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Integration of QuickBooks Desktop with Google Sheets

QuickBooks Desktop Google Sheets Integration

The use of digital marketing techniques has evolved greatly over time. Marketers now have easier and more productive jobs thanks to these strategies. QuickBooks is a platform that gives businesses tools to manage their finances, inventory, vendors, and clients. It includes numerous tools for keeping track of your company’s activities, including sales, income, expenses, overall company growth, and accounting-related data.

With its vibrant graphs and charts, Google Sheets makes your data stand out. Common spreadsheet tasks can be completed faster and more easily for free with the help of features like built-in formulas, conditional formatting choices, and pivot tables.

Additionally, it enables you to get a head start with a wide range of pre-built spreadsheets, including schedules, budgets, and other tools for improving your work and simplifying your life.

You will learn more about QuickBooks’ integration with Google Sheets in this article. Additionally, you will learn about Jira, and Microsoft Teams, their main functions, and how to set up QuickBooks’ Google Sheets integration. To learn more about how to integrate Google Sheets with QuickBooks, continue reading.

What is QuickBooks:

An accounting software package is QuickBooks. It is used by small and medium-sized businesses to control income and expenses and monitor the financial situation of their organization. It has numerous uses, including managing invoices, paying bills, producing reports, monitoring cash flow, and filing taxes. This helps you keep tabs on your finances, inventory, clients, vendors, and customers. You can monitor aspects of your company like sales, income, costs, and overall company growth using the Report Centre. Numerous aspects of business management are automated by QuickBooks, including the calculation of sales taxes, product tracking, and the automatic updating of transactions in your register, customer, and vendor sections. Both On-premises and Cloud-based versions of QuickBooks’ software are available.

What exactly is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a free Web-based Spreadsheet tool introduced by Google in 2012. The web mode enables multiple users to work on the same sheet at the same time and effectively collaborate. Google Sheets is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application, which means it can be accessed remotely at any time and from any location.

Google Sheets also provides a revision history of the sheet to keep track of who made what changes and allows you to restore to any previous version of the sheet. It allows you to select from several pre-made schedules, budgets, and other spreadsheets that are intended to improve your work and make your life easier.

What does Google Sheets integration with QuickBooks mean?

Many working professionals are likely to carry out a variety of repetitive and boring tasks when managing the finances of their company. But by quickly setting up the integration between QuickBooks and Google Sheets, you can automate your reporting process. After you’ve finished the integration, you can connect the data to Google Data Studio, Tableau, or any other visualization program to pull the data to Google Sheets and edit the design of your reports there.

Why integrate Google Sheets into QuickBooks?

Google Sheets reporting can be automated.

Connect Google Sheets and QuickBooks to enable real-time data flow. Create a dashboard that is constantly updated to track past-due invoices. Import data to create a forecast that is only based on the most recent data. Automate the process of reconciling your invoices in Google Sheets to save time and effort.

Sharing stakeholders about accounting and report:

For budget collaboration, distribute your QuickBooks Profit and Loss report to stakeholders! Several workflows can be made simpler by allowing your co-workers and clients to review data that is significant to them, leave comments, add additional information, and create new dashboards and reports without giving them access to all your accounting data.

Integrate QuickBooks data with information from other apps:

Transfer data from QuickBooks accounting or reports to Google Sheets and combine it with data from HubSpot, Shopify, Clockify, and other systems. Create powerful dashboards to increase visibility and benefit the entire team. As a result, in just a few clicks, you can obtain the most comprehensive overview of your business.

What information should I export from QuickBooks to Google Sheets?

01. Unprocessed accounting data

To create informative reports, export QuickBooks accounting data, including Transactions, Customers, Invoices, Payments, Employees, and other information. Use a macro to specify the time for which you want to pull your financial data. Connect this data to Google Data Studio and other business intelligence tools to visualize it. Share the results with your team and think about how you can improve your reporting!

02. Financial Statements

Export QuickBooks reports such as the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss, Aging Receivables, and more to gain the necessary insights and tailor your reporting to your business’s needs. Export your QuickBooks Cash Flow report to Google Sheets to create an auto-updating Cash Flow forecast, among other things.

Integrating QuickBooks and Google Sheets:

The following are the steps to implement QuickBooks Google Sheets Integration:

  • QuickBooks Integrate Google Sheets with the QuickBooks API
  • QuickBooks Integration with Google Sheets: Make a QuickBooks API URL Request
  • QuickBooks Integration with Google Sheets: Import QuickBooks API Data into Google Sheets

A) Register with the QuickBooks API.

While implementing QuickBooks Google Integration, you must first connect the API Connector to QuickBooks. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the Google Sheet that will be linked to the API Connector.
  • Step 2: Click the “Add-ons” option in the Menu bar. Select the “API Connector” option, followed by the “Manage Connections” option.
  • Step 3: From the list of available connections, locate QuickBooks and click the “Connect” button next to its name.
  • Step 4: If you haven’t already, you will be directed to and asked to sign in.
  • Step 5: You will then be returned to your Google Sheet. In the Connections screen, you can then confirm that your QuickBooks connection is active.

B) Make a QuickBooks API Request URL.

  • You’ll need some basic information about your QuickBooks account for your API request.
  • QuickBooks API root:
  • /v3/company/YOUR_COMPANY_ID/companyinfo/YOUR_COMPANY_ID is the endpoint.

The following are the steps to create a QuickBooks API Request URL for implementing QuickBooks Google Sheets Integration:

  • Step 1: Access your QuickBooks account.
  • Step 2: Locate the “Gear icon” in the top right corner of the navigation bar and click it.
  • Step 3: Your Company ID will be listed at the top.
  • Step 4: Now you can put everything together to create the complete API Request URL.

C) Import data from QuickBooks API into Google Sheets

The following are the steps to pull QuickBooks API Data into Google Sheets to implement QuickBooks Google Sheets integration:

  • Step 1: Return to Google Sheets. Enter the Request URL created above in the Create Request interface.
  • Step 2: In the Headers section, enter the key-value pair sets listed below:
  • Step 3: From the Authentication dropdown menu, select QuickBooks.
  • Step 4: Make a new tab. To use that tab as your data destination, click the “Select current” option.
  • Step 5: Give your request a name and press the “Run” button.

You should now see some information about your company populating your spreadsheet.


1. How do I link Google Sheets and QuickBooks?

The built-in integration of API Connector is the quickest way to start using the QuickBooks API. When you visit, you will be prompted to accept the connection. After that, you’ll be taken back to your Google Sheet where you can check the Connections screen to see if your QuickBooks connection is active.

2. What is Google Sheet?  

Your data will stand out thanks to Google Sheets’ vibrant graphs and charts. Time is saved and routine spreadsheet tasks are made easier by built-in formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting options.

3. What is the best way to share Google Sheets?

Do more together. With Google Sheets, everyone can simultaneously work on the same spreadsheet. Share your spreadsheet by clicking the button and anyone can view, comment on, or edit it—friends, co-workers, students, or family members. You can see the cursor of the person making changes or highlighting text in your spreadsheet.

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