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Convert QuickBooks Mac File to QuickBooks Windows

Convert QuickBooks Mac File to QuickBooks Windows

QuickBooks has become one of the favored accounting software of most of the financial consulting firms, accountants, bookkeepers and business owners alike. Due to its powerful features yet user friendly interface and navigation many businesses opt for this software. Its speedy reach to the top has been possible due to continuous update and fixing of errors found with the software. Intuit ensures that all negative feedback garnered with a particular version is righted in the next update for the same.

One issue that many people face is that at times sharing of the file is difficult as both the users are working on different OS, that is, one is working with QuickBooks for Mac and the other with QuickBooks for Windows.

In such scenario sharing of updated file becomes tedious as they have to convert the file in format that is compatible with the other OS.

This process of conversion from Mac to Windows and then back to Mac is called Round tripping. This phenomenon at times is necessary as the QuickBooks Mac does not have Accountant’s Copy which is used by Accountant to make changes in the company file.

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The basic process from Mac to Windows and back again

  • The client first backs up the company file and save it for QuickBooks for Windows.
  • This backed up company file is sent to the Accountant through secure and confidential transfer mode.
  • After receiving the file, the accountant performs necessary changes and updates by using Copy Company File option for QuickBooks Mac that is later sent back to the client.
  • The client then restores the backed up file having changes back into his Mac system.

Considering the serious nature and complexities of this transfer there are certain rules and restrictions for conversion of QuickBooks for Mac file to QuickBooks for Windows and back.

The restrictions are listed below for your perusal:

  • Ensure that the version and release year of QuickBooks for Mac and Windows are same. It would be preferable if both the software are of latest version.
  • Make sure that after having the backup you do not upgrade your software to next version or make any updates released by the company. This will create errors as the version or update configuration will not match with that of the other software.
  • You should have authorized access to the software to perform this round trip function. In short administrator password is required for successful completion of the process.
  • Round trip process is not functional for QuickBooks Enterprise Solution as it does not offer QuickBooks for Mac Back up option.

Why Import QuickBooks File in Mac to QuickBooks Desktop for Windows? 

While quite possibly the most well-known purpose behind importing QuickBooks for Mac files into the Windows machine is to permit different clients to get to the financial records on these frameworks, the dispatch of macOS clients have uncovered more weaknesses in the previous variant. Numerous clients have encountered data misfortunes and accidents. While Intuit has settled the issue for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019 or 2020 for macOS clients, the company has clarified that QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2015 and 2016 clients should move up to later forms or relocate to QuickBooks Online. 

Things you need to consider

Before we continue further to know the whole method, it is smarter to take an end and take a gander at a portion of the important focuses to remember. 

  • The absolute first point is that QBES can’t create a QuickBooks Desktop for Mac backup and the justification for this is that the full circle can’t be utilized in QuickBooks Enterprise arrangements. 
  • Going to the subsequent point when the bookkeeper has the file, there is no compelling reason to enter it into the Macintosh file. In case, if the data is gone into the Macintosh file, the client may be needed to reemerge the data when he/she gets the file back. 

Important Tips

Another point that the client needs to recollect is that the client can change the password while converting a .qbb file which is made utilizing the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. If the client or the bookkeeper changes the secret phrase to meet the QuickBooks Desktop for windows necessities, then, at that point, the new password ought to be utilized to convert the file back to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

  • The following point is that the client will require an administrator password to finish the roundtrip interaction. Indeed, this is quite possibly the main focus that one can’t keep away from missing. 
  • It is proposed not to deal with finance in QuickBooks for Windows rendition of the file, as the QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t have inside finance. 
  • Another point that ought to be remembered is that the membership data, finance settings, and the financial data that the client enters will be lost when the file is converted back to the QuickBooks for Mac. 

Perform Converting Procedure with the following step

The converting methodology is separated into three subsections, to be specific: 

  • The first one is getting ready Macintosh File 
  • The Second one is converting QuickBooks file from Mac to Windows 
  • The third one is converting a similar file back to QB for Mac. 

Method 1: Setting up the Macintosh File 

  • The initial step is to copy the company file to the Desktop. 
  • Presently, the QB client is needed to check for any ‘Uncommon characters’ in the file name and the company name also. If any of the unique characters are discovered, then, at that point ‘Rename’ the file and guarantee that every one of the uncommon characters is eliminated. 
  • From that point onward, ‘Open’ the file in QuickBooks. 
  • When the file gets open, delete every one of the ‘retained transactions’ and the reports too. 
  • The subsequent stage is to rebuild the company file, by choosing the file choice followed by ‘utilities’ and ‘Rebuild data’, separately. 
  • Pushing forward, the client is needed to run the custom transaction detail report, and change the date reach to All, and empower the ‘Notice’ segment. 
  • For this, the client is needed to choose ‘Reports> Custom Transaction Detail Report’ 
  • Presently, from the dates drop-down list, select ‘All’. 
  • And afterward, from the segment drop-down, pick ‘Reminder’. 
  • Ultimately, tap on the ‘OK’ tab to run the report. 
  • The final step in setting up the Macintosh file is to check for any notices with names lengthier than 50 characters or the ones containing any unique character. 

