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QuickBooks Found an Error When Parsing the Provided Xml Text Stream

QuickBooks Found an Error When Parsing the Provided Xml Text Stream

This error occurs when a post is made to QuickBooks. If the Direct Connect method is used to connect ESC then this error will appear in the ESC client. If ESC Accounting Server is used to connect QuickBooks with ESC, then the error will be noticed in that particular program and as a result, ESC hangs.

The reason behind the QuickBooks Found an Error When Parsing the Provided Xml Text Stream:

Illegal characters present in XML data that ESC sends to QuickBooks can be one of the reasons behind this error. This error appears due to the pasting of data directly to ESC from another program. It may also occur due to the usage of invalid symbols in some fields.

There can be many reasons for this error to occur. some of them are below:

  • This error caused, you may have a special character, QuickBooks desktop cannot support.
  • Using of invalid symbols.
  • And if you are pasting another program data directly into the ESC.

Solutions of QuickBooks Found an Error When Parsing the Provided Xml Text Stream

There are two solutions you can try to fix this error. They are here:

  • Modifying ESC
  • Remove illegal characters from XML stream

Solution points, which we will discuss below, along with corrections for the same:

1. First Solution: Modifying ESC

If the data is pasted directly to the ESC from another program, use the steps below to modify the ESC:

  • Click on Invoice List view by opening the Sales menu. Locate Unlisted Invoices list, under Views panel
  • Get the invoice numbers recorded for the unposted invoices, for the duration that you want to post on QuickBooks
  • Post the invoices individually, not as per the period, by returning to Post to QuickBooks screen, mentioned under File menu. Keep on posting the invoices individually, till the time error appears. It will help you to recognise while invoice contains the illegal character
  • Then open that particular invoice in screen of Sales Invoicing in ESC and go through each of the line item. If you find any text that was copy pasted out if the ESC and then pasted to the invoice, then delete it and add the text manually by typing. This will help removing the hidden characters and formatting that was copy pasted in ESC and is not visible. Check that item description does not have any special characters other than standard punctuation marks
  • After correcting the invoice, re-save it
  • Get back to Post to QuickBooks, mentioned under File menu and then post the invoice to the QuickBooks. This invoice now will get posted without any disruption or error. Post other invoices too, to QuickBooks by following the normal procedure.

If the error doesn’t stop occurring then keep repeating the process, until you correct all the invoices.

2. Second Solution: Remove illegal characters from XML stream

Presence of Illegal Characters in XML Data that ESC Sends to QuickBooks Use the steps below to remove illegal characters from the XML stream:

  • Remove the illegal characters from XML stream, in order to get rid of the issue. To get this done, complete the instructions present on your computer system, that try posting invoices to the QuickBooks
  • Open Start screen or Start Menu in Windows and write %APPDATA% and click on Enter
  • When you see that Application Data folder is visible on screen then open the folder of ESC from the given list
  • Now get the QBXML.log file deleted from this folder’s contents
  • Try again posting to QuickBooks. Same error should be created, click on OK to close it
  • If you are trying to connect to QuickBooks through ESC Accounting Server, then you will notice that ESC client hangs. By using task manager, end program and restart it
  • While making attempt to post the QBXML.log file regenerates in the directory of Application Data\ESC. Check the last entry by opening the QBXML.log file. Here you will be able to see the transaction that is causing the error
  • Search for the illegal characters by opening the record in ESC. Remove these illegal characters and re-save records

Keep repeating the steps, if errors some additional errors are popping up. Do this, till the time post starts working properly.

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What is the meaning of QuickBooks Found An error When pressing the Provided XML Test Stream?

While the user is trying to post the QuickBooks, this error might appear on your screen. You can also receive this error message if ESC is connected to QuickBooks while utilizing the direct method. In another case, if ESC is associated with the QuickBooks via the ESC Accounting Server, then the error might appear in that specific program and ESC will freeze for some time.

What are the causes of the QuickBooks Found error when pressing the Provided XML Test stream?

This error usually occurs by the illegal characters in the XML data ESC is sending to QuickBooks. It also happens when the data is pasted from other programs straightforwardly to the ESC or sometimes pops up when an invalid symbol is utilized in the various fields.

How can I resolve the QuickBooks Found An Error issue when pressing the provided XML?

To resolve this error, the user has to repair the illegal characters that might be deleted from the XML stream. To do this, you have to finish the following instructions on the system that usually tries to post invoices to the QuickBooks software. Then, open the start menu and then write APPDATA and hit the click on it to end with this process.

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