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How to Fix QuickBooks License Error After Clone?

Fix QuickBooks License Error After Clone

QuickBooks license error, also known as error 3371, can be fixed using manual methods or employing tools offered by Intuit. The error generally occurs when QuickBooks fails to verify the registration of the product.

I’ve given multiple solutions to this error because this error has several variations. Because of license issues, many features in QuickBooks Desktop are automatically disabled, features including payroll, banking, inventory, etc. And you need to fix the error so that QuickBooks can verify your purchase and activate the disabled features.

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix QuickBooks license error after cloning.

QuickBooks License Error after cloning messages:

  • “Error: The validation code is incorrect, or the service is temporarily unavailable when activating.”
  • “Message: You cannot use Online Banking because QuickBooks is not registered.”
  • “You must subscribe to the accountant’s copy file transfer service”
  • The Sync License Data Online option is grayed out.

What is QuickBooks License Error After Clone

The QuickBooks installation method needs a license number and product code for the entire verification process. QuickBooks files that hold information are forever encrypted and when this encrypted file is missed or corrupted, a “QuickBooks license error” happens. One of the reasons for the QuickBooks License Error can be solved by removing EntitlementDataStore.ecml. By doing this, you can solve this issue.

Causes Behind The “Quickbooks License Error After Cloning”

Possible reasons that caused the QuickBooks license error to appear after a clone:

  • The QuickBooks components have been damaged or are missing.
  • The operating system is outdated.
  • The QuickBooks files are being blocked by anti-virus software.
  • The QuickBooks Desktop program can’t be used without the MSXML component & dat.
    • MSXML component – Microsoft’s MSXML component helps us recover or retrieve the details from your QuickBooks registration file, allowing it to start.
    • dat – The QBregistration.dat file is a license file that contains the user’s license information. QuickBooks will not open without validating your license details with this file first. If the QBregistration.dat file becomes damaged or corrupt, QuickBooks will be unable to open.
  • Be sure to save the .QBO file before importing it.
  • Add Heading Precaution to take Before Resolving QuickBooks License Error after Cloning
  • Ensure you have a valid license key to validate you can call Support.
  • When moving QuickBooks from one computer to the other, it’s always advisable to take a backup beforehand. You never know when something could go wrong, and you could lose everything.
  • If you’re getting an error while opening your company file after cloning it, try running QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Always use the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop on both of your computers.

Solutions for QuickBooks License Error after Cloning

QuickBooks license error has several variations and depending on the error message, you can select the appropriate solution. However, I’ve listed all the solutions for this error.

Before you begin…

Update Windows so that you have the latest components for Windows. We want to ensure that the problem occurs because of not Windows but QuickBooks Desktop.

Steps to update Windows 10 to fix QuickBooks License Error after Cloning:

  1. Log into Windows with an admin user account.
  2. Click on the Start menu from the taskbar.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Click on Update & Security.
  5. Choose Windows Update.
  6. Select Check for Updates.
  7. Choose Download & Install Updates.
  8. Once the updates have been downloaded, restart your system so that Windows can install the updates.

Solution 1: Use the 3371 Error Tool

The tool to fix QuickBooks licensing error after cloning is available through the QuickBooks Tool Hub. After installing the tool hub, the user can launch the 3371 error tool to fix license errors related to QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: while the tool is available for free, you still need admin rights to install the program on your system.

Steps to Download QuickBooks Tool Hub:

  1. First, you need to download the setup for QuickBooks Tool Hub and save it on your desktop. You can find the download link in the description below.
  2. Then you can launch the setup by double-clicking on it.

Now simply follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool on your system.

Steps to use the 3371 tools to fix QuickBooks License Error:

  1. In the QuickBooks Tool Hub, select Installation Issues.
  2. Select 3371 Error Fix and then OK.
  3. Start QuickBooks Desktop and open your data file.

Solution 2: Delete the Entitlement File, and the ND and TLG Files

Entitlement files for QuickBooks Desktop do not store any accounting data. So you can delete these files and QuickBooks Desktop will automatically recreate a new one. Since a damaged entitlement file causes a QuickBooks license error, you can delete the file and have the software create a new one.

Here are the steps to delete the Entitlement file so that your accounting software can create a new one:

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Go to `C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8.
  3. Right-click on the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file, then choose Delete.
  4. Click on Yes to confirm.
  5. Launch QuickBooks and open the company file.
  6. Enter purchase details to activate the product once again.

When you input the purchase details, such as the activation key, QuickBooks Desktop automatically creates a new one.

You need the activation key to activate the software on your system. Unless you do so, QuickBooks Desktop will work in trial mode. You, of course, can find the activation details from your Intuit account.

Steps to find activation key for [[QuickBooks Database|QuickBooks]] Desktop:

  1. Go back to your Intuit account and check for the products that you have purchased in the past. 
  2. Then simply choose the edition of QuickBooks that you are reinstalling
  3. And note down the product and license numbers required to activate the product.

Steps to activate QuickBooks Desktop after installation:

  1. Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Go to the Help menu.
  3. Choose Activate QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. Verify the information by providing additional details.

