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QuickBooks Error 61103

QuickBooks Error 61103

About QuickBooks Error 61103

Error Code:Error 61103Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:QuickBooks Error 61103 usually occurs when the user tries to make changes to the direct deposit pin but the user has not yet set up the admin account and password of QuickBooks.Software:QuickBooks
Cause:An active subscription to QuickBooks Payroll software., The direct Deposit pin code has been forgotten by the user.Applies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Symptoms:QuickBooks Desktop won’t respond or work, Windows operating system got frozenPossible Solution:Admin and Password of QuickBooks, Direct Deposit Pin Change Procedure.

QuickBooks Payroll Error 61103- Cannot Change Direct Deposit PIN

QuickBooks Error 61103 usually occurs when the user tries to make changes to the direct deposit pin but the user has not yet set up the admin account and password of QuickBooks. The result of this error is that it stops the procedure of transferring salary via the Direct Deposit method.

QuickBooks payroll software has always been providing ease in managing and handling all the tasks and can even perform difficult work also. These tasks generally comprise salary & incentive, compensation, and various other additional expenses of the employees by employers, for all that, you need to run the payroll process very smoothly with the least possible mistakes.

The QuickBooks payroll software is endorsed with lots of highly advanced and supports all the tasks of accountants but it, being a software, cannot be remained unaffected. Of which, Error Code 61103 is one of the errors that occur when the user tries to change the Direct Deposit pin code.

Possible Reasons and their Causes Error 61103

Before we start with the procedure of how to resolve the issue, you need to understand the possible causes and the reasons behind the causes.

  • An active subscription to QuickBooks Payroll software.
  • The direct Deposit pin code has been forgotten by the user.
  • Send Payroll Data screen is changing the pin.

How To Fix Intuit QB 61103 Error Code?

To resolve such issues, you are required to adopt all the safe modes to change the direct deposit pin.

To solve Error 61103, you need to complete the resolution method in two steps:

Total Time: 20 minutes

  1. Step One: Admin and Password of QuickBooks

    QuickBooks admin acts as the primary controller of the software and it enables the power to provide access to the software. Every single user has to have complete access to all the corners and functions of this QuickBooks accounting software.

    To set up account admin and password, you need to follow all the instructions we are mentioning down below:

    💠 The individual should be beside you once you are going to choose the Administrator.
    💠 Now, go to QuickBooks software, open the company’s menu bar and then select the Setup Users tab.
    💠 Users List on the new screen, select the Admin field and click on the Edit User option.
    💠 Now, type the admin’s name.
    💠 Now, type the password in the indicated field and once again to Confirm Password.
    💠 And click on the Next option and click on Finish.

  2. Step Two: Direct Deposit Pin Change Procedure

    Once you set up the admin account and password, the user should change or reset the currently in-use pin.

    You need to follow the down listed set of steps:

    💠 Login as Administrator in QuickBooks software.
    💠 Open the toolbar menu, go to the Employees tab and then click on Send Payroll Data.
    💠 Now, click on Send Button to Send or Receive Payroll Data.
    💠 Now, go to the Payroll Service Pin windows and click ‘Forgot your Pin’.
    💠 And then, enter the password in the space indicated for it. The password was declined earlier.
    💠 Now, select OK and type the new Pin.
    💠 Now go to the Submit tab and select it.

Help for QB Payroll 61103 Error Troubleshooting


  1. What if I lost my Pin?

    In this case, you have to change your pin so that you can log in and do your work. You can use the solution if you have lost the pin in the direct deposit. For more queries, you can connect with the QuickBooks helpdesk team who is here all around the clock.

  2. I have logged in to my payroll after so long so can I do apply it to reset the password?

    Yes, you can follow this solution if you have your id still in the QuickBooks payroll. This solution helps you in resetting your password properly and easily. Make sure that you note down the new password somewhere so that next time when you forgot you can check it in the stored file.

  3. How to check active subscriptions in QuickBooks in error 61103?

    1. Open your QuickBooks account
    2. Go to the Settings
    3. Select the Account and Settings option
    4. Click on the tab Billing and Subscription
    5. In the end, verify all the information to check whether the subscription is active or not.

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