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QuickBooks is Not Connecting to My Bank Even Though it Says It Does

QuickBooks is Not Connecting to My Bank Even Though it Says It Does

When connecting to your bank or credit card account in QuickBooks Online, Error 350 may appear. As a result of this bank connection issue, you won’t be able to download the most recent QB transactions. The following error messages show up on your screen when an online banking error occurs: 

Error 350: “Can’t Connect to the Bank”


“the old connection doesn’t work.”

A message saying “PNC Bank Connection not working; Security question does not match” appears on the screen for some users when they try to access bank feeds from PNC bank. There are numerous factors that could have resulted in this banking error. All of these explanations are covered in the blog’s subsequent section.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 350? 

As previously stated, a number of factors can result in bank error 350. Below, we have listed all such potential causes of QuickBooks Error Code 350 so that you are aware of them:

  • The bank servers may be unavailable because of upkeep or because of an update.
  • It’s possible for QuickBooks to fail to create a reliable connection with the banking servers.
  • Your company file’s transactions may contain corrupted information. The 350 banking errors in QuickBooks Online typically appear when a company file is damaged.

How To Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 350

Without a doubt, QuickBooks desktop error 350 can impede all of your current work. Therefore, you must address the bank connection error as soon as possible. Here, we’ve provided a comprehensive list of every feasible technique that will enable you to quickly resolve Error 350 in QuickBooks Online:

Solution 1: Check the Data and Rebuild It

  • Go to the File menu after starting the QuickBooks applications.
  • After that, choose Utilities and then the option to Verify Data.

Note: However, each time the error message “Your data has lost integrity” appears on your screen, you must run the rebuild process.

For instructions on how to rebuild the data, see below:

  • Choose Utilities from the File menu.
  • Click on Rebuild Data after that.
  • Click OK after choosing the location where you want to save the backup of your company’s data.
  • The backup process will end as soon as the Rebuild Data utility launches.

Note: If you encounter the Wells Fargo Online Banking Error 350 while backing up your QuickBooks data, simply click OK to confirm.

Solution 2: Try reconnecting with your bank account

Following the instructions below will allow you to re-link your bank account with QuickBooks if QuickBooks Error 350 persists:

  • Go to the Banking menu in the QuickBooks Online program once it is open.
  • Find the bank account you want to reconnect, then choose the blue tile next to it.
  • Additionally, click the Sign-in link. It will direct you to the sign-in page, ask for your login information, and make an effort to prevent keypunching mistakes.
  • Once you have logged into your bank account, click Continue.

This is How to Manually Fix Error Code 350. Regarding QuickBooks Desktop

All the information pertaining to problems like QB Error 350 is kept in the QuickBooks file qbwin.log. As a result, you may consult this file whenever there is data corruption. To access the file, adhere to the instructions below:

Method 1: Check the QuickBooks Log File for Errors

  • Press the F2 key while on the QuickBooks homepage to launch the Product Information Window.
  • Additionally, use the F3 key to access Tech Help.
  • Go to the Open File tab now and look for the log there. When it is, select Open File.
  • Finally, search for the transaction(s) that caused the Intuit QB error code 350 as well as the error message.
  • If the aforementioned approach didn’t work to resolve QuickBooks online error 350, you must immediately try the next one.

Method 2: Rename QuickBooks as well as your bank connection

Follow the instructions provided precisely to fix QuickBooks Bank Error 350:

  • Start by selecting the account that is displaying the QuickBooks Bank Connection Error 350 from the Banking menu.
  • Enter your online banking login information after clicking the “Sign in to your (bank’s name)” link.
  • Click Continue after selecting each account that you want to connect to QuickBooks.
  • To make certain that all transactions have been downloaded into QuickBooks, click Update at the very end.

Method 3: Manually update your bank account to fix PNC Bank Connection Error 350

  • Go to the Banking menu in the desktop version of QuickBooks. Click “Update” from there.
  • Your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials must be entered when prompted, and you must then click Continue Update.

Method 4: Delete the Browser Cache to resolve QuickBooks Online Citibank Error 350

1. firefox

  • Click on the History option in Firefox’s Menu tab.
  • When you click Clear Recent History, a pop-up window with the time range will appear.
  • Set it to Everything to completely clear the cache and junk files.
  • Make sure Cache is selected in the drop-down menu next to Details.
  • After that, select “Clear Now” and shut down Firefox.
  • To see if “We Weren’t Able to Show your Payroll Info,” restart the browser. Whether QB Error 350 has been fixed

2. Internet browser

  • Click the Gear icon in Internet Explorer once it has opened.
  • From there, select Safety and then the option to Delete Your Browsing History.
  • Make sure the checkbox for Preserve Favorite Website Data is unchecked.
  • Additionally, keep an eye on the temporary Internet files and select Delete before selecting OK.

3. Using Chrome

  • To begin, select History and then Clear Browsing Data from the three menu icons in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Choose the following options from the drop-down list to choose the start of time.
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data to continue.
  • To check the status of QuickBooks Error 350, visit QB Online and then restart Google Chrome.

4. Safari

  • To begin, open Safari and select Preferences.
  • Next, select the Show Develop menu from the menu bar by clicking on the Advanced tab.
  • Next, select Develop, and then Empty Caches.
  • Restart Safari after you have closed all open windows. Verify whether “We weren’t able to show your payroll info” QB Error 350 still occurs by logging into QuickBooks Online.


We trust that using the troubleshooting steps in this blog post will enable you to successfully fix QuickBooks error 350. However, if you encounter difficulties while using any of these solutions, you can always reach out to us for any further assistance! 


  1. Why is QuickBooks not syncing my bank account?

    The system’s ongoing updates may be the cause of the bank and QuickBooks’ cease-and-desist message. Let’s take some troubleshooting measures to sync your bank account with QuickBooks in order to correct this. Let’s make an update to your bank account to pinpoint the problem. This is how: Click Banking in the left panel to start.

  2. How do I connect QuickBooks Online to my bank account?

    You can use the bank’s URL in addition to searching for it by name. When connecting your bank account, copy the URL from the website of your bank and paste it in the search field. Just adhere to the guidelines in this article: Accounts for credit and debit cards can be linked to QuickBooks Online.

  3. Why am I unable to link my bank account with QBO?

    Here are some of the potential causes of your inability to link your bank account to QBO: The bank is maintaining its systems. Their website has sent you notifications that require your attention. I would advise signing into your bank’s website to check for any alerts that require your attention before beginning.

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