Both .ND and .TLG files manage company files for multi-user mode. Damage to these files disables QuickBooks Desktop from finding the correct location of the company file. So QuickBooks Desktop gets the license error.

Like Entitlement files .ND and .TLG files can be recreated using the same method. First delete, then launch the software to automatically get the files created.

Steps to reset the .ND and .TLG files to fix QuickBooks licensing error:

  1. Go to the location of your company file.
  2. Find the .ND and the .TLG files.
  3. Right-click on each of the files and add .old at the end of their name.
  4. Now launch QuickBooks desktop and open your company file.

Solution 3: Change the UNC Path

UNC paths give a detailed location of the company file on the server. They’re essential for QuickBooks database server managers. You can verify and correct the UNC path using the steps offered in this section.

Steps to change to UNC path to fix QuickBooks licensing error after cloning:

  1. Go to the start menu and type in QuickBooks.
  2. Right-click on QuickBooks, then choose to run as administrator.
  3. While holding the control key, launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. When the no company open window appears, go to the file menu.
  5. Click on open or restore company.
  6. Click on Open a company file, then choose Next.
  7. From the left-hand menu, click on network and go to the directory containing the company file.
  8. Set the appropriate permissions for the folders that contain the company file so that the operating system won’t prohibit other workstations from connecting to the company file.
  9. Now choose the company file and click on open.

After entering the UNC path, you can sync data easily and have the database server manager work more closely with the main software. The changes are synced in real-time, so they should appear as soon as you make them.

Some Other QuickBooks Errors that might appear after Cloning

Errors in the QuickBooks registration file not only lead to licensing errors but can also affect how QuickBooks functions. Some other common problems you might encounter with a corrupt QuickBooks registration file are listed below.

Error Code 3371: could not initialize license properties.

When you open QuickBooks Desktop, you are met with one of these error messages:

  • Could not initialize license properties. Error 3371: QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.
  • Could not initialize license properties. [Error 3371, Status Code -11118] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.
  • Could not initialize license properties. [Error: 3371, Status Code -1] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.

QuickBooks Registration errors

When the “QuickBooks registration error” or “QuickBooks activation not working” message appears, it’s usually because you’ve entered incorrect QuickBooks license information. If you can’t find your license number and product code or if you’re getting a different error message such as “We’re sorry, but your activation was interrupted” then it’s time to troubleshoot.

Issues with online banking in QuickBooks

Check if the account is already connected to QuickBooks.

Firstly, select the specific bank account that you would like to link up with. Next, click the Edit ✎ icon to the right of the bank name and select Edit sign-in info. Provide your bank website User ID and Password and then click Update sign-in info. QuickBooks Online will automatically start connecting with your bank to verify the details.

No option is displayed to open the company file

Sometimes you might not be able to open a company file in QuickBooks. This can affect the operations of any organization, but it’s usually an easy problem to fix. Here are some common reasons why you may have trouble opening files.

  • The company file was last used some time ago. When it was, it caused damage.
  • Due to a corrupt hard drive, the company file will not open. We recommend that you regenerate and re-upload the company files for them to be usable.

Sync Licensed Data Online is disabled

When a user tries to sync their QuickBooks licenses with Intuit, they’ll sometimes see this message: “There was an issue in syncing your Quickbooks license data with Intuit. Please try again later.” Other issues are “QuickBooks unable to sync license” or the error: “QuickBooks Unable to Sync License”


QuickBooks license error after cloning can occur when QuickBooks fails to verify the license details that you entered to activate the software. This failure causes the software to automatically disable most of the features available. So, the user cannot work on his or her accounting data until he or she activates the software using the activation key. But before that, the user must take appropriate steps so that QuickBooks can work and offer the activation options.


  1. What are the reasons behind the License Error after cloning?

    The main reason is the corrupted or damaged QBregisteration.dat file. This issue also occurs when you run all programs on the outdated version, it might be freezing your window.

  2. How can I repair the license error after cloning instantly?

    The initial step is to hit the “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” keys simultaneously. Then, locate the “Task Manager” option. The list of processes will appear on your screen to view the instances of EXE and choose the instance. From the available preferences, click on the “End Task” option. 

  3. How to check and verify the QuickBooks License number to ensure the entered details?

    Open your QuickBooks and then press the F2 key. Now, a product information window will appear on your screen to view the product number, product name, and license number. At the end of the product name, you can see which version you used and its release date. 

  4. Will deleting the Entitlement file delete my accounting data?

    As the Entitlement File does not store any accounting data, your accounting data will remain safe. To fix error 3371, you delete the entitlement file, which stores the activation data, so that QuickBooks can create a new one, and you can activate the software once again.

  5. Can network issues lead to QuickBooks license errors?

    No, they can’t. The license error occurs primarily because the file containing the license information can’t be accessed by QuickBooks Desktop. You can rely on the 3371 error tool or manually delete the entitlement file to reset the activation details. Afterward, you can input the serial number and purchase details to activate the accounting software.

  6. Does updating the software resolve QuickBooks error 3371?

    No, it doesn’t. To update the software, you need to access the features that are only available after activating the software. Because the issue relates directly to the activation of the software, you cannot update the program unless you fix the license error 3371.

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