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QuickBooks Error Code 195

QuickBooks Error Code 195

QuickBooks Error Code 195 can occur because of misconfigured files in the operating system. You can rely on the repair tool already present inside Windows to repair any damaged files for QuickBooks desktop. To ensure that there is no damage to the company file, you may have to rebuild and verify your accounting data. You may also have to verify the information of your deleted bank accounts or active bank accounts so that such information does not create conflict inside the software.

If the accounting software isn’t installed properly, users get the QuickBooks Error Code 195. If the software wasn’t properly included in the Windows registry after its installation, then the program will fail to run. And then there are various security software that can interfere with the process of installation of the software, leading to the error. 

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix QuickBooks error 195.

Error: QuickBooks Error Code 195

Reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 195 are misconfigured Windows file, Program not registered, Damaged program file, Encrypted files

What is QuickBooks Error Code 195?

QuickBooks Error Code 195 is a direct result of damage to program files and windows registry files. Any outdated or corrupt Windows registry file can cause the error. Further, security software can also damage files along with various malicious software that can get on to your computer without you knowing about it.

Solutions for QuickBooks Desktop 195

QuickBooks Error Code 195 has several solutions that require you to either fix the program files or revert to an older restore point on Windows.

Let’s get started.

Solution #1: Repair QuickBooks Program Files

You can repair your accounting software from the control panel. These utilities are already present in Windows so that users can easily repair their software that has damaged program files.

Here are the steps to program files to fix QuickBooks Error Code 195:

  1. After logging into an admin account on your Windows computer, go to the start menu. 
  2. From the control panel click on programs and features.
  3. Choose to uninstall a program, then select QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. Click on repair instead of uninstall so that the repair utility can be launched. 
  5. Go through the instructions provided by the repair utility and repair your accounting software. 
  6. When the repair process finishes, click on finish and restart your system.

If you have already installed this software and are getting this error, then you should install the latest updates available for your version of the desktop software. These updates are released regularly, so users need to install them manually if automatic updates are active.

Here are the steps to update the software:

  1. Login to QuickBooks with an admin account
  2. From the help menu click on update QuickBooks desktop.
  3. Click on check for updates, then in the get updates tab mark the option for reset updates.
  4. Click on Get updates now.
  5. After QuickBooks downloads the updated files, you can exit the program.
  6. When you get the confirmation message for installation of the updates click on yes. Restart your system once the updates are complete.

When you launch Quickbooks after the update is finished, you can check if the error still occurs. As this is an installation error, it shouldn’t occur in an already installed software. As this is a rare case you may have to rely on our accounting software experts.

Solution #3: Revert to an earlier restore point

Sometimes, because of damaged components in Windows, users may need to revert to a restore point created before the error starts to occur. 

Here are the steps to restore an old point on Windows to fix QuickBooks error 195:

  1. Login to your Windows user account with an admin account.
  2. Go to the start menu. then click on All Programs from the accessories option.
  3. Click on system tools
  4. Click on the system restore option.
  5. In the replacement window, you can click on restore my laptop to an earlier time. 
  6. Click on next
  7. When you get to the option on this list choose restore system to an earlier time.
  8. Select a restore point that you created earlier and then choose next. Click on next and then confirm that you want to restore your system to an earlier version by selecting yes.
  9. Wait for the system to be restored and then restart your system.

After restoring to an older point, you may lose some changes made to settings on your operating system. You can make these changes once again to resolve the error.


We hope that you’ve found the solutions effective for fixing QuickBooks Error Code 195. Some of the steps mentioned in this post may require admin privileges and access to the network, but we hope that you can easily follow through with these steps and resolve the error.


Is QuickBooks Error Code 195 an installation error?

Errors related to installation can occur for a variety of reasons. If your system does not meet the minimum requirement for installing or running the software, then the installer may crash. When it comes to installing the software successfully, it must be registered in the Windows registry. If the Windows registry does not contain the files for the installed software, then the software won’t be seen as installed on the system and will crash immediately after you launch it.

Why can registry damage cause QuickBooks Error Code 195?

Windows registry can get damaged because of malicious software on your system. Such programs alter files on the system and encrypt them so these files cannot be read by the operating system. In such cases, the software that is related to the registry key stops working on the operating system. If you want to remove such malicious software, then you can get good security software such as anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall.

What’s the reason for using the third-party Repair Tools to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 195?

Such repair tools are repeatedly marketed by malicious websites that want to gain access to your data. The repair tool is already present on your system and can be accessed through the control panel. It is part of one of the solutions provided in this post.

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