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Quickbooks Error You Need A PDF Viewer

Quickbooks Error You Need A Pdf Viewer

QuickBooks undoubtedly is a tool that matters to the business in a way that nobody else can. All the user-friendly features help you to set your business perfectly that too single-handedly.

When you work on QuickBooks, you may encounter an error, like, You need a PDF viewer to get a document print, if Adobe Reader DC is installed on the computer. This error may also appear when a person is trying to view the PDF tax forms that are saved or while printing the forms in QuickBooks. Install the PDF viewer on the computer, most common ones like Adobe Acrobat Reader, are available with free installation and download versions.

Causes of QuickBooks Error need a PDF viewer

Quickbooks error needs PDF viewer may be caused due to Outdated Adobe Reader, outdated QuickBooks version, or Adobe Reader not installed properly, some of the common causes are mentioned in detail below:

  • Qbprint.qbp file gets damaged or missing from the installation directory.
  • Outdated Adobe Reader – You might be using an Outdated Adobe Reader on your computer.
  • Adobe Reader is not installed properly on your system.
  • The QuickBooks version is outdated and is used on the computer system.

Solutions for Quickbooks Error You Need A Pdf Viewer are listed below:

Instructions that you can follow to resolve the QuickBooks unable to locate PDF viewer error.

  • Instant Solutions
  • Repair, Update and reinstall Adobe Reader
  • Set Adobe Reader as Default PDF Viewer
  • Rename Qbprint.qbp File

QuickBooks Error needs pdf viewer has some solutions that are described below one by one, which is:

Solution One: Instant Solutions

QuickBooks needs a PDF viewer Error to get instant solutions to follow the steps:

  • If you are facing a problem in QuickBooks while saving a PDF file, then leave it for a while and try again, it may get resolved on its own.
  • Ensure that you have installed the advanced version of QuickBooks, because the older editions may lead to this error due to compatibility issues.
  • You can also go through the repair tools that are available in the Intuit store. Installation packages present there have great tools that can help you to sort out all the unwanted problems.
  • Access permissions also impact the work. You can get it resolved by changing the permissions to Full Control.

Below given steps below will help you in doing so:

  • Press the Windows key plus R to get the Run command to start.
  • After that type %TEMP% and press enter.
  • Now, go to the temp folder and right click on the blank space, and then select it.
  • Check whether the groups and usernames shown on the Security menu have Full Control or not.

If the solutions provided above don’t work and you are not been able to get the results then the easiest method to view the PDF files in QuickBooks is by installing and reinstalling Acrobat Reader XI.

Installing and Reinstalling the Acrobat Reader XI

The steps that are mentioned below will prove to be of great help in this scenario:

  • Get Acrobat Reader XI installed and reinstalled by downloading Adobe Reader 11.0.10. Get it downloaded from Adobe’s official website and then save it on your computer.
  • Now to get the installation of Acrobat Reader XI done, click on the icon of Adobe present on your computer.
  • Now open it, to get the Adobe Reader XI activated.
  • Then, by using Adobe Reader XI you can open and view the PDF files.

The following steps will help you to view the PDF files in QuickBooks, by using Adobe Reader XI.

  • Go to the Control Panel, then select Default Programs from the given menu.
  • Then you will be prompted to get the specific program linked with a particular file. Choose this option.
  • It will take you to the programs list where you will be able to find *.pdf
  • Highlight the *.pdf and after doing that click on the button named Change Program.
  • Then select the Other Programs and tap on Browse.
  • After that go to the menu’s bottom and click twice on exe.

Solution Two: Repair, Update and reinstall Adobe Reader

If you don’t know how to update, repair, and reinstall Adobe Reader as a PDF viewer then you come to the right place,

here are the steps:

How to Update Adobe Reader

To Update Adobe Reader follow the below-mentioned process:

  • To download The Adobe Acrobat Reader, You need to follow this Link
  • Now you need to write the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and try to open the Adobe Reader app on your windows.
  • Now, Go to the help tab & select Adobe Reader
  • Now, Verify the version displayed on the page with the one you noted down prior.
  • If you don’t find the same version, then click on the Help Tab & select the Check for Updates Button.
  • Now, Precisely follow the instructions displayed on the screen to update the PDF Viewer.

How to Repair Adobe Acrobat Reader

To Repair, Adobe Acrobat Reader users can follow the below given steps:

  • First of all Close all the running applications on your windows straightaway & open Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Now Go to the Help Tab & click on Repair Acrobat Installation.
  • Once you click on the repair tab, You just have to wait till the application repairs itself.
  • Once the repair process is done, Just restart your computer & give it a try to print something.
  • If everything works fine then you can use quickbooks again

How to Reinstall Adobe PDF Viewer

To know how to Reinstall Adobe PDF Viewer use the following instructions:

  1. First & Foremost, You just have to press Windows+R, then Type appwiz.cpl & click Ok
  2. Now, Select the installed Updates in The Programs & Features Window.
  3. Now, Give it a right-click on Adobe and select Uninstall.
  4. Move head to the Internet browser’s Download Sections and navigate to Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Page.
  5. Now Click on the Install Now Button & select the accurate Windows version from the drop-down menu.
  6. After the download process is complete, Now click on run.
  7. Now click on Finish after the installation process is Done.

Solution Three: Set Adobe Reader as Default PDF Viewer

QuickBooks will not identify Adobe Reader if it is not set as the default application for inspecting documents. To implement the exact settings in Adobe Reader, you require to make the following steps

  1. First of all, Click on the Start button & look for setting options.
  2. Once you’re in settings, click on the system option & then Default Apps.
  3. Now, choose the default apps by file type.
  4. Go to the list & select .pdf and hit Choose a default.
  5. Now choose Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Solution Four: Rename Qbprint.qbp File

Incorrect names of the QBPrint.qbp file can occur an error in QuickBooks. To fix the name of the QBPrint.qbp file this can be done:

  • Just open the windows file manager & click on the organize options from the top left corner.
  • Now, Select the “Folder & Search Option” & Go to under the view tab unmarked to show hidden files, folders or drives option.
  • Move head to the program data folder in the “C” Drive of your system & Open the Intuit® Folder.
  • Double Click on the Quickbooks Named folder & then right-click on the Qbprint.qbp file.
  • Click on rename option from the pop-up screen & type the Qbprint.old.
  • Now the file name has been saved, Now look, if you are still facing the unable to locate PDF Viewer error.

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  1. What are the root causes of QuickBooks Error you need a PDF viewer?

    An outdated version of Adobe reader damaged or corrupted Adobe Reader installation files, corrupted QBprint.qbp file and, the outdated version of the QuickBooks is the major causes due to which this error appears.

  2. How would I fix the PDF viewer not installed in QuickBooks?

    Uninstall, and then reinstall the latest version of Adobe Acrobat helps you fix the QuickBooks Error you need A PDF Viewer issue. If you are still unable to fix this error, then set up Adobe Reader as the default PDF Viewer.

  3. Is a PDF viewer a necessary component in QuickBooks?

    Yes, it is necessary to create and print the PDF files in the proper format otherwise it shows an error on your screen. QuickBooks tools help to fix this issue instantly. Just need to run the tool, it will automatically detect and correct the error.

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