wait for a while as it may take some time to update the QuickBooks Desktop.
💠 At last, you need to close the window. 

Step 6: Turning Off the Firewall and Network Protection Temporary

Turning Off the Firewall and Network Protection Temporary

Sometimes, the problem might occur due to a firewall or other security software that prevents the latest updates from being downloaded. It’s a good idea to switch them off for a temporary period. It will also help you to overcome QuickBooks error 15214. 

💠 Hit right-click on the Start Button and choose the “Properties” tab.
💠 After that, select the Settings option.
💠 From the drop-down menu, you are required to click Update & Security.
💠 Then navigate to the Windows Security tab from the left panel and click Open Windows Security.
💠 From the Windows Security Tab, you have to select Firewall and Network protection.
💠 At last, turn off the Microsoft Defender Firewall with all types of networks by clicking on Domain, Private and Public Network one by one.

Step 7: Install a digital signature certificate

Install a digital signature certificate

By installing a digital signature certificate, you can keep your system away from QuickBooks error 15214. 

💠 In the beginning, make sure QuickBooks Desktop is closed.
💠 Now navigate to the C:\Program Files (×86)\Intuit\QuickBooks.
💠 Next, you are required to search for the QBW32.exe in QuickBooks.
💠 Once you’ve located QBW32.exe, make right-click on it and then select Properties.
💠 After that, choose Intuit Inc. from the list of digital signature providers on the Digital Signature tab.
💠 From the drop-down menu, select Details.
💠 In the Digital Signature Details window, click on View Certificate.
💠 Tap on Install Certificate in the certificate window.
💠 Press Next until you reach the end.
💠 Then you are supposed to hit the Finish tab.
💠 Restart your system and reopen QuickBooks.
💠 In the end, you would have to re-download the update. 

Step 8: Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks

Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks

In case the error still persists after following the above-suggested steps then this technique will repair QuickBooks error 15214. 

💠 Make sure QuickBooks should be closed.
💠 From the Finder menu, choose Applications.
💠 After that, you are supposed to delete the QuickBooks icon by dragging it to the Trash.
💠 PLIST files in QuickBooks should be deleted.

User PLIST: 

💠 At first, you need to open the Menu bar and then click on the Finder option.
💠 Then you would have to choose the Library and Keep holding on to the Option key.
💠 Now, you must open the Preferences folder. 
💠 Look for the PLIST files in which you must add com. intuit.QuickBooks20XX and delete the same. Also, verify the version of the QuickBooks Desktop software that you are using.

System PLIST:

💠 Open the Macintosh HD in a new Finder window.
💠 Go to the Library folder, then to the Preferences folder.
💠 Search for PLIST files that include com. Intuit.
💠 Move them to the Trash after QuickBooks20XX.
💠 The QuickBooks version you are using is XX.
💠 Take out the garbage.
💠 You are required to restart your computer.
💠 Lastly, QuickBooks should be reinstalled.


Fixing Quickbooks error 15214 is not as hard as you consider it to be. Executing any of the above-stated methods might help QuickBooks users to eradicate the issue without any hassle. But in case, if you need any advice or step-by-step guidance on how to implement it, you can get in touch with QuickBooks help desk team members. As they have in-depth knowledge and experience to tackle such errors in one go.


  1. What is the purpose of the Digital Signature Certificate and why is it required to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 15214?

    A digital signature (a type of electronic signature) is a mathematical algorithm routinely used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message (i.e., an email, a credit card transaction, or a digital document). Digital signatures create a virtual fingerprint that is unique to a person or entity and generally used to identify users and protect the information in digital messages or documents. Digital signatures are considered more secure than other forms of electronic signatures. It increases the transparency of online interactions and develops trust between customers, business partners, and vendors. There are many commercial third-party certificate authorities from which you can either purchase a digital certificate or obtain a free digital certificate. Moreover, many institutions, governments, and corporations can also issue their own certificates.

  2. Is it possible to trigger QuickBooks error 15214 if my Windows Security Certificate has expired?

    It is noticed that many QuickBooks users are unfamiliar with the validity of the Windows security certificate. You may have to deal with QuickBooks error 15214 if you are currently using an expired security certificate. You are required to first check the validity date of the windows security certificate. Here’s how;

    💠 Head to the Chrome menu and then select Settings.
    💠 Choose the option Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page.
    💠 After that, scroll down the page to search for SSL and then click on the Manage Certificates.
    💠 Now, the expiration date for your personal certificate should be displayed in the column named Expiration Date. 
    💠 Hit the Close tab to save your preferences.

  3. How to reset Internet Explorer Settings? Does this technique keep your system away from QuickBooks error 15214?

    A user needs to reset Internet Explorer Settings to avoid unwanted bugs and errors that may take place after the installation process. Be aware that this procedure isn’t reversible and all previous Internet Explorer Settings are lost when it comes to resetting. Let’s check out the steps as follows;

    💠 First of all, you would have to close all open Windows and Programs.
    💠 Now, open Internet Explorer, select Tools and then choose Internet Options.
    💠 Then press the Advanced tab.
    💠 Click Reset under the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box.
    💠 In the box, Are you sure you want to reset all Internet Explorer Settings? You need to select Reset. 
    💠 Once Internet Explorer stops applying default settings, hit Close and then press OK.
    💠 At last, restart your system to see the changes.

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