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fix QuickBooks Error 403 (QuickBooks Access Denied/Forbidden)

QuickBooks Error 403

What Is QuickBooks Error 403 And How To Fix It?

QuickBooks Error 403 is encountered when the user tries to download and install the updates released by Intuit for the current version of the software. The main core of the problem is that the software is unable to access the website due to the configuration of the Internet.

Updates released by Intuit serve the purpose of fixing bugs and errors faced with the current version of the QuickBooks and Payroll software. Thus they must get downloaded in time so that swift rectification of the issues can be done, Furthermore, at times these updates are released with some features and applications that help to enhance the experience of the user.

The problem QuickBooks Error 403 crops up when the user is trying to download the updates released, however, is unable to do so as there is some misinterpretation of the proxy details accessed by the software.

The main reason behind Error Code 403 is that the user is denied access to connect with the Web. It is a status code wherein the Internet configuration is such that the client, as in the software, in this case, is not able to access information and download updates from the Internet.

Quick Overview of Quickbooks Payroll Update Error 403

Error Code:Error 403Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:Error 403: Access Forbidden or Access DeniedSoftware:QuickBooks
Symptoms:program window crashes, Windows runs slow, and reacts gradually to the keyboard and mouse inputs.Applies to:Windows 10 and 11
Cause:Error 403: QuickBooks has encountered a problem and for the inconvenience.Possible Solution:When an error occurs due to internet connectivity, In the case of local area network (LAN) settings

The reasons for this can be several such as:

  • User permission settings.
  • Firewall security settings.
  • Problem with routers.
  • Company policies with Web.

Symptoms of QuickBooks payroll update error 403

  • QuickBooks error message 403 shows up on the screen in any case and crashes the active window.
  • PC crashes with the error code while running a similar program
  • The PC windows start responding slowly.
  • The PC freezes for a few seconds again and again.
  • The error message shows up during the download or installation of a QuickBooks update or startup or shutdown of the Windows.

Solution for QuickBooks Error 403

Error 403 is not restricted to one solution only as the cause for this issue can be many different scenarios. One of the resolutions is mentioned below for the same. In case the issue is not resolved by the solution mentioned, it is recommended to get in touch with the Internet Service provider.

The solution is:

1. Internet Options:

  • Start Internet Explorer. Go to the Tools tab and then Internet Options.
  • In the new Internet Options screen, select the Security option.
  • Go to the icon of the Internet (in the form of Globe). Check that the Security Level for this Zone is marked at the Medium-High option.
  • Now select the Content option. Under this ensure that the proper settings are done and no unnecessary restrictions are placed. If so update the tabs when required.
  • Select the Advanced tab option and then select the Settings option.
  • Under this new screen go down to Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS1.2. Ensure that both these options are unchecked.
  • Now select the OK button to close this window.
  • Restart your computer system followed by reopening the QuickBooks software.
  • Again try to download the updates for QuickBooks and Payroll.

Solution for QuickBooks Error Code 403

Below are the steps that are mentioned to fix this Error Code 403:

Step 1: Repair Registry Entries Linked with Error 403:

  • To begin, you have to press the Start button.
  • Enter “command” into the search field without pressing the enter key just yet.
  • To enter, hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard.
  • A dialogue asking for your permission will appear.
  • Then you have to click on Yes.
  • After typing “regedit,” you have to press Enter.
  • In the registry editor, you have to choose the key associated with Error 403 that you want to back up.
  • Choose Export from the File menu by clicking on it.
  • Select the folder where you want to save the QuickBooks backup by going to the Save In list.
  • Enter the name of your backup file, such as “QuickBooks Backup,” in the File Name field.
  • Please ensure that “Selected Branch” is selected in the Export Range box.
  • Then you have to click on Save
  • Now, you have to save the file with the.reg file extension.
  • You now have a backup of the registry item connected to QuickBooks.

Step 2: Conduct a Full Malware Scan of your computer

There is a chance that your computer’s malware infection is the cause of QuickBooks error code 403. Check your computer and try using QuickBooks again.

Step 3: Perform a Disk Cleanup

  • Press the Start button.
  • Enter “Command” into the search bar without pressing Enter yet!
  • Using the keyboard, you have to hold down Ctrl+Shift and press Enter.
  • After being redirected, a permission dialogue box will appear and then you have to click on Yes.
  • A blinking cursor will appear when the black box opens.
  • Type “cleanmgr” and press enter.
  • Disk Cleanup will begin calculating the amount of used disk space that is yours to claim.
  • The “Temporary Files” category will typically take up the most disk space.
  • Select the categories you want to clean by checking the boxes.
  • Lastly, press the OK button.

STEP 4: Remove the specified proxy from Internet Options

  • From the Windows Taskbar, you have to select the Start menu.
  • Then you have to select Control Panel and then you have to select Settings.
  • Now click the Internet Options twice.
  • Select the LAN Settings button on the Connections tab.
LAN Settings button
  • Lastly, click the OK button after unchecking the box next to the Proxy server section.

Step 5: Finally, Run QuickBooks as an administrator

The last step is to run the QuickBooks Desktop accounting application as an administrator to make sure you have all the necessary permissions to run the QuickBooks Desktop accounting application after completing the previous process. To do this, perform right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon, and then you have to select Run as administrator. To open the accounting program, you have to enter your correct login information when prompted and then click OK.


When faced with an annoying error such as QuickBooks error code 403, it can be difficult to resolve without the proper knowledge of how to proceed. If, after following the above instructions, you still encounter this kind of issue, you can simply call the QuickBooks error technical support specialists for better assistance.


  1. Do the applications of firewall or antivirus also block the services and cause QuickBooks error 403?

    Yes, it also affects your QuickBooks program to run, install, and use its services and updates. You have to check your antivirus or firewall program settings to allow QuickBooks services or you can disable it when you are working with QuickBooks.

  2. Is disk cleanup important to fix the QuickBooks error 403?

    Yes, disk cleanup is important as it removes all the unnecessary temporary files from your computer. This allows you to have more space that helps your program run conveniently.

  3. What if I change the proxy server settings, can it resolve the QuickBooks error 403, and what are the steps to change the proxy server?

    Yes, you can change the proxy server settings that resolve the QuickBooks error 403 if there is any kind of issue because of the proxy server.

    The steps to change the proxy server settings are as follows:-

    1. Open the browser Internet Explorer
    2. Click on the Gear icon that is on the top right side of the window
    3. Now, press the Alt key from the keyboard
    4. When the menu opens up from that click on the Tools option
    5. In Tools, click on the Internet Options
    6. Then go to the Tab named Connections
    7. Click on the button LAN Settings
    8. There is a checkbox named Use a proxy server for your LAN, remove the tick mark from the checkbox
    9. Close the LAN settings window by clicking on the OK button
    10. Again, click on the OK button to close the window of Internet Options.

  4. What do you mean by Error 403 in QuickBooks Desktop?

    This error suggests that the user is attempting to browse a webpage or resource that they are not authorized to view.

  5. Can an add-on or browser extension lead to QuickBooks Desktop Error 403?

    Yes, it can! This error can be caused by specific browser extensions or add-ons interfering with QuickBooks’ ability to work.

  6. How can I stop QuickBooks Desktop from displaying Error 403 in the future?

    To stop this error in the future, then you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

    1. Continue regularly updating QuickBooks Desktop.
    2. Make use of a stable internet connection.
    3. Delete the cookies and cache in your browser.
    4. Avoid adding unnecessary browser add-ons or extensions.
    5. Update the firewall and antivirus software.

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