How to Convert QuickBooks for Mac Files to QuickBooks For Windows? 

Here is how you can convert your company file from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks for Windows. 

  • In the first step, setting up the Company File in QuickBooks for Mac 
  • Must be sure that the updates for the most recent version for QuickBooks for Mac are accessible on your framework. 
  • If you have added transactions with notices, guarantee that the last don’t have more than 50 characters or extraordinary characters. 
  • Guarantee that the transactions are shut before proceeding onward to the following record. 
  • If you notice that some data is strange in any rundown, re-sort them to set them to default. 
  • Check the records and rebuild the company file before starting the change. 
  • Converting Company File for QuickBooks for Desktop 
  • After you have guaranteed that the company file is designed by confirming the data, you can continue with the export. 
  • Guarantee that you are opening the company file with administrator rights. 
  • Click on File>Export and select the choice To QuickBooks for Windows. 
  • Hit the click on the Verify if you are incited before taking the backup. 
  • Save the backup file in a fitting folder. 

Importing QuickBooks File in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 

While more modest files can be messaged to clients with a Windows machine, bigger ones must be imported into QuickBooks Desktop for Windows utilizing an actual device. At last, it may very well be reestablished on the Windows variant of QuickBooks. 

  • First of all,  close the QuickBooks Desktop on the Windows framework
  • Explore the File menu and select Open or Restore Company 
  • Import the company file saved in QB design from the capacity device/drive you saved on the Mac machine. 
  • The last step is to open the company file and type in your accreditations to begin working. 

An error might appear while converting QuickBooks file from Mac to Windows and Windows to Mac 

Possible Error in Windows: 

At the point when the QuickBooks client opens the file in Windows, then, at that point, there are chances that the error may happen. The client may get any of the underneath recorded errors: Error (- 14113, 0), Error C=116, and many more 

Resolution: If the client is confronting any such error, then, at that point following basic advances may attempt to handle the error. 

  • Most importantly, the client is needed to open the company file in QuickBooks for Mac 
  • The subsequent stage is to follow the methodology to resort the rundowns 
  • Once finished with the above advance, the client is needed to run the rebuild data utility technique 
  • Also, the last and last advance is to attempt to convert the file once more. 

Errors in Mac: 

At the point when the client can’t open the file in Macintosh in the wake of refreshing QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, there are chances for the error to happen. A spring-up message shows up on the screen expressing “Can’t Import the Roundtrip file. This was initially made with another variant of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. If it’s not too much trouble, import it into the rendition with which it was made.” 

Resolution: To resolve the error in Mac, the client is needed to follow the means listed underneath: 

  • The initial step is to download and reinstall the past rendition and arrival of QuickBooks. 
  • The subsequent stage is to restore the backup of the company file from Windows. 
  • The last advance is to convert the restore file to the most recent form of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.
Need Experts Help?

If the instructions are followed carefully, keeping the given restrictions in mind, you will be able to perform round trip function without any hassle. However in case of any problem with the same, you should contact the customer care team of QuickBooks or Intuit. In case you are unable to get support from them, you can contact for prompt issue resolution through their Toll Free Number.

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  1. What data can I convert to a QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?

    Item lists
    Customer message list
    Job costing data
    All list reports
    Audit trail
    Vendor type list
    To-do list
    Enabled features
    Vehicle type list
    All list reports
    Employee list

  2. What type of errors may trigger when the conversion cannot open the file in Windows?

    Error C=116
    Error (-14113,0)

    To rectify these errors you need to open the file in the Mac system and then click on the re-sort list. After this use verify and rebuild utility to fix the error which occurs while converting files.

  3. How to tackle the unrecoverable error occurring while importing the QuickBooks file in Mac to QuickBooks in Windows?

    Use the backup restores method to fix the error! In case of any failure, you can perform the basic data damage in the company file for instance make a new backup file for Windows, generate a new folder on the Desktop, after copy and paste the newly created file in the newly generated folder. Afterward, save the change.

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Headache🥺. Huh, Save time & money with QuickBooks Support 24×7 @ +1/, we provide assistance to those who face problems while using QuickBooks (Support all U.S. & Canada Editions)

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